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    Nike Junior Masters on Tennis Channel

    I just called the sandpiper and its not there this year. He said it was going to be at the club med in the Dominican Republic. I was so hoping you were correct!:(
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    Nike Junior Masters on Tennis Channel

    Really? Thats odd that they would have it in the same country 2 years in a row. But thats makes it convenient thats for sure.
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    Nike Junior Masters on Tennis Channel

    Does anyone know where the finals are going to be this year?
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    USTA Girls at Bollettieri

    has anyone heard if USTA is going to keep the girls over at Nicks again this year?
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    Free tennis clinic in Tucson, AZ... SUNDAY 1/18

    I actually did notice that right after I posted but I had to run out on an emergency and didn't correct it. I have a friend in that area that I was going to refer over there. Sorry for the mistake.
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    Junior Player Video

    I agree with this post .
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    Tsung Hua Yang

    I saw him play. The Serve is different.
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    How common is the one-handed backhand among junior players?

    I have never seen it at a local junior tennis tournament ( USTA ),
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    Hours of practice.

    it is very important to work conditioning into the schedule
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    Junior...9 years old...what do you think?

    I think she is really good.
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    Copper Bowl Pics

    great pics - thanks
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    Mississippi Bullfrog

    Is this the one next week
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    Phoenix Jr Championships pics

    Great pictures - thanks!
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    Reduce body fat

    Yes, cardio is a fast paced workout that increases your heart rate and burns calories and fat. Take your time, stick to it and your sure to meet your goals!!!!
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    Reduce body fat

    He didn't say 27 lbs in 2 weeks. He said 10 to 12. Anyway - OP, if you increase on cardio and cut out the carbs you can probably do 5 to 6 lbs in 2 weeks , so if you set your goal at 10 lbs in 5 weeks you are more realistic. Good luck
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    Just curious...

    Yes - I agree!
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    2009 Teen Tennis and Les Petits As

    Does anyone know if the draws posted are up to date for today? Thanks
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    Shake-Up at IMG/Bollettieri

    Anybody hear anything new?
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    Just curious...

    I think the wall is great. It makes you work harder because you have to create your own pace.
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    High school tennis

    No, not all high school tennis teams are this way. But have you considered taking lessons and playing USTA outside of your school? If you like tennis maybe you'd like that better. Good luck
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    2009 Teen Tennis and Les Petits As

    The girls are doing great - Sachia, Vicki, and Brooke are all still in. :)
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    Junior...9 years old...what do you think?

    Your actually correct. Even Lansdorp teaches an exaggerated backswing and then expects the better player to use refined eye to hand coordination to tighten up the swing when the ball comes in fast. Its better to let them take a bigger swing when they have the time and tighten up when they...
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    USTA Girls at Bollettieri

    Does anyone know how the USTA program at Bollettieri's is going? Do the 3 girls ( Alecia, Sachia, and Vicki) like it? Do their parents like it? Is it going to continue? Just wondering if anyone had heard anything. Its been a year and was curious if it was working out. Thanks
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    Nike Junior Masters on Tennis Channel

    I think it is very boring. Not at all what I expected.
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    orange bowl

    Protein in ANY form takes longer to digest than carbs. Protein ingested during the match in any form will take too long to get into the system to do any good during the match. Protein is protein. Doesn't matter what "form" that it is ingested. Bananas or a carb drink is a much better...
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    A challenge for 10is dad

    fire Pat McEnroe - hire tennisprov1
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    A challenge for 10is dad

    Fire Pat Mcenro - hire tennismom42