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    Technifibre TF40 18x20 315g

    I see a Technifiber TF 40 18x20 315g in tennis ware house Europe. Is it not available in the US?
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    Yonex Percept 100D

    Good suggestion to drop tension. I am also adding about 3 grams of lead at 12 o clock to bump up the SW a bit.
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    Has anyone tried the Babolat Pure Strike 100 16x20?

    Has anyone tried the Babolat Pure Strike 100 16x20?
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    Yonex Percept 100D

    An update on this. The racket definitely feels underpowered and hits a slightly less heavy ball. Still able to hit it deep just a little less heavy.
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    Yonex Percept 100D

    Serve returns are good as well. I like to take cuts on my forehand returns and chip back my backhand. Worked well on both.
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    Yonex Percept 100D

    Demoing the Yonex Percept 100D. And jotting down my thoughts. I have played with it for about 3 hours now. I plan to play more. Here are my key takeaways about the racket - Low swing weight and easy to whip. However feels stable on contact. Underpowered but able to generate depth. Launch...