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  1. Born_to_slice

    Is this the only time ever that an Alcaraz - Djokovic Final feels underwhelming?

    This one might be the worst sinner fanboy account yet Quite an achievement given neautral dad and d-riding king are in the mix.
  2. Born_to_slice

    Medvedev almost gets Disqualified in the 1st Set

    Serena got code violation after she was holding up play for eternity and arguing with the umpire. Med said this in a burst of competitive anger . He didn't come up to umpire, argued over the decision and barely anyone heard what he said. I don't approve of him saying it but I understand...
  3. Born_to_slice


    Djokovic is a snowflake and I guess your highness the desperate pathetic tryhard hater are a man. Right?
  4. Born_to_slice

    Are we allowed to talk about Wimbledon robbing Sinner off this slam?

    Is that Zverev's new nickname? He didn't play him, only nice family man Meddy, so I'm a bit confused...
  5. Born_to_slice

    Are we allowed to talk about Wimbledon robbing Sinner off this slam?

    Sinner is just as good or a better player than Medvedev indoors. You're just trying to find some way to cope with the fair and square defeat.
  6. Born_to_slice


    Meh. Tennis fans are not much classier. It's just that code of conduct is different to football or fake wrestling arenas. Go attend such "sports" if you want to boo and stuff.
  7. Born_to_slice


    That's not it. You can hate Djokovic guts all you want and know what is acceptable behavior and what is not when attending a tennis match.
  8. Born_to_slice

    Post a gif to describe your reaction if this happens on Sunday

    @Oceans II has you covered already.
  9. Born_to_slice


    Anyone doing this or wishing for this is not a tennis fan.
  10. Born_to_slice

    Novak Djokovic, frustrated with Lacoste: “I’m not satisfied with how they do my marketing promotion”

    He is not unsatisfied with money they pay him but how they are stocking their shops with his stuff. Non Djokovic fans usually don't buy his stuff, so on what are you basing your criticism? Btw, I couldn't care less what Osaka, Fed, Rafa or anyone else feels about their sponsors.
  11. Born_to_slice

    Novak Djokovic, frustrated with Lacoste: “I’m not satisfied with how they do my marketing promotion”

    People (salty fedal fans) will just use any occasion to circle jerk hate on Novak. Seriously, who cares for this clothing sponsor stuff? How does that move anyone?
  12. Born_to_slice

    If you blow this title Djoker it’s time to retire

    No. He was spent physically as well.
  13. Born_to_slice

    DeMinaur out due to injury..

    Kidding, right? This is Wimbledon qf, Novak would steam roll him.
  14. Born_to_slice

    Djokovic Alcaraz rematch

    This guy first:
  15. Born_to_slice

    What Is Sinner Lacking? Fitness. And The Fire In The Belly.

    It's not easy being on tour, playing at the highest level all the time. Energy reserves get depleted. Guy is a bit too tall and lanky for the style he plays as well.
  16. Born_to_slice

    Why do people hate on Medvedev's FH?

    It's mostly some wannabe experts that crap on him. He a great player.
  17. Born_to_slice

    Djokovic post match comments to Rishi on Centre Court

    Djokovic is not a villain.
  18. Born_to_slice

    A hilarious tweet from Tsitsipas:}

    Cringe, as is the whole Murray retirement soap opera. Guy entered a slam tournament with an injury without any competitive ambition. He entered in singles, doubles and mixed doubles (how much freaking attention do you need dude?) and withdrew from singles after the draw (with absolutely no one...
  19. Born_to_slice

    Are there more Sinner fans than Alcaraz fans?

    Hard to gauge. Doesn't seem like there are many fans of either of them. At least Sinner has few genuine young fans. Alcaraz imo is just a forced choice for glory hungry fedal fans as he's the most successful from the new crop.
  20. Born_to_slice

    Novak Djokovic: "I support some best of three at slams... we need to save tennis from pickleball"

    Sounds fun. I bet those people are way better than urban folks who laugh at them. Anyway, my point was that motor sports should be viewed separately.
  21. Born_to_slice

    If Fed played today he would have 4-5 calendar slams in a row

    No. Not Federer, not any other big 3 player. It's clueless fantasy without any realism in it.
  22. Born_to_slice

    What would it mean if Djokovic lost to Sinner in Wimb Finals ?

    You are trying way too hard, it's embarrassing.
  23. Born_to_slice

    Djokovic is joyful to watch on grass

    Clueless armchair crew can just spill vitriol.
  24. Born_to_slice

    Record 8 0-2 set comebacks in Round 1 at 2024 Wimbledon?

    Nonsense. Stan is an extremely accomplished player, Monfils never won anything above ATP 500.