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    What is most powerful, excellent ground stroke, great for serve yet arm friendly?

    ProKennex 7G and Wilson BLX Six.One 95 16x18.
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    Mikeler's Multis

    Let me make it 3 for Venom :-)
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    So we know the groups for WTF, who will advance?

    This is more plausible, but Djokovic could also go 3-0 and Murray 2-1 if he is 100%.
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    Nike gear in Australia

    Get a US shipping address, then you can get pretty much anything delivered to Australia. The shipping fees are higher (thats how they make their money), but it still ends up being cheaper than getting it from here, thats if you find it in the first place. You can use your address to get stuff...
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    No love for Donnay Rackets

    From the other Donnay thread... Donnay Gold 99 Strung with X1 BiPhase 53 Pounds Weight 338 grams, with overgrip and dampener Very stable (way more than Prokennex Ki5x, more than Becker London, more than PB 10 Mid, comparable to Organix 10 325 & Pure drive Roddick) Excellent spin (more...
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    The Best multivitamin

    I have used Orange Triad, along with Usana Essentials, Anavite, Animal Pak, OptiMen, Activite, OrthoCore. Optimen is not recommended, worst out of all of them. Usana is not recommended, unless you can get it free or extremely cheap, but overall not a bad experience. The rest helped with...
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    New Donnay X-Series - My Thoughts

    Donnay Gold 99 Strung with X1 BiPhase 53 Pounds Weight 338 grams, with overgrip and dampener Very stable (way more than Prokennex Ki5x, more than Becker London, more than PB 10 Mid, comparable to Organix 10 325 & Pure drive Roddick) Excellent spin (more than Prokennex Ki5x, more than...
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    What current racquet technology is completely BS?

    These technologies mean nothing. All you need is Volkls Optispot and you wont be missing a ball.
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    Best forehand in the women's game today

    Sania Mirza - But only when its on :)
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    Technifibre X-One Biphase 16 red and Luxilon ALU Power Rough?

    I have experience with Biphase 17 and Alu Power. It worked very well with the strings lasting more than twice as long as Alu Power by itself in terms of going 'dead'.
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    One handed backhands

    Fish, Santoro, possibly Gulbis, Safin, Nalbandian
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    Stan Vs Federer

    Roger keeps Stan off balance. Stan needs rhythm, especially on his backhand side where he can eventually take control and get the short ball for his forehand.
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    Volkl Organix Line Optispot System

    Disappointed with Volkl for the BS 'technology'. It makes no difference and whoever I have spoken to with the X10 range agrees.
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    Volkl Organix Club

    As 'Readers' mentioned, 50 pounds on a multi like X1 17 is anything but tight. Its already a powerful string and much more less will have too much trampoline effect.
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    Volkl Organix Club

    Its nothing like the PB10 Mid. Its different in feel, power, stiffness, weight, headsize, balance.
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    Vantage 95"

    Does anyone have information regarding any sales happening on the custom range?
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    Volkl Organix Club

    If you want to go the Volkl/BB line, then I recommend the London. You will get the extra pop you are looking for (compared to your 300) without sacrificing feel and its arm friendly. I would not recommend O10 325 as its a big change and its not that arm friendly. Its stiff and very dead, shots...
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    Volkl Organix Club

    Volkl Organix 10 325g Review Weight - 350g with overgrip and dampener Strings used, Full set X1 17 (50 pounds) and full set Alu Power (45 pounds) String Pattern is 16x19 but its very dense in the middle -Power is adequate if you are able to keep up your technique -Good response outside...
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    Volkl Organix Club

    Hey TennisMaverick, I asked a similar question before Melbourne and X10 came out, so here it is again. Can you rank the following rackets in 2 categories, most power and most arm friendly. PB 10 Mid, London, Melbourne, Legend and X10 325. Im interested in the X10 325 as it seems to be the...
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    Pure Drive style frame in 95"?

    Boris Becker London.
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    Re: Boris Becker Legend,...

    Thanks for the info. I already have PB10 Mid. I like the comfort it has with the correct string but for me it lacks power. Its interesting that you rate the London highly but I have been reluctant to try it because of its weight. I will wait for your hands on views of the new Volkl and Becker...
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    Re: Boris Becker Legend,...

    TennisMaverick do you know between these rackets, which is more arm friendly (elbow), more spin and more power? PB10 mid, Organix 10 325, Legend, Melbourne. Also add London even though its lighter than others. Can you rate each one in those 3 categories? Thanks in advance.
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    AO 2011 R32: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Bernard Tomic

    I have money on Nadal to win from 6-0 to 6-2 in all the sets.
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    Federer and Rios Balltrick preserve tweener?

    This is correct. Federer used to do it early in his career. Then it caught on with Baghdatis. He was asked at the Australian Open and he said he got it from Federer.
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    PK KI5: why did I ignore you?

    My Ki5x is 27.25 strung. Above the sweet spot, its dead. When returning serve, if I'm late and catch the ball high, it doesn't go anywhere. Hows the 7g in this regard? What about the power level compared to the Ki5x?