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    Tennis is DEAD without the Big 3.

    pickle ball is already killing it
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    Just curious....are you a player or regular folks who loves tennis (like me)? reason I am asking because you're posting so many pictures of shoes here......wondering why (lot of free time and love for shoes and tennis in general).
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    Nadal News 2.0

    No chance.... look at his serve...he is clearly protecting his body.... let us put it this way his body is not allowing him to play....end is near....need miracle and it happens in sport
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Is it Nike React Vapor NXT for $50 at Ross?
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    Asics Gel Resolution 9

    How much was the lace at asics store? I am finding it hard to find navy or indigo blue.
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    Felix Auger Alliassime racquet specs

    I loved pure aero vs tour but they discontinued that thin beam, and replaced it with thicker non-tour version
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    Is Nick kyrgios retiring after US Open? John McEnroe think so
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Yes I have used both (cross trainer and heavy duty). I found them to be pretty similar weight wise and heavy duty just last forever (used on a few pairs and still going strong). Sorbothane classic full insoles also last forever (put it at the bottom and original on top). Only time I felt pain...
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    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    My experience.... I always use a different insole for every pair. Original insoles don't last long for me (considering I sweat a lot). Sorbothane classic full insoles (can be used with original insoles) last almost forever or spenco heavy duty (need to remove original insoles) or RX comfort...
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    Insoles suggestion?

    I would suggest spenco (available on TW) or sorbothane max duty... for both of them you have to remove factory insole to accommodate otherwise go with sorbothane classic as mentioned above....(used all three extensively)
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    Federer wants ATP and WTA to merge into one governing body

    useless idea from Roger... I will not agree with him for first time..:eek:
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    Air max Breathe Free II

    ONLY SHOES I WILL BUY DURING LOCKDOWN because they're hands down all time great...even if I have 10 or pairs in stock
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    Luxilon Big Banger Timo 110 18G Tennis String - out of stock or nor selling at TW

    @TW Staff , I don't see LuxilonBig Banger Timo 110 18G Tennis String on tennis warehouse. Are you guys going to sell it or out of stock at the moment situation? Thanks
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    Yonex VCore Pro 97 HD review...

    you nail it. I tried old vcore 97 330, new vcore 97 330 & HD. HD (340 grams no lead or anything) is very flexy, arm friendly, a lot of control, nice pop, little less spin, less power (strung with ALU 1.25 @53) lot of directional control etc I hated new Vcore 97 330 (350 grams no lead or...
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    Solinco Hyper G ( new green string )

    just for info vcore 97 (330) 16x19 16grams maybe 18grams for 18x20 string pattern
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    Solinco Hyper G ( new green string )

    16 grams to be precise after installing the string thanks
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    Solinco Hyper G ( new green string )

    @TW Staff Could you please tell me how much Solinco hyper G 16L add weight to the racquet? Thanks
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    Andy Murray is unhappy with the poor attendance at the China Open.

    funny....china never produce any great tennis player for a reason...they can't cheat (in swimming they got many)...also small size doesn't add up...ticket price play big roll in 250 events with no big stars I am saying all of the above is a reason for low tennis popularity.
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    Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour cheaper on TW EU website...why not here

    @TW Staff Pure aero vs tour is on sell at TW EU but not here. Do you know when we will see the discount? Also, any idea when new model of vs tour coming out Thanks
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    TW racquet review please include string tension

    @TW Staff Please include strings used & tension in the written review. You have to fast forward video review to find out. Thanks
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Never imagined finding it at fact, never went to the store
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    Tennis ball frustration.

    propenn marathon...never use costco balls
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    at least he posted pics & price of his find here...all of us find deals somewhere otherwise this thread won't survive or started (shuuuu...keep it up to you attitude)...Nike factory outlet, marshals, Burlington & Ross secrete & some luck but I don't spend ton of time to locate one..
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    Costco Penn balls - bad batch?

    I stop buying costco ball because of low quality. Propenn works out better even for $3 can (last much longer and enjoy playing tennis)
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    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    even I would like to know about $25 deal...amazing for sure...hope it is brand new not used
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    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    you nail it perfectly. It used to be good when they started...
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    Cost of Development for Junior?

    interesting thread and points...keep them coming :)
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    Nadal added extra lead?

    I don't trust any company (cheater :mad:) because pros use something else and general public never knows real spec (real racquet is out of question) Babolat was sued while ago if I am not wrong.
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    The best insoles

    Softsole is sold at many stores (sports authority close now) to try out. You can return for free if you bought it from amazon but not third party. Otherwise you spend $10-$15 just to try out :eek:. Costco has best return policy (one of the best) & wal-mart 90 days (off topic). So I don't give...
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    The best insoles

    If you are prime member or product is defective or wrong item sent. Otherwise they charge two way shipping cost and restocking (certain item). Amazon is worst in price matching and many things but that's is off topic. I trust them.