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    2023 Yonex VCores

    So first the Vcore 95 was hyped up as a very playable 95 for the modern game and now it is suddenly outdated? Wawrinka still plays with a 95 square inch and so does Djokovic. I decided to go with the Vcore 95 because it has personality and unique traits: maneuverability, a certain whippiness...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Update: I decided to buy the Vcore 95 as I had thoroughly enjoyed the demo period. Got it in the mailbox this week and had the chance to play with it for the first time yesterday. On the demo I had already put 2g at 12 and 2 in the throat, which certainely didn't seem to alter the positive...
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    Is there low 50s or even 40s RA racquet?

    My Wilson Reflex vintage frames were 51 RA when coming out of the factory about 40/50 years ago. Luckily they have broken in with time and play a little more flexy now. ;)
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    After the Vcore 95 demo, I decided to try out the Vcore Pro 97. I do prefer the paintjob on the Vcore Pro 97, I must say. The hot tomato red smattered with black and blue on the VC95 is a bit to gaudy to my taste. I took the VCP97 to my "social" doubles match today. For the moment it is hard to...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Managed to still squeeze out a doubles match with the VC95 on my demo period. I'll keep it very short: The good. - Service went better than ever, even with some aces and unreturnable serves. Racquet definitely approved for this use. - Groundstrokes and passing shots also more than okay. -...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Third day out with the Vcore 95. Some sparring plus practice set. Although I won the practice set in the end by 6-4, I wasn't satisfied with my game. Same level opponent with inconsistent serve, good backhand, average forehand. Conclusions to be drawn from this final playtest day: - I'm...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Second outing with the Vcore 95 2023 today. Mainly groundstroke practice and a training set. Opponent about the same level as me with a pretty powerful forehand, average to good serve and weaker backhand. Training set ended 6-6. My serve was weak and I hit quite a few double faults at first, but...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Thanks for the comparison on the VC95 and VCP97. Interesting to read that the VCP97 is plusher and arm-friendlier. I thought the VC95 was certainly not a harsh frame. It felt soft to me with lots of dwell time but the 22 mm beam width (this comes from someone who doesn't have a frame in his bag...
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Very late to the party, but for what it's worth my 2 cents: A friend recommended me to try the 2023 Vcore 95, so I got a demo from TW. Over the summer I played with the Prince Phantom Pro 93p and the past week I went back to a Prestige Tour 600 I had lying around, as I had gotten some pain in...
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    Lead Tape and Flex Rating

    I know I am reviving an old thread, but I still wanted to thank you guys, because I have been able to customize a racquet for the first time with a positive outcome. All my previous experiments with lead tape led (pun intended) to the same result. As one poster put it: "The racquet is heavier...
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    How good would righty Nadal be?

    I think he would actually be better. His serve would be much better and he would still be as relentless as he now is.
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    AO vs USO -- which is the better HC GS?

    AO has been better in last years. More spectacular matches, better scheduling. USO need to get a roof and eliminate 5th set tiebreak. Why don't they do the men's semis on Friday, the women's semis on Saturday, and both finals on Sunday. Women play best of three, so that should be feasible and it...
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    The Real Loser In The Women's Final

    I agree that this type of fashion does not look good. I have never understood why skirts have to be attached above the waist, instead of at the hips. This "high skirt" fashion actually makes people look fatter as the skirt is attached to the most protruding part of the belly. It looks in many...
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    Andy Murray will never win grandslam again thread

    Murray is just having a decompression after reaching his main goals: winning a slam and Wimbledon. The guy has just fulfilled all his childhood dreams so he is having a hard time knowing where to go from here as he is in unknown territory. He will have to set new goals, just like Nadal...
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    Is Wawrinka more talented than Federer?

    Federer is obviously more talented on the whole. Federer's prime FH is one of the most powerful, versatile and frightening weapons the game has ever seen. His variety on serve, angles, slices, ability to turn around a rally with one shot, again at his prime, were astonishing and constantly...
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    2013 Wimbledon F: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Andy Murray

    BTW you forgot the skipping of RG.
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    2013 Wimbledon F: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Andy Murray

    I knew that Djokovic was going to screw up that smash on the next to last point. He had his chances, didn't take them. Glad to get the British monkey of our backs! Now life can carry on. BTW still think Murray should be fined for skipping RG.
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    2013 Wimbledon F: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Andy Murray

    Pathetic from Novak. Delpo would have been much better in this match!
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    2013 Wimbledon F: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Andy Murray

    Sad day for tennis. These guys really can't make me enthusiastic about their style. Hopefully it is over soon and the good thing is that we will be rid for a couple of decennia with the British obsession over winning their own slam. Fedal was much better than this. Also Murray's tanking of RG...
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    A sincere Request to ATP: Insert a Grass Masters 1000 in the schedule

    Agree 100%. If grass is still a tennis surface, there should most certainly be a M1000 on it.
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    What's the worst defeat : Federer/Stakhovsky or Nadal/Darcis ?

    I think the Federer match was the biggest shocker. Nadal had his already: Sod and Rosol. However, he got over those. This is the first really shocking loss for Federer, and as such seems to spell the end of an era, and of an amazing run of 9 years of consecutive QFs. Sure, Federer has had...
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    Why is Wimbledon played so soon after RG?

    I think the grasscourt season should definitely by lengthened. Ideally players should be able to play 2 or 3 grasscourt tournaments before Wimbledon. Most top players now only play one. Going from the highest bouncing to the lowest bouncing surface in a couple of weeks seems too short. Grass...
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    I can't stand playing pushers.

    I used to hate 'em, now I kinda love 'em. Actually a lot of my training partners are pushers, some are really good at that. It makes for an interesting match up, where I generally find my self in charge of moving them around and they just keep hitting balls back. I win almost all matches against...
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    From a scale of 1-10, how entertaining was the French Open?

    I think the quality of play was good about 8.5 out of 10. The Nadal-Djokovic match would certainly get a 9/10 for me. The historical dimension (most victories at the same slam) deserves a 10/10. What really should get a low score is the scheduling, which I would give a 3/10. How the hell is...
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    Rafa Made Un8elievable Hi8tory! Congr8z!

    8 of the same slam is an incredible prowess, certainly at RG, where the physical side of play is arguably even more important than at other slams.
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    Has Nadal officially surpassed Borg now?

    I indeed think Nadal has surpassed borg on a few accounts. Certainly as the best claycourt player of all times. More majors on more surfaces too. Borg was a bigger star and has more channel slams. I think they are still largely in the same tier of greats until Nadal actually surpasses Sampras...
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    Greatest returner of all time

    Agassi, followed by Djokovic. Nadal is about the worst returner of all time, so many returns sitting up to be pummeled.
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    Federer's Quarterfinal Streak - and "Big 4"

    Er... 36 divided by 4 is 10 now?
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    Roland Garros- the worst grand slam there is?

    RG is a great slam. The only thing that sometimes detracts from it are the French fans. They can at times be very irritant, think Martina Hingis.