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    Video of me hitting

    Yup. Exactly. You try playing in 96 degree weather and 90% humidity at noon with a shirt on. Good luck.:) I think so too. I'll try and cut it down a bit.
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    Video of me hitting

    No I didn't have to climb the fence. As you can see on the second video, the ground is raised above the courts and there's just a normal size fence.
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    Video of me hitting

    There is a balcony type of thing (you can see it to the right of the court on the second video), but I set the tripod on top of the fence and secured it to the fence with string and guard tape--extremely makeshift and not very sturdy lol.
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    Video of me hitting

    Just had the best day of tennis I've had in a year, probably more. So thanks guys. Went back to semi for the first time in i don't know how long, took the advice you guys gave me, and I hit a stronger forehand than ever before.
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    Video of me hitting

    Thanks for the advice! I actually used to be semi-western, I've just unknowingly worked my way over to western over the past year or so, but I have been working on getting back to semi-western as of late. I'm hittin the courts in this morning, so I'll try and apply what you guys have said...
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    Video of me hitting

    Just a short video of me hittin around with a friend. Nothing serious about it. Sorry for the blur..I'm working on getting a better camera -- Hitting with friend (a month old) -- Hitting with a friend (new)...
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    teaching tennis to a 6 year old...?

    A friend of my parent's has asked me (I'm 16) to give lessons to his 6 year old daughter who is apparently showing interest in the sport. I'm more than happy to do this, but what type of things should I do with her? I've never had to do this type of teaching before... Thanks guys. Any advice...
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    string damage w/Linear ball bearing gripper

    I also have a new Alpha DC Plus and this same thing is happening. Has this ever stopped happening with yours? It seems like this is really diminishing the life of the strings..
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    genesis BLACK MAGIC review anyone?

    I've seen a few reviews on these boards regarding Spin X (which have all been great) but haven't seen any for Black Magic yet. Does anyone have a good review of this string? In the Spin X reiviews I've read, there have been people who say they love Spin X, but like Black Magic even more. So...
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    Dunlop AG 4D 300 Tour vs. TF 335 (16x20)

    Anyone know how these two rackets compare to eachother? Any experience with both? Feel? Sweetspot size? Stability? Power? Thanks.
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    how to start mains for a two piece

    hey guys, for starting mains for a two piece, how should i do it? ive watched all of yulitle's videos and he says to pull tension on both strings, then clamp the string closest to you so that the tension is inside the clamp, then let the tension go. This wont work for me because my linear...
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    ways to stretch string before stringing

    What are some ways that you guys stetch your strings before stringing, besides the way that Yulitle shows on one of his videos, as I dont have access to a large, round pillar (except I guess a tree would work)..but are there any other ways? And how is the recoil memory for MSV Focus Hex and...
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    Here's an article towards the proper way to workout This is an article I found that talks about how to properly workout. It goes in-depth on the "quality vs. quantity" aspect of training. It's aimed towards martial arts training, but, reading through it, it seems to apply very well towards...
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    MMA good/bad for tennis?

    thanks for the suggestion. Ground grappling is something I like alot so BJJ is what i planned on really kinda specializing in. I agree an injury in MMA is something that could easily sideline me for weeks, but I feel like I should still give the sport a try for a while. Also, the mental...
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    MMA good/bad for tennis?

    Hey guys, I'm 16 and I'm thinkin about taking up MMA with proper training. Since I'm still very competitive with tennis, working towards playin for a good D1 team, I am afraid training in MMA might be a hinderance to my tennis game somehow. Does anyone here do MMA on the side or as their...
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    comment of my routine

    Well I dont know about him, but its sure helping me out :) What do you recommend for sets and reps for these leg exercises? Thanks guys.
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    Tennis Channel producer is one of four people in the world with super memory.

    hmm.. i wonder how they concluded that those 4 people were the only ones in the world to have that gift..
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    Pure Storm Tour GT string pattern

    ya, thats what i thought, but doesnt mean its BAD to do two pieces right?
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    Pure Storm Tour GT string pattern

    String Pattern: 16 Mains / 20 Crosses Mains skip: 8T, 8H One Piece No Shared Holes ^ thats the string pattern for the PST GT. I'm a little confused on what it means by "one piece"..could someone clear it up for me?
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    genesis starting clamp

    ya t-depot was where i saw the clamp and that looks just about the same. have you had any experience with it?
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    genesis starting clamp

    has anyone used one before? How does it compare to the red (alpha?) one sold on gss?
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    keeping flexibility after working out

    I mean, I can fit about 5 mins in after my workout to stretch, but thats not enough time to be very thorough
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    Anybody else here read The Odyssey?

    ya i read it last year as a freshman. i liked the book, but taking tests everyday on it was hell
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    The "Seinfeld" Club

    isnt he "the guy in the cape" who's george's dad's lawyer when he and george's mom get a divorce? and could someone tell me the episode where this conversation takes place (or similar to it): elaine: you know, admitting that another guy is handsome doesnt make you gay george: doesnt...
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    keeping flexibility after working out

    I just started a weights course 2 days a week for the next school year. Only thing about it is that we HAVE to lift (bench press, squats, incline press, etc) and we're not allowed to do cardio (unless injured), plyometrics, isometrics, stuff like that... now for the past 2 months ive been...
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    how does genesis compare to luxilon alu power/rough

    Id also like to know this. I looked on Genesis's website but didnt find anything that said i could receive a free set..
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    Throwers Ten Excercise Program

    i see people give out the link to this program ( all the time on these forums..but i got a couple questions about it. how many sets/reps of each exercise are you guys doin? where do you get the band? I have a few but they're a lot...
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    New Babolat red/black bag line

    mostly focusing on the 9 pack bag...anyone have it yet? do you like it? Is there enough room to hold plenty of grips, tape, a notebook, etc.? hows the material? If someone has any pictures of the bag showing the different compartments thatd be great :)
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    breathecage 2 vs. ballistec 1.3 sizing

    haha wow sorry. wasnt really payin attention:oops:
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    breathecage 2 vs. ballistec 1.3 sizing

    that doesnt make sense.. i thought the ballistecs were 1/2 size larger..?