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  1. Ash Doyle

    Old Matches on DVD or Download

    Does anyone know of anywhere to buy high quality video of old matches either on DVD or digital download? I'm interested in almost any Borg match, but am really interested in finding any match between Borg and Vilas. I already have the Wimbledon Borg vs. McEnroe matches.
  2. Ash Doyle

    played with 13oz wilson prototype

    I'll try to take a picture or two tonight if I can.
  3. Ash Doyle

    Head MG Rad Pro vs. MG Prestige Pro

    I demoed both, and the biggest difference to me was that that the Radical Pro felt more head heavy and less maneuverable.
  4. Ash Doyle

    How many of you live in North Carolina?

    We lost 3-2. I hate playing at night.
  5. Ash Doyle

    How many of you live in North Carolina?

    Thanks, Steve. So far, that is my favorite match I've played this year.
  6. Ash Doyle

    How many of you live in North Carolina?

    We don't play them until tomorrow (Tuesday) night. I have no clue why it was scheduled for Tuesday night. That was the original date on the schedule.
  7. Ash Doyle

    How many of you live in North Carolina?

    Drew, the team I played on played you guys a couple of weekends ago. We lost 3-2. You do have some really good guys on your team.
  8. Ash Doyle

    What is Marcelo Rios using now?

    Anybody know the strings Marcelo Rios is using now? From pictures I've seen online from this past weekends senior tournament, it appears to be Luxilon ALU-Power. I'm also curious about any other equipment info you may know (racquet, specs, tension, whatever).
  9. Ash Doyle

    Michael Stitch's Take on how to beat Nadal

    Amen to that. The only dishonorable strategy is cheating. You play the strategy it takes to win, the quicker amatuers can get out of the 'Big Forehand' is the only real way to play tennis, the quicker they'll advace as players.
  10. Ash Doyle

    Who is still around from the old boards?

    Huh? Would you mind explaining that response? I don't get it.
  11. Ash Doyle

    Who is still around from the old boards?

    He either was nuts, or was just joking around to see who he could fool. Thats another thing that has changed on the boards now: a huge pool of users that will fall for about any "snake oil" when it comes to racquet setup. I do remember one user (possibly Duece) saying they had found out...
  12. Ash Doyle

    Who is still around from the old boards?

    I was around on the old boards under the same name. I liked the board better back then because I think the discussions were more serious. I hate to sound too old at only 34, but I think the drop in quality of the past few years has been because the average age of the posters has dropped...
  13. Ash Doyle

    what muscle weave is this??

    Jorel, I have a MW200g 100 sq. in. I would like to sell if you are still interested. contact me at
  14. Ash Doyle

    Pros who string at less than 50 lbs.

    Can someone give me some examples of pros who string their racquets at a tension below 50 lbs (~23 kilograms).
  15. Ash Doyle

    Serena will take on anyone...except these guys

    I don't either, and I almost didn't post this thread because I didn't want to start another pointless women vs. men argument. I just like to see Santoro get some respect.
  16. Ash Doyle

    Serena will take on anyone...except these guys

    From : Serena Williams: "I'll play anybody with the exception of (Rafael) Nadal, (Roger) Federer and (Fabrice) Santoro. Other than that, I'm open for anybody." I thought it was interesting that other...
  17. Ash Doyle

    Jose Higueras coaching Federer for clay season

    Jose has coached Michael Chang, Pete Sampras, Todd Martin, Carlos Moya, Sergi Bruguera, Dmitry Tursunov, and Guillermo Coria. Most recently, he had been coaching Robby Ginepri and Shahar Pe'er (according to Wikipedia).
  18. Ash Doyle

    Davydenko swithces String Pattern

    Woops. Sorry, I jumped the gun on this one.
  19. Ash Doyle

    Davydenko swithces String Pattern

    From Fittingly enough, the magic poured from a single, irreplaceable racket that Davydenko has been using here this week. Explaining why his game suddenly caught fire here after a disappointing tournament at Indian...
  20. Ash Doyle

    So apparently Roddick has learnt to Volley...

    I like Roddick ok, so I don't want this be read as a slam on Roddick, but... He won 33% of the points when he came to net, and hit only 1 volley winner. He played good in this match, but it was NOT his net game that won it. I watched the matched, and I'm shocked that his stats on net...
  21. Ash Doyle

    Outback Tour: Surprise at lack of clothing sponsor?

    I don't even notice what a tennis player is wearing so I really don't think it matters to their audience; but then again, I'm 34 years old and I have noticed on these boards that people a decade or so younger than me seem to put a lot of importance in a pros clothes and shoes.
  22. Ash Doyle

    Sampras: weight above vs in the handle

    Point out one stringer to the pros that backs this up. Even though every pro stringer on this board has shot down this misconception it still gets spread. Pros change tension based on service...not weight, balance, or anything else.
  23. Ash Doyle

    Sampras: weight above vs in the handle

    That is the point I was trying to make. I asked a leading question to get someone who doesn't get it to reach this understanding and that little debate tactic apparently doesn't work so well in text since everyone wants to argue my own point back at me. I do somewhat disagree with you on...
  24. Ash Doyle

    Sampras: weight above vs in the handle

    So by your reasoning the point of lead tape is ease making your racquet lighter when needed? Basically every pro stringer here has stated that pros use lead to match specs.
  25. Ash Doyle

    Sampras: weight above vs in the handle

    If you believe that reasoning then ask yourself this: They why don't the pros just have the racquet built to include a weight distribution that would make the lead unnecessary?
  26. Ash Doyle

    Sampras: weight above vs in the handle

    You guys get far to caught up on where lead is placed on these guys racquets. I can promise you Sampras doesn't have lead at seven inches from the butt on every one of his racquets. They place lead on their racquets to hit a certain weight/balance combination, and they put the lead where ever...
  27. Ash Doyle

    USTA question Juniors vs Adults

    I don't know of any tournament where winners advance on to sectionals or nationals. I think you are thinking of USTA league play.
  28. Ash Doyle

    USTA question Juniors vs Adults

    If that is true then it is not enforced at all in NC.
  29. Ash Doyle

    Too cold to play??

    I've played in low-30's temps and it is not fun. Balls have no bounce, and it's even worse if you use poly strings. At least to me, poly strings feel incredibly dead in weather that cold (far more so than multifiber). Back in '05 we played a league match in the pouring rain. It wasn't a...
  30. Ash Doyle

    Malisse's tension

    ...or you can do the easy/lazy/quick way and just go to and enter '29 kilograms in pounds'. Google does conversions.