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  1. 2nd_Serve

    Getting my car!!! :]

    I've actually worked at a family owned restaurant for a while. Luckily, they paid quite a lot, and I got the money in about a year. Also, you could try something related to tennis as well. I actually worked as an assistant coach as well.
  2. 2nd_Serve

    Getting my car!!! :]

    So I'm finally going to get a car. Of course it's going to be used, but I'm finding that there are a ton of great deals on used cars. Anyways, what cars have a similar shape to these? 350/370 Z Honda civic coupe Si Infiniti G35 Like you know, that kind of roundish shape?
  3. 2nd_Serve

    Can someone compare the power levels?

    Weight doesn't matter to me. I just want to know which of these rackets had the least power. Thanks for your input though.
  4. 2nd_Serve

    *nickb's Dunlop Aerogel 200 *16x19* Review*!

    Nice review. Thanks
  5. 2nd_Serve

    2H Forehand

    Wow. He hits a good ball.
  6. 2nd_Serve

    Coolest Pro Racquets

    That Robredo one looks nice.
  7. 2nd_Serve

    What's happening here?

  8. 2nd_Serve

    A green Head racket

    Wow. Good looking racket. It's weird why companies keep certain rackets away from the USA.
  9. 2nd_Serve

    Babolat New Pure Drive Catalogue

    Wow nice find. I guess the new Pure Drive will have something different in it.
  10. 2nd_Serve

    Novak new Sexy Speed Lesson

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA. He does make some funny commercials. His Kblade Tour commercial when he was with Wilson was pretty funny too.
  11. 2nd_Serve

    new pure drive specs

    Nice racket. But it seems like it's exactly the same to the Pure Drive that is available right now. Woofer, cortex, graphite. Whats going to be different?
  12. 2nd_Serve

    Does Nike Have To Much Money?

    Yes, they do have too much. But this is all part of their advertising plan. They're just keeping the consumers in place. When enough consumers notice what the ros are wearing, they'll release it in stores, and then make tons of money. But of course, they would get the same effect if they...
  13. 2nd_Serve

    Rog's Clay Court Shoes for 09'

    Well, just like Nadal, Nike could be advertising that they are wearing the VI's or Ballistics, but in reality, they're wearing their old shoes.
  14. 2nd_Serve

    Nadal's hat

    Looks really nice. If hats didn't fall off every time I swung, I'd definately get that one.
  15. 2nd_Serve

    Pics of Nadal's Racquet

    Nice find. It's amazing how real the Cortex actually looks
  16. 2nd_Serve

    Can someone compare the power levels?

    I was getting a new racket, and I'm going to get demoes. Unfortunately, I can only get 4 demos, but there's 5 that I'm interested in. It's not that I'm changing rackets because I don't like them. It's because they broke, and I want something similar, but not as expensive. So I've cut down...
  17. 2nd_Serve

    Kzen vs nPro vs Aerogel 500 Tour

    Yeah ... But so is the Dunlop ... I guess there's nothing to do but demo. Thanks for the help guys
  18. 2nd_Serve

    Kzen vs nPro vs Aerogel 500 Tour

    Because they broke. And it's too expensive to replace. I just wanted soemthing similar.
  19. 2nd_Serve

    Kzen vs nPro vs Aerogel 500 Tour

    Thanks for the responses. So I guess nPro is somewhat out of the question? So, if anyone could compare, do you like the kzen better, or the 500 Tour better? Could you also state why? Thanks a lot guys.
  20. 2nd_Serve

    Kzen vs nPro vs Aerogel 500 Tour

    Well, I've found these 3 rackets to have the most similar specs to the Babolat Pure Drive that I wanted to replace. Which of these 3 rackets do you feel offers the most spin feel Control Power/placement on serve
  21. 2nd_Serve

    Help choose a racket?

    Bump. Anyone else? And please choose from the list.
  22. 2nd_Serve

    Help choose a racket?

    Which racket gives the most spin control stability serve? Right now, I'm using Babolat Pure Drive. I like it fine, but it's too expensive for me, and the racket broke. Wilson nPro Open nCode Dunlop Aerogel 500 Tour Dunlop Aerogel 300 16x18 Dunlop Aerogel 200 16x19 Dunlop Aerogel 4D 500 Tour
  23. 2nd_Serve

    Whats your favorite poly?

    From .... Isospeed Luxilon Pacific Polyfibre Signum Pro
  24. 2nd_Serve

    Can someone recommend me a poly?

    Anymore recommendations?
  25. 2nd_Serve

    Can someone recommend me a poly?

    If there's any you know could you also recommend that? Like Big Ace...I forgot to add that.
  26. 2nd_Serve

    Can someone recommend me a poly?

    Which one of these is your favorite poly and why? Which has the best Control? Spin? Feel? Tension Maintenance?
  27. 2nd_Serve

    String hybrid help

    For the mains I was going to choose Isospeed Baseline Control, or Topspin Cyber Flash And the crosses, a simple synthetic gut would do Forten sweet, or Wilson Extreme I heard both synthetic guts are soft and have good playability so I'm probably going to lean on the Wilson because it's...
  28. 2nd_Serve

    Out of these synthetic guts ... ?

    Bablat Super Fine Play Babolat Conquest Forten Sweet Prince Synthetic Gut Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut Wilson Super Spin Hex Synthetic Gut Which did you like the best? I'm going to use them as a cross Which had best power? Which had the best control? Which had the best spin...
  29. 2nd_Serve

    Cool colors of hybrid in a K90?

    I already know yellow and black look great. Any other combinations you guys could give?
  30. 2nd_Serve

    Big Ace and Premier Ace. Which one did you like better?

    Which had better ... Durability? Power? Control? Feel? Spin? Comfort? Tension Maintenance? According to string forum . net Premier Ace is the better string . According to people on this forum ... BIg Ace is the better string. Just a double check thing.