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  1. josh91

    ap belt!

    Does anyone knows if the Adidas Vertical jump trainer will have the same effect, like the AP Belt?? Thanks in advance!
  2. josh91

    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Don't want to open a new tread. Just wondering if Fed's knitted jacket, he worn at Wimbledon 08, is hard to find and what's a right price for it? Thanks in advance.
  3. josh91

    2011 Monte Carlo SF: Rafael Nadal [1] vs. Andy Murray [3]

    Rafa will win easily in 2 6-3 6-2
  4. josh91

    Nike Summer 2011

    Hi, Great crews. Ordered one yesterday, will arrive next week. Could you tell me what size the crew is in the pic? And is it slim fit, normal fit or do they run large. Thanks in advance.
  5. josh91

    Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome Exclusives

    Can someone please help with Nadal yellow/green Miami wristbands and bandana. Thanks in advance.
  6. josh91

    Nike Summer 2011

    Really good online store, bought almost all my tennis clothing on that website
  7. josh91

    Nadal AO 2011 shorts and O2 Finals Shorts

    The one he worn at the world tour finals is darker than the one for the AO open. But in my opinion you can use both shirts with one of the shorts.
  8. josh91

    Nadal strings and overgrip?

    This is true, he uses a black replacement grip and the overgrip pics of this AO Open:
  9. josh91

    ** Post Pictures of Your Tennis Headwears - Hats, Caps, Headbands and Bandanas! **

    here's my collection: Wristbands: Bandana's:
  10. josh91

    Australian Open DRAW. Now LIVE.

    he's in feds half. but think djokers quater
  11. josh91

    Australian Open DRAW. Now LIVE.

    plays soderling i think
  12. josh91

    Top 10 claycourters 2011

    01. RAFA 02. Djokovic 03. Federer 04. Ferrer 05. Soderling 06. Davydenko 07. Berdych 08. Verdasco 09. Murray 10. Almagro ¡VAMOS RAFA!
  13. josh91

    2010 US Open Nike Shop Exclusives

    Hi Juannabiss, I´m in Mexico on holiday. Do you know where to find tennisclothing in Mexico? And where can I find the wristbands (black-lime)? Thanks in advance.
  14. josh91

    Nadal with new Courtballistec 3.3s!

    I think he will wear the version during WTF. And I also think they will not be for sell (AGAIN)... But I hope they will be for sell, because they look really nice. ¡VAMOS RAFA!
  15. josh91

    Nadal News

    For me it's a big disappointment Nadal will not play in the Netherlands. But as a fan I realise it's better for Rafa not play in Rotterdam and focus/be healthy for Davis cup and master series events. ¡VAMOS RAFA! 5x FO, 2x WIMBY, 1x USO, 1x AO & (1x WTF)
  16. josh91

    How well do you think Nadal will play in his last two tourneys this season?

    I think he will lose in Sf in Paris And he will win WTF, final Nadal - Federer
  17. josh91

    Please help, what's the name of this crew??

    Thanks for the reply. Than I need size M or S, (what will be very difficult to find)...
  18. josh91

    Please help, what's the name of this crew??

    Do you know if the power crew has the same fit as the Nike AO 2009 Nadal crews?
  19. josh91

    Please help, what's the name of this crew??

    Thanks for your reply. I will try to find the Nike power crew, but I know it will be very difficult to get one...
  20. josh91

    Please help, what's the name of this crew??

    Hi, I'm searching for the name of this crews: And does someone know where to find them in size M or S? Thanks in advance.
  21. josh91

    Hitting Partner in Eindhoven, Netherlands

    sent you an email thanks.
  22. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    send you an email, thnx
  23. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    Nice pics, which store have these?
  24. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    Sorry, didn't know that, because I'm from the Netherlands.
  25. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    Rafa was expected to wear the del sol shirt in Shanghai and Bercy but he isn't wear it in Shanghai. Also Nike has only the purple crew for sale and not the yellow one, so maybe he will not wear it and it will be not for sale.
  26. josh91

    Uncle Toni the magician...

    Sorry didn't know that...
  27. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    I have the shirt and the bull logo is grey.
  28. josh91

    Uncle Toni the magician...

    The French tennis journal had a nice interview with Toni Nadal, coach and uncle of the current number one. Toni said that he did a very young Rafa believe that he had magical strengths. I was star football player of AC Milan and won the Tour the France five times on a scooter. When Rafa was...
  29. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    So, will they also release bandana's and wristbands for the winter line? Or are they only players exclusive again?
  30. josh91

    Nike Winter 2010

    It's for pre order here in the Netherlands. website is tennis direct