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    Gamma F.S.P. = Pepsi Scam???

    I’ve been playing tennis all my life, and stringing racquets since high school. Im 45 now. I’ve been collecting Gamma points as long as I can remember. I decided to cash in a few of my points for a set of stringers tools. I mailed them in only to find out 4 months later that the program ended...
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    Bonny T-618 Stringing Nightmare

    I should have taken a photo of the frame. It never crossed my mind. I definitely can’t find a photo online. Well, not yet. Unfortunately, the customer already picked it up. To be honest with you, the customer insisted on RPM Blast. The racquet was already a nightmare. I didn’t need the added...
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    Bonny T-618 Stringing Nightmare

    I saw a couple threads on Bonny tennis racquets, and how many of their racquets pushed the envelope on weird designs and experimental concepts. Well, a customer visiting from Taiwan brought a Bonny racquet to be restrung: the Bonny T-618 (purple and green-ish). I looked in the 2020 stringers...