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  1. LetsGoRoddick

    Who predicted Stan Wawrinka's success?

    Coming into the Australian open 2014 I felt like Wawrinka was pretty much destined to win it. Given his great form and how he lost the year before, he was going into the tournament ready. Once he beat Djokovic I knew there was no way in hell anybody was beating him. Didn't see the other...
  2. LetsGoRoddick

    Nadal Consistently Beat Federer When It Mattered

    Them playing for slams and masters titles now in 2017 is just as important as it was back in 2008.
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    Nadal 2010 USO serve.

    All those guys have better service hold %s than Roger or Rafa. Their serves are just as accurate while being faster. The thing with those big servers is that they don't have to expend the extra energy to hit 130mph at all. It's just natural power that they have so they're not sacrificing any...
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    Wimbledon 2017 Women's Final: [10] Venus Williams (USA) vs. [14] Garbine Muguruza (ESP)

    I wanted Venus to win but if any other player were playing instead I would have been supporting Muguruza. Such a disappointing final set from Venus. Had her chances in the first set as well. But Muguruza is a great player though and raised her level immensely. Even if Venus played better...
  5. LetsGoRoddick

    Aus Open 2017 - SF: Young Artiste - Raging Bull

    Grigor still has the belief though. You can see it in his body language. Absolutely needs to win this set though.
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    Where would at title at AO 2016 mean for Federer's legacy?

    Being able to win the 2016 australian open would not only secure his tennis legacy, but he would make immeasurable contributions to the field of theoretical physics, turning time travel into reality. He would win numerous awards, among those would be the nobel prize in several fields. He would...
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    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Good points. This gives me more hope. Also Federer has been renowned for dealing with servebots well, speaking historically at least.
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    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    The only bad thing is that the best returners are out. Please don't let Raonic bot his way to a major.
  9. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    I thought Murray would win. I was wrong.
  10. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Really? He's probably not even close. Nadal #1 volleys in my book, at least amongst the top players.
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    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Stan will save us from Murray's garbage play.
  12. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    I just think Murray is having a bad day. He's playing super uncharacteristically of him (he's not playing his brand of tennis). Once he settles down he should be OK. It's not like he's going out there, doing his Murray brand of tennis and missing shots. He's acting almost like Kyrgios with...
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    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Knew I was making a mistake quoting a Nadal homer.
  14. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    I think Murray has been pretty fortunate so far to not be down a break or even two in this 2nd set. Zverev has botched a few gimmes.
  15. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    He is still the clear best player in the field though. Stan is pretty close I'd say but Murray is still clearly better. I think he can still win and do so being the favourite if he gets through this.
  16. LetsGoRoddick

    2017 Australian Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion Thread

    Murray is one of my favourite players but there is no way he has that same 'aura' that Fed/Nadal/Djoker had. This post seems a bit prisoner of the moment but players absolutely do not fear him to the same degree as those other 3 guys.
  17. LetsGoRoddick

    Why Roddick couldn't be competitive with Nadal here?

    Roddick declined fairly fast by modern standards. He was done long before then really. He put everything he had into the previous match vs Ferrer as well and was very fortunate to even make the QF against Nadal. Nadal also played very well and was good enough to push Djokovic to 4 tough sets...
  18. LetsGoRoddick

    Djokovic (1) vs Wawrinka (3) - 2016 US Open final

    Wawrinka was already in slam winning form (or really close to it) by that match. That was after their 2013 Australian Open epic.
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    Djokovic (1) vs Wawrinka (3) - 2016 US Open final

    Literally every time there's a big match Stan delivers and the only thing I can think of is
  20. LetsGoRoddick

    How likely is Murray to fire Lendl after the USO?

    He lost in 5 sets to the now 5th best tennis player in the world. Why are people tripping? Oh wait its tennis freakin warehouse forums.
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    2016 Olympic Tennis Tournament. General Discussion Thread #RIO2016

    Looks like there aren't any chairs for the long line umpires against the back wall. Looks kinda weird. It also sucks when the chair calls time and you're sitting far away from your position. Can potentially lead to some unprofessional looking moments of haste.
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    ELO Weaklings of the Weak Era & Delpo 10th!

    Elo is a nice tool to go more in depth to a team/player's performance. From what I know, its less accurate the more you go back so its probably not the best tool to analyse Laver/Rosewall etc. If people are confused about Murray's peak being the Monte Carlo Masters QF 2009; that's not...
  23. LetsGoRoddick

    Call to ban Kyrgios.

    He's not a bogan and if we're talking strictly behaviour, I wouldn't say thats behaviour unique to low income Australian families. Seems like behaviour that is typical of someone in his early 20s. He needs to focus up (for sure), but at the same time people need to take a step back and look at...
  24. LetsGoRoddick

    Andy Murray Does Not Stand By Sharapova

    I like Murray and he's one of my favourite players. I also really don't understand why there's so much outrage against PEDs, especially when very little of the outrage is out of concern for the potential harmful effect(s) they may have on an athlete's health. But when Murray talks like this...
  25. LetsGoRoddick

    Peak Roddick Vs. Djokovic

    I consider peak Roddick about 2004. He would give Djokovic some trouble on grass and fast hard court but other than, if we're being realistic it's basically a puncher's chance against today's Djokovic. He would not be the favourite in any of these matchups. I think eventually a player will...
  26. LetsGoRoddick

    What is your second favorite sport?

    Usually basketball holds my #1 spot, but tennis is extremely close and I would absolutely play it more but courts are not convenient to access where I live. But really it flip flops depending on the time of year. During the majors, tennis is definitely #1 and I also make it a point to...
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    "Injured" Milos Raonic Slam dunk

    Dunking with power requires a lot of coordination and training (for most people). It was also a standing dunk, so it was a little harder to pull off. Scouting: -He had a nice pass to a cutting player in the 2nd half of the game and was willing to give the ball to McGrady when he (Raonic)...
  28. LetsGoRoddick

    How much of Nadal's recent decline is due to the "loss" of his movement?

    I think he is still a better mover than anyone in the top 10 not named Djokovic and Murray. During his prime, Rafa was actually faster than Djokovic and quicker than Murray. So it comes to stand that he would decline to a point that his movement is still potent. Other than that, pretty much...
  29. LetsGoRoddick

    Is Federer Kobe of Tennis?

    As someone whose favourite player was Kobe when I lived in SoCal as a little kid... Kobe is not an NBA level player this year. He was never an elite defender and his defensive team awards are a sham. Shaq was the best player since Jordan during those Laker three-peat years. If you look at...