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  1. YEMntFtb

    Leaving Racquets unstrung....

    Should I take all the strings out of the broken racquets?
  2. YEMntFtb

    Leaving Racquets unstrung....

    I have like 5 frames that I've left unstrung because I'm not in season with the team right now...if I don't string them up will the heads warp...or am I okay leaving them unstrung for a few months? -YeM
  3. YEMntFtb

    Nike Air Oscillate coming back?

    nice - I cant wait to get a few pairs on my feet.
  4. YEMntFtb

    Nike Air Oscillate coming back?

    I have a pair of '05 clay courts I got off a french tennis site. Been wearing them only on clay, and I think I can get another summer out of them. Going to get atlest 2 pairs of the new ones coming out though! God I knew not getting new shoes was going to be worth it.
  5. YEMntFtb

    Gasquet vs Nadal ESPN Broadcast Time?

    They were talking about how its goign to be a huge match, it will definitly be on. Its the biggest match up besides Marat and Ferrero. Unfortunitly Venus who I can not stand to watch is playing at the sametime as nadal and gasquet :( Womens tennis, especially venus is so boring to watch.
  6. YEMntFtb

    Nadal V. RG

    I want gasquet - I believe hes got a real change, he lost to nadal close a few tournaments ago and he will have the fans behind him. Lets go Gasquet - Lets go ESPN please show this match!
  7. YEMntFtb

    What if Roddick wins the FO?

    roddick is overrated and will never win at Roland Garros. He can't even move for on the court, let alone hit a ball more then five times over the net before he gets to greedy and misses. If he wants to win the French he needs to have a better all court game, more spin, a strong backhand...
  8. YEMntFtb

    Spadea now with Le Coq Sportif?

    This guy changes sponsorships more then any other player on the tour. Hes now wearing Le Coq Sportif stuff, I will admit its pretty good stuff. The socks are ugly, I hate short socks. Hes also got a serious flow going. Seems like all the players are going with the long hair these days...
  9. YEMntFtb

    why do some pros grip the racquet so their hand is hanging off of the butt end?

    I tend to keep my hand off the end, but choke up with my pinky because it will fly off if I don't.
  10. YEMntFtb

    General Grand Slam Information Please?

    2000: Aussie Open Agassi (USA) bt Y Kafelnikov (Rus) 3-6 6-3 6-2 6-4 Roland Garros Gustavo Kuerten d. Magnus Norman 6-2 6-3 2-6 7-6(6) Wimbledon Pete Sampras d. Patrick Rafter 6-7(10) 7-6(5) 6-4 6-2 US Open Marat Safin d. Pete Sampras 6-4, 6-3, 6-3 2001: Aussie...
  11. YEMntFtb

    General Grand Slam Information Please?

    Can anyone list the champions and who they beat in the last four years Grand Slams?
  12. YEMntFtb

    Cheap alternative to NXT?

    Yonex Tour Super 850 1.30 or Yonext Tour Super 850 pro? 1.32
  13. YEMntFtb

    Cheap alternative to NXT?

    word - I'll try the Yonex 850 Pro. BTW - Its the Yonext Tour Super 850 Pro Spin? Or is that another type?
  14. YEMntFtb

    Cheap alternative to NXT?

    OK - I've done stamina in the crosses of my hybrid it breaks just as quickly as NXT. Also - I'll look into the other strings keep some suggestions coming.
  15. YEMntFtb

    Cheap alternative to NXT?

    I use NXT but its expensive and breaks pretty quickly, what is a cheaper alternative to NXT - a string that plays like it but is less expensive. I use NXT in a hybrid with Hurricane. Thanks, TJ
  16. YEMntFtb

    Under the legs shot...

    I'll try to get the tape up on the computer - the tweener is good as a last ditch shot, so is the shot where you use the same motion but don't hit it between your legs. Hitting the ball from behind you on the run with the little wrist snap.
  17. YEMntFtb

    Rate Your Game

    My Tennis Forehand - Strong, Best weapon. I can hit inside out, inside in, touch etc...Wish I had a slightly deeper cross court when in big rallies. Backhand - even, Not a weapon but reliable as forehand for approaches cross court or up the line. Can hit up line and cross court with power...
  18. YEMntFtb

    Seeded #1 in tournament = Added Pressure?

    hahah alright I'll do that
  19. YEMntFtb

    PROs remain the same.

    Most players don't reach there full potential until there mid-20's pro's and amatures. Strokes don't change, but shot making ability does, power always improves as you rise your game through the levels, as well as versitility. My volleys were terrible last spring, now I can hit the net and...
  20. YEMntFtb

    Seppi vs. Gasquet *Spoiler*

    Also, both players still have to win there semi-final matches. If Gasquet is as cocky as we are, he'll probably lose :(
  21. YEMntFtb

    Federer vs Gasquet Hamburg Final .. Big rematch

    Federer owns Gasquet's forehand, owns him at the net, and his serve when on has potential to own him as well. I say this as someone who likes Gasquet over federer as well. I think Gasquet can beat him, but he has to rise the occasion, because we all know Federer is undefeated in Finals this...
  22. YEMntFtb

    Seeded #1 in tournament = Added Pressure?

    So I'm seeded #1 in my up coming tournament, the last time I was seeded #1 I was ousted in the first round, I think I got to cocky. What should I do to cope with the pressure and play my game?
  23. YEMntFtb

    Is my Grip Too SMALL?

    I think its just under 1 inch.
  24. YEMntFtb

    Flat serve vs. Kick serve..does anyone

    YES - I like to face more forward, turn my shoulders and toss out in front to get the best pace on my flat serve, on the kick serve I turn alittle more to the side but keep the toss infront but more to the left. I feel like I can get up and over the ball more on the 2nd serve this way, and I...
  25. YEMntFtb

    Seppi vs. Gasquet *Spoiler*

    Gasquet has enough of an all court game combined with speed and touch to counter any nice drops. He's really a big hitter, I've been watching the Gasquet vs. Federer match from Monte-Carlo and WOW!
  26. YEMntFtb

    Seppi vs. Gasquet *Spoiler*

    5-2 now for gasquet
  27. YEMntFtb

    Seppi vs. Gasquet *Spoiler*

    Its 1-1 in the second
  28. YEMntFtb

    Seppi vs. Gasquet *Spoiler*

    Match is just starting, I think Gasquet is just too hot right now and he'll over power Seppi, beat him in two.
  29. YEMntFtb


    He just beat chela. Wow ROCHUS Is nasty, how tall is the guy? How big is his serve? Is he the fastest player out there?