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  1. LuxilonTimo

    Mind getting in the way

    Maybe thinking that the rituals and the warm ups and eating right, would solve the problem, is the problem! Maybe you should change up your everyday routine, give yourself less time to think about it.
  2. LuxilonTimo

    Concrette reasons why Federer is not the GOAT

    You said why Federer isnt the goat on your thread but you said hes the goat. You should really change it. -_-
  3. LuxilonTimo

    The worst error on a match point in a tight match?

    Federer vs Roddick 09 wimbledon final. Roddick shanked a forehand to lose the match after federer return his serve
  4. LuxilonTimo

    The next time you contemplate bringin up Nadal's ageing and weak knees in any debate

    All you nadal fanatics have only the 7-13 record against Federer but Federer is a more accomplished and better player. I dont even have to mention his statistics hes accomplished because you probably already know. What has Nadal accomplished that out accomplishes Federer?
  5. LuxilonTimo

    Nadal wins USO 2009

    Another fail assumption. Are you won of the idiots who actually thought Murray was gonna win wimbledon? No your wrong Federer is gonna win. nadal wont even make it to the finals. Mark my words.
  6. LuxilonTimo

    proof that Federer has the worst backhand ever!

    It took a bad bounce, you can tell on the slow mo rewind. also McEnroe mentioned it. Claudius is just a loser who doesnt appreciate greatness. Heres more "proof"
  7. LuxilonTimo

    I hate topspin.

    Some players on these boards dont know what they're talking about. They tell you to add more spin but if you add more spin you loose power and speed. The ball will just get high net clearance and drop down, then bounce high where it will be perfectly played in your opponents hitting zone because...
  8. LuxilonTimo

    Does playing against the wall ruin your strokes?

    Ok then if you play against the wall it will bounce 3 times, are you to stupid to realize this? I didnt mention the racquet in both the wall and the court. The wall will have the ball hit 3 times, the racquet, the wall, the floor. The court will only get hit with racquet and the court. I didnt...
  9. LuxilonTimo

    Does playing against the wall ruin your strokes?

    Sorry to say this but you are wrong about the first myth. Did not read rest of it but first myth is wrong. Ok think about it. You hit are hitting against the wall and the ball will be hit twice.One hitting off wall and second hitting off the ground, while on a court it will only bounce once off...
  10. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Put some new videos, just as good as the rest
  11. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Wow absolutely amazing
  12. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Comment on the videos if you like, I just want more people to know about this.
  13. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    BUMP^^^^ ten char
  14. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Federer at his upmost best from around 2003-2007, where he was practically invincible making it to the world #1 practically effortless. His jaw dropping forehands and backhands made him who he is today. A Federer Tribute.
  15. LuxilonTimo

    Andy Murray will win Wimbledon 2009 ! You heard it here first ! :D

    lol your probably the same guy who thought Murray will win the FO you Murray fans are always wrong. Federer is the best and always will be. Murray lost to Roddick even with the Wimbledon crowd Murray is nothing and will always only win 2 out of 3 set tournaments.
  16. LuxilonTimo

    Fed isn't the GOAT but the greatest of his era

    You guys say GOAT making it sound stupid but Federer is the greatest of all time. Its practically the same thing as saying greatest of the era and greatest of this generation. There is a such thing as greatest of all time. Its not an opinion anymore when hes won 14 grandslams and 20 straight...
  17. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Congratulations Federer, you are the best, the upmost best, The greatest of all time for winning first FO
  18. LuxilonTimo

    Federer is already GOAT whether wins FO or not!

    Im already a Federer fan and prefer federer over nadal. I dont care if you think Nadal is better than Federer or you think Sampras is the GOAT, because Sampras isnt the GOAT and neither is Nadal. Watching the FO I saw some stats for federer and hes made 20 STRAIGHT SEMIFINAL APPEARANCES AND IS...
  19. LuxilonTimo

    Greatest grass court player ever

    Hasn't Federer beat sampras in the R16 in Wimbledon and other times?
  20. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    Im sorry but If you think Federer back then sucks then you know absolutely nothing and you need to realize that federer was the best back then and at his best can beat any player. Also pretty sure I found the Nadal Federer match back in 2004 in their first meeting.
  21. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best

    What tournament is that and I cant find it =P. Sounds like a great match
  22. LuxilonTimo

    Federer at his upmost best Federer at his upmost best. In his prime from 2002-2007. Unbelievable stuff, just jaw dropping to watch.
  23. LuxilonTimo

    Someone explain "tennis talent" to me

    Ok obviously you dont know JACK. Have you seen roger play at his prime. His backhand isnt the worst its just hard to hit a high ball with a 1handed backhand so you dont know anything and stopped reading your pathetic comment after a good slice. You really dont know what your talking about so...
  24. LuxilonTimo

    This just in: Nadal injured, won't be playing Queens

    Nadal isn't arrogant and does not make up escuses for his losses! Even though im a Roger lover, nadal does not make up escuses for his loses. Watch the link below its proof he doesnt.
  25. LuxilonTimo

    Best of all time! No question about it

    Lmao its just something people make up. Its not real. But not everyone knows about these vids, just want to share the vids. What is your problem anyways? Get over please. Plus wiki is not reliable whatsoever and probably someone like you created that subject.
  26. LuxilonTimo

    Best of all time! No question about it

    Show stopper no one is telling you to post here. There is no such thing as federalism, I just want people to see Federer at his best like how most people like to tell how nadal is the best but Im just showing Federer at his best.
  27. LuxilonTimo

    Best of all time! No question about it Federer at his greatest! Better and more outstanding than Nadal and any other player you can name. Dont believe me? Watch for yourself.
  28. LuxilonTimo

    Next greating Tennis player!

    Woops meant greatest xD, just wanted to show how great Federer use to be and how he is the GOAT and forever will be. No player has ever played like that and I am not obsessed with Federer just love watching highlights when he was at his greatest. Everyone should really check out the vids, they...
  29. LuxilonTimo

    Next greating Tennis player!
  30. LuxilonTimo

    Will fed be the goat if he wins?

    The only thing you people have against Federer is Nadal who does have a winning record against him but is that all you have against Federer. Maybe Andy murray but Federer is in a slight decline but besides Nadal beating Federer a couple times Federer is the GOAT. I dont care if he is 7-13, He is...