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    need more kick in my kick serve

    Also, if you're not already doing it, use more legs and push up (jump) into the ball while serving. Use lots of wrist snap, too.
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    My consistency became worse after two weeks of intention training

    Raiden031, From my own experience I can testify how hitting against a wall can mess up your game. When I was younger I hit against the garage quite a lot for about 2 weeks. When I had my next tennis lesson I was told that I was allowing almost every ball to drop too low before hitting it--a...
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    More legs for serve!

    I've always had a pretty solid serve, but I've recently been trying to get as much leg power into my serve as possible and have found the results to be very positive. My serve has more speed, and better consistency--5 aces and only 2 double faults in a 3 set match last night. If your serve...
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    Can changing between polo and sleeveless tops mess your service motion?

    I agree with ChocolatePie--you're thinking about it too much. Just play tennis and forget about all the clothing and hype that really has nothing to do with how well you play. If a polo shirt causes problems, you're really going to be in a jam when you have to put on a sweatshirt for cold weather.
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    I videotaped my match. What should I look for in my footwork?

    Noobplayer, I would love to post some video for everybody to make comments, but for now, I don't have the right cables and such to get the video into my computer and loaded to the web.
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    I videotaped my match. What should I look for in my footwork?

    What makes good footwork? What are things to look for to know if I have good footwork, or the things that indicate poor footwork? Describe the ideal footwork for groundstrokes.
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    What do the pros look for in a ball when serving?

    Federer, Nadal, and all the rest often take 3 balls, then reject one before serving. What are they looking for in a ball? Do the newest balls yield the fastest serves?
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    I noticed a mushy feeling in my strings last match--should I replace?

    I probably have 10 matches on these strings and the racquet was strung 6 months ago. I recently started using it as my other racquet broke a string. The match was indoors and I noticed the mushiness late in the match. Perhaps it was the heat generated by my blazing serve :)
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    I noticed a mushy feeling in my strings last match--should I replace?

    I'm playing with gamma tnt strings at 55 lbs in my Wilson N6.1 95 (18x20). I noticed a mushy feel in my strings the other night. Is this just me cracking up, or have the strings undergone a change, whether temporary or permanent?
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    Anybody dig the Diadora tennis shoes?

    I used to play soccer in Diadoras and even bought a few indoor soccer shoes from them for kicking around. How are their tennis shoes? I want something high performance.
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    sore feet after 90 minute match in Prince T10s--time for new shoes?

    Hi, This is my 2nd pair of the Prince T10s. Overall I have no complaints, but I noticed sore feet, particularly my heels, after my 90 min hardcourt match last night. I don't remember whether this has always happened or if it's a new phenomenon. Could it be that the absorbing qualities of the...
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    How do you hold your service grip?

    I use a backhand grip. This grip works well for my serve, which I hit at 2 o'clock on my first and at 7 o'clock on my 2nd (kick serve). Using wrist pronation and slight changes in my stance I can flatten the serve and get placement anywhere in the box. By adjusting the placement of my toss I...
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    Suggestions to improve my string setup?

    I play with the Wilson Ncode 6.1 95 18x20 racquets strung with gamma tnt at 55 lbs. I don't have any real issues with what I have, but am curious if there is something better/different I should try next time I have them strung. Thanks
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    amazing tennis advice!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to know what problems this exercise actually resolves or how it leads to an improved serve when you go back to using your feet.
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    What is the HIGHEST ntrp who could lose to a pusher?

    The 55 year old you describe brings back memories of playing someone very much like that. During warm up I thought, "I'm 20 or so years younger, I hope I don't hurt the old guy running him around the court." It didn't take long for him to clean up the match. At least he offered some advice...
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    Playing above "safe" level to raise game?

    Hi, Would it be effective to play harder and more aggresively in order to raise my level of play--I mean hitting more winners and going for more on every shot. I know initially that I would probably lose more matches due to blasting balls out of the court and unforced errors, but over the...
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    hear the difference

    the sound of your balls indoors Andymac1, You said it, bro. I was in a tournament this morning on an indoor court between two very quality matches on either side of me (probably ~5.0ish). It was like the power hour and inspired more power and attack in my own game.
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    Beating the slice/chop player?

    Footwork could have been my problem. I worked 12 hours building decks and general construction just prior to the match. I was tired when I started the match, which probably meant not getting low enough, not moving like I can, and lack of focus overall. Thanks for the tips.
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    Beating the slice/chop player?

    This type of player may be a smaller category of the larger "pusher" category, but I'm wondering about strategy against these players. I played an individual the other night who hit almost every shot as a chop or slice. His serve was also very slicey. A lot of his shots stay low to the ground...
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    Mixed Doubles vs Pushers with a happy ending.

    last night I played the pusher that beat me a couple weeks ago. Thanks in part to discussions on this site about pushers and how to beat them, I was successfull in beating the pusher. I was extremely frustrated last match, but during this match it was the pusher who was frustrated, thew his...
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    Mental, Mental , Mental

    My serve is one of my most consistent aspects of my game. I usually will hit ~2 double faults in a two set match, sometimes more on a bad day. I have a topspin first serve where I aim to contact the ball at 2 o'clock and a kick second serve where I aim to contact the ball at 7 o'clock. My...
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    Mixed Doubles vs Pushers with a happy ending.

    I got back into tennis about a year ago after taking about 10 years off from the sport. Several times during matches over the last year I have played pushers, lost the match, and heading home furious and completely disturbed at how I could have lost to a player with such weak strokes. I...
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    Smashed my toes a little...

    I like to call this condition "toe jam." I have experienced toe jam after matches involving a lot of agressive runs. After wearing out my shoes, I went to buy another identical pair only to find that the size I had was out of stock. I bought the next half size up and have not had any more toe...
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    diagnosing shoulder pain?

    Hey Chair Ump, I play all styles of music--jazz trio tomorrow, reggae next week, country, rock, motown, sessions, etc. Check it out
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    diagnosing shoulder pain?

    For those interested, I saw a sports medicine orthopaedic doc yesterday. He took some x-rays, asked some questions and tried some movements. After looking at everything he said my x-rays were "perfect" and that there is plenty of space between the bones, indicating sufficitent cartilage. His...
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    diagnosing shoulder pain?

    I've had a light-duty shoulder injury for about 6 weeks or so and it is gradually getting better, but I'm trying to figure out if I should pay to go see a sports medicine doc or not. I have no idea how the injury occured, but it was probably from playing tennis or sleeping on my shoulder all...
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    Why should I use the dampeners for my new Wilson N6.1 95?

    I just got my new wilson n six one 95 (18x20 string pattern) and with it came the long rubbery string dampener that goes across about 5 strings. I haven't used a dampener for 15 years. Why should I use this one? RK
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    Wilson Tour White Bags

    One more thing-- if you show up to the court with the white bag, then proceed to wear pink armbands, a diamond tennis bracelet, and a pink racquet, then the white bag will fit right in. On the other hand, if you show up to the court with the white bag and play aggressive tennis dressed...
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    Wilson Tour White Bags

    To be honest, considering that you have already questioned it, no matter what anybody says, you'll always have some thought in the back of your mind that makes you feel like a sissy when you hit the court with one. But, forget what anybody else thinks, if you dig the bag, make it yours!
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    Busted out the Head Graphite Edge for a match

    I pulled out my old Graphite Edge racquet for a friendly couple sets of tennis this afternoon. The racquet has dead strings, but I still had a great time playing with it. The 81 sq inch head offered more "rim shots" than I usually hit. There was a definite pleasurable feeling when I made...