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    Painful arm with Yonex RDis 100 Mid

    i think it's the racket. don't understand why YY makes such stiff racket.
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    Head Liquidmetal Prestige for a beginner?

    ah! that stick my elbow screamed just by holding it for a few seconds. So heavy !
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    What really is power?

    I guess today's rackets have more power than most of us need. Some like to say player's rackets have low power, but actually they are very powerful too. Its just the "correct form" we need. Control and power, all achievable through skill. And i wish i had that skill
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    Any chance a MG Radical Mid+ is giving me tennis elbow?

    i have played woodie for 10 yrs. A good Prince CTS for another 10. Then i bought a Ti-Radical MP and got TE within 3 months. I think its lack of power leads to a tendency to overswing. Also, according to the calculation of the old dead site about TE, Radical MP (due to its mass distribution)...
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    Similarities between diablo, T7 and Speed 16 x 19?

    Diablo is pretty soft, not very stable for some batch (like mine). Prince has a new mini line called EXO3 Hybrid. the Hybrid 100 seems nice on paper (spec).
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    How heavy is too heavy?

    can consistently and relaxedly get a racket in front of you, without the urge to use yr wrist. Then it's not too heavy. Just BS :)
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    Is RA 65 stiffness considered stiff?

    soft racket stiff string (High tension) feels good but the power is ...:(
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    BLX90 vs. K90

    The BLX 90 (US) felt very strange to me. Have tried the AN90, AK90 before. Pretty much a wt difference only. But the BLX felt like chewing bull's leg tendon. Never have i felt such feedback from hitting balls. One of my racket was cut down and had about 35g of gap filler (a little diff...
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    Are the Chinese Clones really inferior or just different in Specs

    i 'd not buy fakes from China, if i knew it's a fake. i 'd rather buy a China brand racket that a few yr ago could be as cheap as $15. and they felt like those 100% graphite rackets that PRINCE made some 20 yrs ago, and are much better than those real PRINCE rackets these days !
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    Closest current non-Wilson to the ps 85 is... ?

    RDS 001 mid The wt and SW may be similar. But 85 is rock solid.
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    Getting away from tweeners?

    I am heading just the opposite direction. Trying to find a tweener that is comfortable and easy to play good tennis. RDS 300 and K95 are my targets. Don't jump off yr seat, :) the AK95 here feels like a tweener, just 310g unstrung. Very easy swinging and powerful.
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    Yonex RDS001 Mid or MP

    i just bought the mid here. Other than being quite stiff and very heavy (static wt and Swing wt), it seems to me that it suits a long stroke without any wrist action. ie. Eastern grip style. Flat serves are very powerful, but spin is lacking for me b/c i can't generate too much head speed for...
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    YY rkt question : need lower tension for cross strings ??

    M - mains, X - cross Fish i live in HK too. Just bought an RDS 001 mid from TW. What disappoints me is that the paint job from TW is much duller and probably has a poorer quality too than what we get here. (but the price is tempting :twisted:) Since u are using a mid, i'd not think u are...
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    Any difference?

    i'd doubt that too. it's too high for the given static weight and balance. Tennis magazine figure is only 320 for the PB10mid. Really want to know how it compares to old Quantum T10 mid (ie. Gen 1 i guess)
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    volkl club

    i've got 2 T10 mids, kind of too heavy and not HL enough for me. Could anyone who's now using PB10 mid and has owned and play a lot with the T10 mid compare the 2. Thanks
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    Racket for 65 Year Old Just Getting Over Tennis Elbow

    OP, U have a N5 (OS or MP ?) i've played with an elderly friend's new N5 MP yrs ago, strung with full poly believe it or not. It felt boardy but has very good control. I loved its control. Maybe try a full job NXT around 57/55lb and add 10g~20g to the handle on the N5. It 'd not be as...
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    PK 5g or other for golfers' elbow?

    i don't have any experience on KI-5 and can't give any comment. There is a new thread talking about their comparison, take a look. My GE and TE are still with me, but they never stop me playing, 'cause when they hurt too much i just play with my left hand (with DHBH) :)
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    Racket for 65 Year Old Just Getting Over Tennis Elbow

    U believed in those comments ? although some of them are from sincere guys, i bet many are faked ! 5G is surely the most friendly racket, ie. b4 the new version KI-5 (which i've not played or even seen here) But are there still lot of 5G around ? the yellow, white and black 2001...
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    How does Kinetic 5 g differ from Ionic 5 g ?

