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    Federer has a better chance of winning the French than Nadal does winning Wimbledon

    No need of big names to threaten Nadal, on grass an average pro player like Muller is already a good enough player for Nadal to worry about...
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    Myths perpetrated by this board

    30. 4.5 players volley better than Roddick.
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    Does a racquet become less powerful when counter-weighed?

    Here is the only way to go : buy a reel of lead tape, experiment yourself with different amounts of lead placed at different places, then stick with what works best for you. No need to e=mc² and co...
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    Why was sharapova so subdued in the finals

    So if you thought that they played the final on sunday, it means that you didn't record the final on Saturday, so you haven't been spoiled at all by this thread! You had to finally learn the result on day, right?
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    Dominance of one-handed backhands on the men's tour as of late

    Get you facts straight please. 1 HBH player who defeated Federer in 2005 : Gasquet, 1 HBH player who defeated Federer in 2004 : Kuerten. And your backhand to backhand pressure theory doesn't work at all with the only player who has more victories than defeats against Federer since 2 years, I...
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    Federer to Nadal: your move, muscle boy

    There is absolutely nothing in the results you listed that we can call important.
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    FEDERER WILL NEVER WIN THE FRENCH: has this board changed its mind?

    Do you realize that Federer's record on clay is ten times better than guys like Acasuso, Verdasco, or aynbody else except only 1 player in the world?
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    Question regarding the new Magnetic Fischers

    The Pro #1 Magnetic speed midplus is the sweetest Fischer racquet I hitted with since the good old Vaccum pro classic 90.
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    Can Blake be #1 by the end of the year?

    Such an easy task I guess!:rolleyes:
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    Can Blake be #1 by the end of the year?

    Can Clement be #1 at the end of the year?:rolleyes:
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    My first hit with the Babolat PD Roddick (comparative with PD team)

    I used the Head LM Radical Tour edition the last 2 years (the 12+ oz version of the LM Radical), and switched back to the Völkl C10 Pro Tour (93 sq. in.) just 2 monthes ago, I also recently demoed the Fischer Magnetic speed Pro N°1 and might finish the season with that racquet if after a few...
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    My first hit with the Babolat PD Roddick (comparative with PD team)

    Mini comparative review between the Pure Drive Roddick Std length and Pure Drive team Std Length, from an allcourt player, with a 1 hand backhand, when I play from the baseline I use every kind of spins to open the court before to go for the flat killer shot, I also have a strong tendancy to...
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    Volkl DNX9 Review

    Django, it looks like you fail to understand the difference between the balance point and mass distribution. The swingweight is not only a matter of weight and balance, it is also a matter of weight distribution, for exemple 2 racquet with the same weight and the same balance can have a...
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    FEDERER v NADAL latest

    Nadal won only 3 points out of 23 on Federer's serve so far...
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    Federer - Nadal

    Yes, but USA is no the entire world!
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    Pure Drive Roddick

    Hey Cruzer and Fastdunn, when the balance is listed in mm, it normally means that it is said that the balance point is situated at X mm from the extremety of the butt cap, as opposed to when the balance is listed in points headlight or points head heavy, when the balance is listed in points it...
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    Question for Völkl specialists about DNX9 and T10 G2-V-engine (nobadmojo?)

    Does anyone knows if the bumper guard/grommets set of the Völkl T10 G2 or T10 V-engine MP, can be installed on the new Völkl DNX 9? Just to know if the DNX 9 can benefit from the added weight and superior protection provided by this Bumper guard/grommets.
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    Pure Drive Roddick

    The specs indicated on this "nuts" website are not reliable at all, full of typo errors. For exemple they list the PD Roddick with a 17.5mm headlight balance, which is simply ridiculous! But anyway if the weight they give is for an unstrung racquet, and if they have it right, then PD Roddick is...
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    Pure Drive Roddick Out in Japan

    5 mm headlighter than the Pure Drive team.
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    Now it is official the Pure Drive Roodick is not the same as the Pure Drive team

    It is not only a change of paint, the specs are also different. PD Team unstrung weight : 300 grams Roddick PD Unstrung weight : 315 grams PD Team unstrung balance : 320 mm Roddick PD unstrung Balance : 315 mm Same headsize, and string pattern. I don't know the stiffness index of...
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    Prove that pros brush up the ball instead of hitting through the ball.

    1/ they do both at the same time 2/ even if you only hit thrugh the ball, the ball can go vertically if you shank, just if the ball hits exactly a corner of the frame.
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    poll: will nadal ever make it to #1

    He is still very young and has a lot of time in front of him to reach the N°1 spot, Federer is older than Nadal, and there are chances that he will retire a few years before Nadal, so it should only be a matter of staying healthy long enough, for Nadal to reach the N°1 spot. But let's also face...
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    Which match made you really aware of Federer's Sublime Talent and HistoricalPotential

    Davis cup against France, a few monthes before he wins his First Wimbledon, immediately after that match, I posted that Federer would finish the Year N°1... And some call me names and made their best to explain how stupid I was, and how there was nothing in his game that could backup my...
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    What’s up with all this sick French Open fascination?

    No, he had 1 win against the rest of the ATP field composed of the 128 best players of the moment, like every other winner of every other Slam event, it doesn't take a genius to be able to understand that! :rolleyes: And you can add 2 FO finals for Agassi, which says much about his ability...