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    2023 ATP Finals RR: Daniil Medvedev vs. Andrey Rublev

    Watching rubles hammer balls to the lines and Meddy float it back down the middle must drive Rublev’s coach crazy. Totally unwilling to follow amazing shots to the net.
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    2023 ATP Finals RR: Novak Djokovic vs. Holger Rune

    I think his legs left him. He looked gassed early in the third. Weird for an indoor match with big hitting.
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    2023 ATP Finals RR: Novak Djokovic vs. Holger Rune

    That was interesting all the slices he was throwing in. Clearly part of his coaching plan.
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    Jannik Sinner (6) vs Daniil Medvedev (2) - Beijing

    He’s not my fav but he was 1 match from another uso a month ago
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    Fedovic was a better rivalry than Djokodal/Fedal

    Fed and Novak were more fun to watch for me. More shotmaking and variety.
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    2023 US Open - Official Thread for Men's Singles

    Why would they schedule this why would this put this match on Ashe at night?
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    2023 US Open - Official Thread for Men's Singles

    Is he seriously trying to out grind Meddy. Horrible matchup for him but might as well try a winning game plan.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas breaks up with Mark Philippoussis after the loss

    Agree that it will be hard to improve the BH to a large degree and he loses a bunch of matches because of it. He can do well on clay with it but it’s a challenge to return on fastest surfaces. A better slice would help him imo.
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    In hindsight, do you think that US Open win was rather fortunate/a bit of a fluke?

    Novak was spent physically and mentally at the USO but even then he got crushed. I’m sure the pressure had a ton to do with it. Take that away and I think he beats Medvedev comfortable. The problem with that argument is that Novak will have pressure in every GS tournament the rest of his career...
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    Rublev intimidating opponents ???

    Rubles looks like he has the plague or something; skinny, super pale and has bags under his eyes like he hasn’t slept. Can’t imagine he’s going to be a fav for sponsors, maybe if he smiled once in a while it would help. He is a good player though and is only going to get better. If he can cut...
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    Tennis writer exposes blatant favoritism and conflicts of interest in Australia Open

    On TV, they said they made the decision based on the overall heat index — not subjective. Plus, the tournament got a tone of flack for having players on the court during oppressive and dangerous conditions. I'm sure the negative media press factored into the decision. On the night matches, of...
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    Nadal 2017 USO - Fed 2018 AO

    I agree that he had a much tougher path.
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    Nadal 2017 USO - Fed 2018 AO

    At least when Nole and Murray were healthy, you likely had to beat 2 of the big for plus a player such as Stan in the quarters. That’s a pretty big difference don’t you think?
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    Trend toward lighter racquets

    That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
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    Nadal 2017 USO - Fed 2018 AO

    First off, congrats to Fed; 20 GS titles is out of this world amazing. With that said, I disagree that Fed is playing at or very close to his highest level of tennis ever. He is still playing incredible tennis and is using his experience to his utmost advantage. This years AO felt a lot like...
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    Trend toward lighter racquets

    I doubt Rafa is using a racket in the low 11 ounce range. Maybe though.
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    Donald Young, seriously?

    I second that, he’ll forever be an journeyman based on coaching decisions he’s already made. I heard that his parents have his practice mostly with juniors at their academy, that’s real smart.
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    Michael is Mmoh Better!

    Unfortunately, he just doesn't seem to have the firepower from the baseline to press opponents. He moves well and has a nice serve, but his lack on firepower from the ground will limit him. Given his size, you'd think he'd be able to crack the ball, buts that's not the case.
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    Natural gut is on sale now by about 30% at most vendors, including TW

    For a poly/gut hybrid, VS BT7 work pretty well imo. I like the old Babolat and Wilson gut, but the bt7 coating decreases friction and increases durability. People knock the bt7 too much I think.
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    In SF and F of Cincy 17, Kyrgios failed to break in 23 return games...

    Nicks return was pretty awful the last few matches, usually it's not that bad though. The last two matches Nick was playing too much slow ball from the back of the the court. Instead of cracking balls he was just rolling them. The loss against Gregor should be a bit eye opening for Nick. Bet he...
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    How can Nadal be respected as number one if he can't play on hardcourts...

    The #1 ranking is a bit worthless at this point because non of the top guys care about. Nadal wasn't motivated to get to number one, he just wants to win titles.
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    Thiem "I spend hours watching Federer matches on Youtube"

    Funny you say that as it's very similar to the evaluation in your signature tag. The knife cuts both ways...
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    Why the hate for Wawrinka post FO 2017?

    You have to think that w/o injury Delpo would have had a better career than Stan. Really a shame what has happened to him.
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    RF Stand Alone Records

    Fed is ridiculous. Absolutely amazing what he continues to do. Forgot the tennis Goat convo, imo he is in contention for one of the best overall athletes in history.
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    Anyone using Wilson Revolve?

    I typically use it with gut mains, but have also played it is a full bed. I really like it and use it as my go to poly. As far as durability goes, I'd say it's a tad above average. Not super durable. I find it to be medium powered with nice spin potential.
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    Watch the Pros Warm-up

    Not saying it is. It's just not a fair comparison to make with the pros.
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    Watch the Pros Warm-up

    The pros warm up on the practice court before they get to the match court so that's a bad example. They have already hit balls and are loose by the time u see them on TV. I have seen pros play mini-tennis.
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    Can anyone catch Federer's slam count?

    Someone, someday will prob catch it. It maybe 75 years down the road though.