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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I got 2 babolat pure Drive Andy Roddick 4 Wilson Blade 98 V7 2 PrinceWarrior 100 STWC And my newst Family member 1 Wilson Hyper Pro Staff Tour 90
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    Sampras Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85 and one of Federer Wilson Pro Staff 90

    I am got an pro staff 85 Hmmm i am a good Hobby Player but if i Hit the ball to fast or to late or nor exact its a jellyfish and Not fun to play
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    (poll) What's your personal attitude towards Alexander Zverev?

    He has unbelievable potential, but who could help him to lose it and win a Grand Slam title i Hope Not Becker
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    The overrating of Roddick is getting ridiculous

    I think Andy had extraordinary skills and talent, who would certainly have been able to achieve much more success if it weren't for this cursed Swiss;
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    How many Grand Slams will Jannik Sinner win when it is all said and done ?

    He has an extraordinary talent, a lot is expected of him (monfils was expected to have extraordinary and high success due to his skills, which unfortunately did not happen)
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    Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    What's the best way to compare this classic to today's rackets? I'll try using a car as an example The mercedes C class from 1994 was a classic and something special. You could feel bumps on the road and at 160 tempo the engine was so loud that you could barely hear the radio on. The new c...
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    All Pro Staff 85 editions in photos.

    Could this ultimative classic also serve as an investment ?
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    Patrick Mouratoglou says : Nick Kyrgios has the Best Serve of all time

    How about Greg Rusedski his serve was also not Bad
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    The painful downfall of Diego Schwartzman

    Diego is an amazing player a fighter that run for every point hmmm is it possible to compare Diego with guillermo coria? With the abilities and possibilities of both. I think a lot more could have been done with both of them.
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    Boris Becker out of prison

    Shortly before Christmas, Boris Becker was released from prison. He himself said his time in prison made him a different person. However, his ex-wife Lilly Becker sees it very differently. "Prison didn't make Boris a better person" In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, she raises serious...
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    do you get frustrated when you lose?

     I've been playing tennis for about 8 years. In our club (170 members) I won our tournament in 4 years (I'm 36 years old and the participants or opponents of the tournament were a mixed bag of 18-70 years) I play regularly with my brother and wife. I thought I was good. I work in the...
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    Why don't companies sell the actual racquets used by the players?

    But how about longevity? Can the professional frame be used longer than the standard one? Maybe the materials in the professional frame are of higher quality and it lasts "longer" or does it make no difference?
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    Why don't companies sell the actual racquets used by the players?

    The arguments of a professional frame compared to a normal commercial frame are actually logical. The biggest problem would be the low forgiveness of mistakes, that is, if the recreational player does not hit exactly, he has no fun or success in the game, that makes sense to me
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    Nick Kyrgios stop talking about him.

    nick has an unbelievable lightness genius or even madness what he does on the tennis court it's awesome it would be a shame if he couldn't win at least 1 major i would be very happy
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    Nick Kyrgios stop talking about him.

    I think it has a huge potential which unfortunately he didn't use. Roger Federer was reported at a young age that he had a huge talent that he only exploited after the death of his beloved coach. Roger saw a purpose behind it and started to work properly for the first time after this bad event...
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    Nick Kyrgios stop talking about him.

    i'm sure nick had incredible potential in his youth (and even now) i would call him a mad genius.