    Some say it's stiffer and more powerful i guess it's the look and a head with more heft. ie. KI 5 has a higher SW and save yr effort to add lead to the upper hoop (which the 5G Pro needs).
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    PK 5g or other for golfers' elbow?

    Dr for Hands, shouldn't U be giving answers to these kinds of Q ? I guess any poly on a lite racket (100g has a low SW if u have an aerogel) would give a golf elbow. i know that because i've got mine the same sure way. First U can add some lead to the upper hoop of yr 100G, and use a...
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    Prokennex 5g dead spot

    mine cracked many yrs ago the 5G Pro. it didn't last for 2 yrs. Actually many racket sound dead at the tip, so does 5G pro. I just added 5g of lead around the tip area. It was a wonderful racket before it died.
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    the Volkl Tour 10 Gen 1 Mid club :)

    i've got 2 of them too. One is very sweet since its bumper was heavily scratched by the 1st hand user. The other, also 2nd/3rd hand, is much less head light (and the pallet changed by the seller seems to have made it a little longer than my first one) it's almost too heavy for me (when i...
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    KPS88 Update: NEW Sampras Frame! [Merged]

    the girls (Venus ....) are playing here tonite. And i was shocked by the new ps85 look-alike Pete Sampras 88. But it swings much heavier than the real old batch of ps85 i once tried; surely is less head light. Surely not for weak bodies. Someone must be capable of buying a few for wall...
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    Volkl Quantium 10 specs

    try this, see if they have yr stick's spec however, sometimes they don't seem to be correct, or i am totally mistaken ??
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    This a Prince Rebel with Cross Bar or another racquet?

    the black one in the OP looks very much like a Diablo MP (16x18) except for the X-bar. the throat area is the same. The orange one has a throat similar to my Blue TT Rebel (18x20) also except for the X bar. The Speedport is meaningless because it's so narrow, it'll feel nothing different than...
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    New Prince Line: January 2009 (Pictures + Specs)

    Chauvalito, i don't know if i am enjoying the Rebel, it's just that with my current fitness and screwed up forms, i can't handle the newly strung T10. A stiffer and bigger head makes it easier for me to hit out with confidence. It's my first time to use Gosen OG micro 17 (on the T10) and...
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    do you need wrist in top spin fh?

    i'd say if yr opponent has fast top-spin balls, it's OK to return like this. If you are facing some soft ballers, yr return may not get over the net. and as someone said, this is for beginners, get them know the action of brushing up. Not for advanced players
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    New Prince Line: January 2009 (Pictures + Specs)

    The TT Rebel (also 95 and 18x20) gave me a sweet surprise today. While i couldn't serve right after coming back from a 3-month break, with the Tour 10 or Diablo. I served quite successfully today, with Rebel. The volley (with a low tension PSDG) also are managable and mostly comfortable...
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    New Prince Line: January 2009 (Pictures + Specs)

    Initiated by this thread, i started to know of this new series. But only find them in Japanese site. Prince has had special models for Japan only. Some of these models would be introduced here in HK, as kind of a side-line, not main theme product lines. These Japanese (market) models have a...
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    New Prince Line: January 2009 (Pictures + Specs)

    Chauvalito i am a believer of the myth that player's rackets are sky/earth difference from what we see in the market. and i believe that Monfils couldn't play as well as b4 if he really uses a Prince now b/c the feel would be that different, just like in Blake's case. i have checked the...