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    Head Youtek IG Prestige S or Head Youtek IG Radical MP?

    the Youtek IG Prestige S feels plusher than the radical to me. Sweetspot is bigger on the radical, but I've never enjoyed the feel of the radicals. Feels stiffer in the head and not as flexible as the rating suggests.
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    Cilic to Prestige?

    cilic's racquet looks capped? Anyone with good pics?
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    Wilson Steam PJs

    Does anyone knwo what players are playing under the steam paintjobs? E.g. what is Mathieu using?
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    Difference between Pure Storm Ltd and Tour??

    i felt the tour ltd was more like a wilson blx 6.1 95, it seemed to have a extremely small sweetspot and was very lower powered. The tour was pretty plush and didn't feel at all like a felt like a cross between dunlop 200 and a liquidmetal radical
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    Which Current Racquet is Most like The Head Pro Tour 630?

    Dunlop Biomimetic 200mp
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    How can we determine "mass" in space

    Newton's law of gravitation works pretty well in space until you have to explain voids...where we don't know what dark matter is
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    Digital TV Conversion - I am so confused!! Help would be much appreciated!!!

    with the digital conversion, you will get less channels than before. Subscribe to netflix for ~$10 a month and you can watch w/e you want and even stream it to your hdtv. Or convert to cable.
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    why aren't the grommets fitting? help please?

    When you string for the first time, most of the grommets will be pulled in, so don't worry about it being short. When i capped a head radical with mg mp grommets i thought at first the grommets were too short, but as i strung, the grommets would be pulled into the frame.
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    Check out my groundstrokes. (Video!)

    find a better hitting partner perhaps. I suggest shortening that backswing of yours on your forehand and definitely improving your footwork.
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    pre streching?

    I don't really believe in prestretching anything but gut, i feel its a waste of time. Though it does make the stringbed more concistent for some strings.
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    Are my strings dead?

    don't make fun of the op.... the strings are probably dead, but that does not mean it's not playable.
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    What are the best strings here for a Dunlop M-Fil 300?

    since you're a recreational player, i'd avoid a poly in that frame, it;'ll be very low-powered. i suggest using a synthetic gut or multi. PSG and PSGD are the most widely used synthetic guts and really cheap. Babolat xcel and wilson nxt are good multis. personally, i'd advise trying that...
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    Tatiana Golovin

    i think its full lux bb
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    Donald is really puttin some heavy loopers on there

    the entire match was full of ues.
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    Plasma TV vs LCD TV, which one is better? Opinion please..

    i bought a plasma a year ago, now prices dropped and i wished i went for a 1080p lcd...
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    Hewitt to New racquet by US OPEN

    people see what they want to see....
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    Prince Turbo Shark MP Queston..

    could you post pics? my shark has the braided technology and i've never seen any without it.
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    Difference between players and tweener?

    i would go with weight, most tweeners are 11.0oz.
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    Wilson Triad T5 OS

    if you string it up with full poly at 62lbs, its not too shabby. has good control, just too much power if you string it with synthetic gut.
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    What is this racquet worth?

    $200, which is the cost of a new racquet. and just let it go up from there?
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    topsin cyberflash vs. pro supex blue gear

    go with the topspin cyberflash 17g if you like a more crisp poly.
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    New Donnay Racquets Listed on TW is the site i think...
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    Calling All Windows Vista Users

    its installed by the manufacturer so you can restore your comp in case something goes wrong. i think its useless, b/c when the comp breaks and you can't even start it up, what would be the point of a recovery drive you cannot access...
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    PSGD vs. PSG Original

    psg has lasted me for 4 months or around 144 hours which is less than psgd. the strings didn't break, but i can tell that they're finally too dead for me to use....
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    Recommendations of cheap multifilament strings?

    head makes lots of good cheap multis. wilson sensation is cheap, but i don't like it. prince synthetic gut multifilament may be good, but i haven't tried it.
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    (K) Six-One-Team

    wilson does make a k-six one lite. but its head size is 103" i think.
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    What level would a sectional ranked player be?

    4.0 and up...weak sections can be 4.0.
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    Wish List #2

    3 head fxp radical tour 1 mini-reel topspin cyberflash 1.25mm 1 reel forten nylon 16g white 1 head tour team '07 6-pack 12 pack wilson pro overgrip adidas apparel nike air max breath cage i wish.........
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    my serve video- rate it

    don't jump to the side.jump forward, as you make contact with the ball.