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  1. jelichek

    Difference between Sprint Pro 3.0 and 3.5?

    Look to be very close so for someone who's worn both are there any and if so what are they?
  2. jelichek

    Vapor Cage 4 Black/Silver/Volt coming to the States?

    Will you be getting this colorway in or is it Euro only?
  3. jelichek

    Head Prestige Pro 2023 16x19

    Someone should know this. What's the code on this I'm guessing TGT 345.2?
  4. jelichek

    Nike Air Zoom Prestige?

    Anyone with experience with these guys? Vapor X's too narrow in midfoot for me as is most anything Nike makes. Anyway just wondering if they were a tad wider than the X's there's a coupla pairs of Prestiges out there so.
  5. jelichek

    Stubborn butt cap removal I need help!

    Went to the store and picked up a Stanley Classic 99 fixed blade knife and it did the job but not before a coupla pieces of blade were gone. Those were some really stubborn staples!
  6. jelichek

    Stubborn butt cap removal I need help!

    Trying to get butt cap (not just trap door) all the way off of a current Head Speed MP. I've done this any number of times but I've not seen four staples so deeply imbedded. I don't want to ruin the pallets (don't care about butt cap) but I can't slide anything in to get any leverage (mini flat...
  7. jelichek

    Air Trainer 1 Chlorophyll - the old McEnroe, Agassi and Wilander shoe

    Played in them back in the day. Remember at that time they were kinda cutting edge. Belong in Nike HOF!
  8. jelichek

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    You know I wear 11's in Zoom Zeros tried 11.5's in the Turbos never could get them to fit quite right but picked up a pair of the new ones in womens 13 and they fit well so just never know. Always good to re-visit these things.
  9. jelichek

    Newer orange Radical grommets (TK351) on older Graphene Radicals?

    Has anyone tried to fit the newer Radical grommets (TK351 Orange) on one of the older Graphene Radicals that take the TK307 grommets? Same 16/19 pattern same head size. It's impossible to find the TK307 Orange ones. Head gave me a song and dance and the product number for the Orange CAPs and...
  10. jelichek

    NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2

    Whaddya mean eww. That's a nice looking little shoe to beat around in. Onna the best looking Nike's made in years.
  11. jelichek

    Head Auxetic Radical

    So bottom line for those who have used the previous Pro which was super stiff IMHO is the new one anywhere near as stiff?
  12. jelichek

    Wrist pain from grip size change?

    Recently went down from a Head #3 to a Head #2 grip (different models) and started to experience wrist pain in say a coupla days not on day one. I don't mind a little elbow pain cause everything pretty stiff these days but not happy with wrist pain so I'm wondering if anyone has ever run across...
  13. jelichek

    Will TK238 CAP grommets fit on 293 Prestige MP's?

    Getting hard to find CAPs for the Graphene Touch Prestige MP so wondering if anyone has tried the older TK238 Black CAPs?
  14. jelichek

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Actually 339.1 is the Pro and 339.2 is the MP.
  15. jelichek

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Should be 339.2
  16. jelichek

    Can someone explain to me how customs and tariffs work like I'm a 4 year old?

    I can't seem to get thru to any one to get an answer from UPS or FedEx. When I used to buy stuff from TW Europe they would deduct the VAT tax and ship it to me via FedEx and in like 5 days its here to me in Ohio. I didn't pay any customs fees or tariffs and the stuff came right thru. I have no...
  17. jelichek

    New Head Speed MP stiffness vs. Speed MP 360+ stiffness?

    TW has the new one listed at 62 and the previous at 64 so for anyone that has hit both have you felt difference?
  18. jelichek

    Specific amount of lead to alter balance 15 millimeters?

    For all you mathematicians out there approx. how much lead in grams/ounces would I need to add to take balance point up 15 millimeters. I'm curious as to how much weight I would be adding at 12 o'clock, and before I tear into racket would like some idea.
  19. jelichek

    Head Radical Pro 2021 Grommet Color

    I have a set they are orange. Tk351 Orange to be specific.
  20. jelichek

    Head to Yonex grip size comparison?

    Any thoughts on how a number 3 Yonex grip is gonna feel size wise compared to my old conventional (not new shape) number 3 Head grip?
  21. jelichek

    Easy question more pop EZone 98 Plus or VCore 98 Plus?

    Which do I want for more pop without any unnecessary stiffness?
  22. jelichek

    Head Codes [Updated list]

    Looking for number for the Extreme Tour if its in here I missed it so thanks!
  23. jelichek

    Nike Summer Heritage Short in White?

    Will you be getting this short in white as seen on TW?
  24. jelichek

    Babolat VS Gut and new Pure Drive?

    I'm sure this may have been addressed before but any opinions on how much a full set of good gut would go to taking the stiffness out/making it more arm friendly as to a new 2021Pure Drive Plus?
  25. jelichek

    Hydrogen Tech Skull Jacket and Pants?

    That's exactly what I want! I will keep checking and when they're in ask you again as to fit. All things being equal I would wear a large in both but just not sure with their stuff. And thanks!
  26. jelichek

    Hydrogen Tech Skull Jacket and Pants?

    Will you be getting these in by chance? Preferably in black. TW Europe has them but not sure of the sizing and they didn't answer my inquiry as to how these run. I know Hydrogen stuff has a tendency to be on the small side.
  27. jelichek

    New Nike Vapors for '21?

    I think/know Nike has some sorta new Vapors on the way. Any idea as to when that will actually be?
  28. jelichek

    Mannarino strings?

    Look kinda translucent blue and he keeps fiddling with them. Would think must be some sorta poly? Any clues?