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  1. coolschreiber

    2019 Wilson Blade

    Try to follow through completely when hitting OHBH with v7 18x20. Works really well for me. Probably best match play racquet for me. Perfect blend control, solidity and forgiveness.
  2. coolschreiber

    Does anyone think that Federer might benefit from an 18x20 pattern in his RF97?

    Hoping Fed comes to his senses after reading this thread.
  3. coolschreiber

    Most arm-friendly Prestige MP?

    I had the opposite experience Youtek brassy Youtek IG smoother Edit : the IG version is also more stable, doesnt twist as easily as youtek
  4. coolschreiber

    Federer’s actual Frame specs!

    How headlight are you @Nostradamus ... you still haven't told me what you smoke.
  5. coolschreiber

    Whose big wins impress you more: Thiem or Zverev?

    Zverev! this victory over Juan Ignacio Londero at ATP München has to go down in the annals of sporting history!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  6. coolschreiber

    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    I thought this was a Dimitrov thread, guess not.:unsure:
  7. coolschreiber

    Denis Shapovalov to Yonex

    Is it extended length as well @Nostradamus?:rolleyes:
  8. coolschreiber

    Any 5.0 Players Switch From Players Frame to Babolat and Get Even Better?

    The idea that Babolats are easier to play with is a myth. Granted you initially get easier depth, spin etc. But you gotta have fitness and skill to control the ball with racquet head speed and spin. Hence the common complaint about Babos being rocket launchers. This is especially magnified...
  9. coolschreiber

    Why dont I like my flexi racquet?

    I have played with flexi, medium flexi and stiff racquets. My experience tells me that with Flexi racquets you need to hit through the ball more to get the pace and spin. I know its contrary to the common mantra that you have to brush up more for spin. You have to let the racquet pocket the ball...
  10. coolschreiber


    My favorite 90 - k90. But lot of other people like other versions. I just love the raw feel of that racquet.
  11. coolschreiber

    2018 Stockholm - ATP 250

    Thanks I do what I can to entertain the (TTW) crowds :) .
  12. coolschreiber

    2018 US Open SF - Rafael Nadal (1) vs JM Del Potro (3)

    So many "new users" spewing so much hate for Nadal. Sad.
  13. coolschreiber

    Millman’s racket

    Neither did I but Im only quoting Darren Cahill.
  14. coolschreiber

    Millman’s racket

    You still haven't told me what you smoke since I first posed this question in 2016 :(. I'll pay you triple for the product maaaaan :|.
  15. coolschreiber

    Millman’s racket

    Darren Cahill said in commentary that he used to "warm up" with a 15km run before.... though he doesn't do that any more.
  16. coolschreiber

    Buggy Whip Forehand For High Balls

    I use it for high bouncing/on the rise because it gives me more time to get in position. It takes lesser preparation but still allows more range of motion to get that depth of shot. It's not strictly for topspin, you can hit through the ball too. I use it when stretched out wide on forehand too...
  17. coolschreiber

    Roger back to black

    Maybe Roger saw the retail price and went 'F*** mouths to feed'.
  18. coolschreiber


    Oh boy..... pure mayhem
  19. coolschreiber

    Dimitrov testing new frame in Toronto

    Bammmmos Dimi! Make the change shtick this time.... Take advice here on the racquets section on ttw. MgRi, swing weight, static weight, twisted weight, sweat band weight ...... Anything you want to know, we got your back :cool:.
  20. coolschreiber

    Man, maybe i'm crazy, but i think the new RF97A 2018 is different from the 2016 version.

    Geez!! Wilson QA even screwing up with the mold now smh :rolleyes:
  21. coolschreiber

    Too skinny and can't win with a vegetarian diet.

    That Djokovic is a defensive pusher and would be hit off the court by the 3.5 club level GOAT :cool:. You know the kind who hit one flat winner boast about it till the next year....but forget about the other 98,323 shots dumped into the net.
  22. coolschreiber

    Do people realise that uniqlo...

    I wasn't making fun of wheelchair players....sorry if it came across that way. Armchair players - was taking a dig at the hordes of recreational weekend warriors myself included ;P.
  23. coolschreiber

    Do people realise that uniqlo...

    But how many of the armchair players have embraced this brand? :cool:
  24. coolschreiber

    Djokovic playing with 27.5 inch frame?

    @Nostradamus is our resident expert, he'll be able to guide you.
  25. coolschreiber

    Fred on Kyrgios

    Well that just goes to show how quickly Federer can grow a beard :cool:....GOAT!!
  26. coolschreiber

    Hot interior of the car, left racket inside, damage ?

    I know this is may be a little impolite and may be the wrong place to ask. But can you Please tell us what you smoke? So I can try procuring that product .
  27. coolschreiber

    Marion Bartoli racquet and apparel

    Game.......... as in 1 game, forget about sets lol
  28. coolschreiber

    (1) Rafael Nadal vs (13) Diego Schwartzman

    You still havent told us what you smoke, I asked you this question a couple of years back iirc.:rolleyes:
  29. coolschreiber

    2018 French Open 1/4 finals : Zverev vs Thiem

    It will be Thiem's stupidity vs Zverev's fatigue..... :rolleyes: