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  1. kimboslice

    Transitions from Practice to Match Play?

    What's helped me is understanding that learning strokes in practice is a different tempo/speed/mentality as opposed to executing the strokes you've learned in practice. So I primarily play matches now and practice every once in a while. I treat the matches as practices, unless it's a league...
  2. kimboslice

    adult learners taking regular does your typical lesson usually go?

    Wow sounds like a great coach. I too live in SoCal and am curious about yours if you don't mind me asking?
  3. kimboslice

    blasting the net guy in doubles

    No not at all. In theory, this is the wrong thing to do tactically. It's up to the opposing team to start making their volleys or change strategy.
  4. kimboslice

    Peak Medvedev vs Peak Hewitt

    How do we even know that the Medvedev is peaking right now?
  5. kimboslice

    Barty vs Osaka - who is greater as of now?

    Barty Party. Her improvements are here to stay and her variety is too good. She also shown that she problem solves incredibly well, being down so far in the AO final.
  6. kimboslice

    I like Karatsev (Murray antics)

    Eh, everyone has their own release of tension/emotion in life, and especially on court. I find it to be a refreshing take on the "cool and collected" type. That's what makes this sport so great. The contrasting styles and personalities on court is what made McEnroe, Connors, and Borg so fun to...
  7. kimboslice

    Karatsev signs with Hydrogen

    Glad to see Karatsev wore the best looking kit from Hydrogen. A big thank you to everyone who solidified my opinion of the grossest brand within Tennis.
  8. kimboslice

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    I originally purchased these shoes in the beginning of September 2021, and I have already filed a claim for them in December 2021. Great shoes, but they don't last! Thank goodness for the warranty!
  9. kimboslice

    Anyone Play on VerasCourt?

    I've played on this surface twice and never again. I found the surface to be fairly unplayable for its incredibly low bounce, and the terrible sound the ball makes on this surface. Mind you, I played on a brand new court that was less than a month old. The ball also tends to skid with certain...
  10. kimboslice

    What racquets are the friendliest for the player's arm?

    I've had to switch rackets over a year ago due to comfort. I currently play with the older Prince Phantom 100x with O3 ports. The stiffness on my older model is at 56 while the current model is 58 I believe. I prefer thin beams as well, which is why I use the older model. I also own the Clash...
  11. kimboslice

    What coach instruction "Play with only 3 strings" means?

    I think this translates to: Focus on hitting the ball on the sweet spot every time
  12. kimboslice

    please suggest a soft poly, Yonex Vcore Pro 97

    I've myself started my journey with softer poly strings. The ones that stick out to me are: -Hyper G Soft (17 gauge). I like this string because I prefer shaped poly strings, and I currently have this set up with the exact same racket, Yonex VCP 97 (310). -Tolason Pro Focus. Harder string to...
  13. kimboslice

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. kimboslice

    How do you know if you should change racquets?

    My opinion is that most rec players play with the incorrect racket for their style/game. Good on you to explore options for your game! But to answer your question, the only way you'll know if to change rackets is by exploring rackets with different string patterns, weights, head sizes, swing...
  15. kimboslice

    Racquet weight for dedicated adult beginner

    I feel your enthusiasm! IMO the racket you currently play with is a good weight for learning. My suggestion was something under 300g, around 280-295g. My advice would be to demo as many rackets as you can, take note of the different specs, but primarily weight, string pattern, head balance...
  16. kimboslice

    Anyone train/practice fasted?

    Yes, I did strictly IF when I started to learn how to play tennis. Granted I'd have a tough time doing that now. I would run 5 miles, lift weights for 45 minutes then eat my first meal around 2pm. I wasn't working at the time, so I would usually hit the wall/play tennis for 1-2 hours in the...
  17. kimboslice

    Prince Official - Racquets

    AGREED WITH the love for Prince rackets and especially the O3 ports. I play with the older Prince Phantom 100 16x18 with O3 ports and its the most comfortable players stick I have found (310g). The stiffness is the lowest I've seen at 56 RA. Most companies don't make rackets with low stiffness...
  18. kimboslice

    Recreational Matchplay Feedback

    At this level, all that matters is not missing and making sure to play good defense. Make them make that extra shot. -From the short period of watching, you don't split step, so work on that. It's tiring at first, but it gets easier. -Your balls land short and low over net. Using the "never...
  19. kimboslice

    Which balls for ball machine?

    I also will have to say that my Tretorn Micro X balls have been great. They do feel quite heavier and have a harder impact (especially in the beginning), but you do get used to it. They actually contain tiny beads inside which has a different feel to pressurized balls, but they do feel great...
  20. kimboslice

    How is Prince brand doing?

    I currently play the older version of the Prince Phantom 100 with O3 ports. I absolutely love this racket as it has provided my with a ton of comfort, and I love the thin beam on the frame. The Textreme technology is underrated and extremely comfortable. I've demoed a few of their rackets and I...
  21. kimboslice

    Help with my forehand and game in general!

    I have a similar issue where my backswing on my FH is more of a WTA FH than ATP. Over the last year I've been working on it and the few things that I see are: 1. Not using Legs/Shoulders enough. You are using mainly your arm for your FH (I have a similar tendency). Top Tennis Training AND...
  22. kimboslice

    Calling out the score

    You know whats uncool? Forgetting the score.....I always call out the score, because I'm forgetful, and quite often ask the other player what the score is if they are on a streak of not calling out the game score. This does help eliminate any arguments, as this happened to me last month at a...
  23. kimboslice

    Ever got double bageled?

    Ever been tripled bagel? This happened to me this past Saturday... playing a 4.5/5.0 buddy who crushed this 4.0. I would've been more heart broken if this was a real match and if I was playing someone my level.
  24. kimboslice

    ESPN is Letting Go of Most of its ATP Rights Outside of the Slams

    I agree this is bad move for the sport in general. Tennis Channel is now going to pimp out their subscriptions to Tennis Channel Plus hard and that will further give less access to this sport that we cherish!
  25. kimboslice

    beating the old double specialists in your club

    1. Lob deep and ready to defend that extra ball if the OH comes. A good strategy is to aim it back at the person hitting the OH as their reaction time will be slower than younger players who can move. 2. Hit a heavy topspin ball that dips right after the net, causing them to stay even lower to...
  26. kimboslice

    Nadal trolled Djokovic

    Nadal is completely ombitable.
  27. kimboslice

    Court cost

    I've played twice on the Bergo courts before (local park in NJ) and I got to say they are god awful. The plastic is a bit slippery sometimes, but worse, the ball doesn't bounce up high enough, even with new balls. So the trajectory of the game completely changes compared to ANY other surface. I...
  28. kimboslice

    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Drive 2021

    I demoed the previous iteration of this model and once I calibrated for the extra power from the racket, this stick absolutely rips! My normal setup is a Babolat Pure Strike 16x19, so I am very curious to try out the new version!
  29. kimboslice

    Anybody experienced this with the Zoom Vapor Cage 4?

    I play primarily using the Nike Cages for the last 3 years, and I can honestly say that they've FINALLY made the bottom outsole of the shoe durable. I've always sent in my shoes for the 6-Month Outsole guarantee, as I usually play 3-4x a week. The top of the shoes have historically always been...
  30. kimboslice

    How do you deal with people who don't call lines fairly

    This is a common problem that you will run into when you start playing, as I found that the worse line callers were in the 3.5 category. I've played with several types of personalities that have made horrendous line calls (balls well inside the lines) and I always question them immediately...