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    2024 Doubles talk

    Weird both doubles finals are scheduled today. Usually it's the men's doubles final on Saturday and the women's doubles on Sunday.
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    Roddick talks Wimbledon final

    Certainly looked that way to me. It was only shown clearly on the ESPN broadcast, not the BBC broadcast for some reason. And like Roddick said, he was only 10 feet away from the umpire and he looked directly at her(not something mumbled under his breath etc). I'm sure it was her instinct to...
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    Lleyton Hewitt’s son Cruz Hewitt and Lindsay Davenport’s son Jagger Leach are competing in the #AusOpen boys draw.

    at the 4 min mark Lindsay says one of Jagger's opponents in the juniors started talking crap about her at a changeover:)
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    Lleyton Hewitt’s son Cruz Hewitt and Lindsay Davenport’s son Jagger Leach are competing in the #AusOpen boys draw.

    Jagger Leach is in the QF of junior Wimbledon
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    What was the last movie you watched?
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    Jasmine Paolini’s Grand Slam results until 2023 :}

    2024 AO was the first major she was seeded at. Here's another crazy stat, prior to that AO she played a seed in the first round in 6 straight majors(winning one of those matches)! Talk about unlucky draws. I doubt her lack of PEDs(which is being implied by many here) was the reason she lost in...
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    Ball Kids And Towels Back Together

    I see the esteemed doubles team of Harrri Heliovaara and Henry Patten are in the finals of Wimbledon. I'm sure the TD's of Toronto/DC/Cincinnati are excited by the prospect of those guys entering their events.
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    ADM giving a walkover in QF to Djokovic ?

    Medvedev was former top 4 and won 4 clay masters. Ranking often meant nothing in the 90s with such polarized surfaces and much shorter careers than today. A wildcard ranked 125 won Wimbledon in 2001, had Rafter won that match no one would call that win an easy draw based on ranking. Medvedev...
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    Wimbledon 2024 R16 matchup - [4] Alexander Zverev (GER) v/s [13] Taylor Harry Fritz (USA)

    First time 2 Americans make the QF at Wimbledon since 2000.
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    Giovanni the Giant: 6"8 guy with one handed backhand is making having a breakout year!

    Up to 44 in the live rankings, maybe he'll have a good enough summer to be seeded at USO.
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    Ball Kids And Towels Back Together

    Well, if this was the players' argument against strict enforcement of the shot clock, there are now no more excuses. can't believe baseball - which has been insanely slow paced for so long - has managed to speed up the game considerably with their enforcement of a pitch clock but tennis is...
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    Players who won 3 straight 5-setters in a same event

    Shelton building up an impressive 5 set record. Usually it's a tough hurdle for young players.
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    Favorite Pat Rafter matches?

    I really enjoyed his comeback from 2 sets to love down vs Arazi at '98 USO. Lots of highlight real stuff. I must admit, I also thought Rafter would be a one slam wonder(like Mac was saying in his commentary earlier in '98) but Rafter's extremely high level of play at '98 Cincy changed my mind...
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    Strange decision to seed Ashe number 1 at Wimbledon 1976

    Yeah this "myth" really needs to die. Pre big 3 era, it was not weird for a top player/Wimbledon champ to get put on court 2. It rained all the time, and even if it was only Day 3 or 4, Wimbledon would panic if they were behind schedule and put top players anywhere they could sometimes. In...
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    Raducanu pulled out of Wimbledon mixed doubles

    any of you mixed doubles fanatics notice that after 7 days of play at Wimbledon exactly one mixed doubles match has been played? and that was a match that wasn't even on the schedule, they dragged those four players on court after Dmitrov retired. The point being that the Murray/Raducanu mixed...
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    The Oldest Living Grand Slam Champion

    Nice story. Vic passed on Friday, if you didn't know.
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    New Nastase Documentary

    It's been added to youtube(unofficially I'm sure, so I suggest watching before it's taken down) @WCT alerted me to this. @Gizo @Drob
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    Emma Navarro is really good.

    good shot at reaching the final?
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    2024 Wimbledon R16 Matchup - [1] Jannik Sinner (ITA) v/s [14] Ben Shelton (USA)

    Shame Shelton had to play 5 sets of singles today and 2 sets of doubles, while Sinner was resting. In a way the non roof era was more fair(since everyone usually got screwed back then), now only 3 or 4 guys get to stay on schedule in the first week while everyone else gets screwed.
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    Iga has the best footwork that I've seen - on men's or women's side - this side of Rafa."

    Guess her footwork is only great on slow to medium surfaces? Weird to see a non power player like Putinseva rush Swiatek like that. Not exactly Graf like footwork on grass.
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    Raducanu pulled out of Wimbledon mixed doubles

    Uh, cause they were with other people. Graf was with a German race car driver for many years. I remember he told tabloids that she cheated on him with Andre, didn't break up with him first(that's why they were so hush hush at Wimbledon) And Agassi only spilt up with his wife Brooke Shields in...
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    I hope Fred Perry got that kind of send off

    They had a retirement ceremony for Edberg at '96 USO. He later said he regretted announcing his retirement that year, it distracted from his tennis. Also, Martina got a retirement ceremony in NY at the YEC in '94. Of course she didn't stay retired:) But TV coverage was limited back then, if...
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    I hope Fred Perry got that kind of send off

    I kinda miss the days when Ivan Lendl would just walk off the court at the USO and never play again. Hell, even Connors didn't get a send off at the USO, he just stopped playing majors. Now even guys like Isner get an on court tribute at the USO lol.
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    The oldest living male slam singles champions.

    Vic Seixas passed away yesterday
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    Will these girls ever win a slam?

    Well, it is worth noting the tennis landscape at the time this thread was made(October 2007). At the time we were used to most major winners being in their early 20s. Li Na was already 25 in 2007 and hadn't even cracked the top 10 yet (she was almost 28 when she first cracked the top 10 in...
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    Wimbledon 2024 Wild Cards : None for Thiem and Raonic

    Stellar performance by the British wildcards, they went 1-7 in the first round. I think Raonic may have done a tad better than some of these players. Or Gasquet.
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    Your favourite TV shows?

    a partial explanation on wikipedia - many reviews are from new accounts and possibly AI. Didn't know the lead was non binary, surprised the score isn't even lower... During production and marketing, the series received criticism from some people online for being "woke".[99] Specific issues...
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    Your favourite TV shows?

    Not sure why this surprises you, a lot of Star Wars fans get pretty upset when there are POC leads. John Boyega and Kelly Marie Tran experienced a lot of racist harassment on social media. Of course those types are flooding imdb with 1 star ratings for The Acolyte. Hell, I'm sure some posters...
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    Great Comeback

    Martin also blew a 5-1 fifth set lead vs Agassi in 2nd round of 2000 Wimbledon