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  1. li0scc0

    Is Phillip Kohlschreiber using only 1 side of the racquet

    I do this as well. My grip does change but not dramatically.
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    Need More than 1 Can of Balls for a Match

    My guess is they sold too well and required less purchase of balls, so the Penn's, Wilson's, and Dunlop's of the world phased them out.
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    Let them Coach! Should coaching be allowed? POLL

    Tennis is an individual sport in singles. One man (an XY) vs. one man (an XY), or one woman (XX) vs. another (XX). No coaching should be allowed. I don't think the coach should be allowed in the stadium. There is no reason for it. Any coaching during the match should be an immediate default...
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    It's an insult to compare Sampras to Djokovic

    Nishikori USUALLY hits about 85-95, in the matches I was watching. I think that is what she is referring to. He had some first serves in the low 80's. CAN vs. usually is a completely different thing.
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    Novak: Amazing and.. not very exciting?

    Your passive aggression is so adorable! I simply used your weak logic and ad hominems to demonstrate your specious argument. Quite the softball, I must say.
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    Novak: Amazing and.. not very exciting?

    Or, to like Djokovic, you have to not understand the history of tennis, and how attacking tennis on fast surfaces was the entire point of tennis up until the 2000's and that a true fan of tennis could never like a player like Djokovic. That just shows you aren't very much into tennis and that...
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    Cornet removes shirt on court, gets code vio

    Just to let you know, virtue signaling doesn't work in picking up the ladies.
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    So what happens if it doesn’t stop raining?

    If it never stops raining? Eventually, a wise person, or one so instructed, will build a vessel to survive the flooding. Oh, you meant with respect to a tennis tournament.
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    Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon?

    Actually his winning does not disprove the logical fallacy.
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    EVERYONE owes Babolast an apology

    -Nike CEO has come out in support of BLM. -Nike website showed support for BLM. -BLM promoted and fomented cop killings. All facts, not on "at right" sites, but available through USA Today, Huffington Post, MSNBC, etc. On a personal level, after my policeman friend from high school was...
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    Nick picks a fight with Bartoli!

    She retired, with more Slam Wins than many revered here at the forums.
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    Nick picks a fight with Bartoli!

    On golf? I'd care a lot more about golf advice from John Daly than Rickie Fowler.
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    EVERYONE owes Babolast an apology

    Anti American I don't like. But anti Nike is fine with me. After Nike's promotion of, and solidarity with Black Lives Matter on their website immediately after one of the many instances of policemen being killed by BLM, Nike is anathema to me.
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    Tsitsipas > Shapovalov!

    Neither will win a Grand Slam Final in singles.
  15. li0scc0

    Who will be the finalist of the bottom half

    Anderson VS Nadal or Djokovic. Not kidding.
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    EVERYONE owes Babolast an apology

    This would make the most sense.
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    The definition of suffering

    Guys like Fed and Roddick, current players like Paire and Kyrgios, are enjoyable for me to watch as they play so quickly!
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    I'd love that to be the case, but I'm not sure she is 'back' yet.
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Keys is the only one left who could challenge the Williams sisters. And Keys is hit/miss, she could lose to anybody along the way, as well. EDITED: Not sure why or how I forgot Halep. No, she's not a grass court player, but she could win this.
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    2018 Wimbledon - WTA general discussion

    Sigh. If Muguruza loses, I guarantee one of the Williams sisters is going to win it all.
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    Nadal is shredded :D`

    Andreas Munzer esque!
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    Give me bad advice

    I'd recommend ice, ibuprofen, and 6 months off every year to counteract the tennis elbow from this combo. :p:p
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    The false dawn of Denis Shapovalov?

    Truthfully, I don't view today as an upset. Paire is a good grass court player, and I had him favored to win prior to the tournament starting in my bracket.
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    Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic lead complaints over shot clock plan

    Except it isn't a change to the game. The time between serves has existed, it's just not being enforced.
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    Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon?

    Interesting. I don't think many would agree with this. You've committed the logical fallacy of Alleged Certainty.
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    Which multi slam winners have won their final slams

    I could see Venus winning Wimbledon this year, if she can get by Serena.
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    Pros lead at 12 Length

    It all depends upon the racquet being modified, and their goal swingweight and balance. Just like for the rest of us. I have seen it go nearly around the hoop (Verdasco and Blake) or just a bit here and there (Safin) and everything in between.
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    What's the point of seeding?

    I've never understood why all 128 are not seeded. In most other sports all participants are seeded. Thus, 1 plays 128, 2 plays 127...59 plays 70...etc. Then in the Second round, the winner of 1 and 128 plays the winner of 64/65....etc. Would take 30 seconds to make such a draw, based on rankings.
  29. li0scc0

    My Wimbledon Goal Already Achieved (spoiler)

    Same here. But the way is clearing for one of them to win the title.