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    The Pro Kennex Q Tour 325 (the "Q")

    Guys, I have been offered one of these at a very good price...and I am tempted. The only issue is there is little to no feedback available on our boards in connection with the racquet. My usual racquet of choice is either an Aerogel 4D 200 Tour or a K90. I prefer using a heavy stick...
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    Adidas Barricade Tour Racquet

    Despite having conducted various searches on the forum for a review on this stick I've barely found anything...unusual as given its specs I would have expected some love for it. Can anyone shed light on what it plays like and also which other sticks it feels like. Having read the specs and...
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    The TT Football Club

    Has anyone heard anything about who Liverpool will buy to replace the departing Suarez.
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    Relationship advice?

    To the OP: Spend at least 3-4 days reading in the above and then form your own opinion on what you should do. During that time, don't discuss your issue with anyone and just make up your own mind over what you want to do. Good luck!
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    Possible Alternative to Lead

    Surely you wouldn't give a damn about that if it improved the performance of the racquet.
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    Possible Alternative to Lead

    Agreed that it's an interesting article. I sometimes use blu-tack to tailweight certain sticks of mine to make them a little more headlight. This stuff just looks a lot like blu-tack and that's what got me thinking.
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    Possible Alternative to Lead

    Anyone tried this stuff yet in either the handle or the hoop: Look forward to hearing from you, if you have.
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    The 2013 BLX Blade 93 review everyone was afraid to write.

    Agreed. It has now become similar to an episode of The Big Bang Theory. On a different (but perhaps more relevant in connection with the thread) topic, the OP is spot on with his assessment of the Blade 93. I tried it for 30 or so mins recently. Horrible, was the word that sprang to mind.
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    For all you Dunlop & Donnay fans.

    Did you mean karma? (Kama is the Hindu God of love if memory serves correctly). If so - we would like to think so but it's unlikely to be in this lifetime :neutral:
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    For all you Dunlop & Donnay fans.

    Wasn't the collapse in Bangladesh this week where so many unfortunately died, a residential building where unscrupulous building contractors did not adhere to building regs? I'm not questioning you as there probably was a factory collapse too but I didn't hear about it. Either way...
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    For all you Dunlop & Donnay fans.

    I'm surprised Ashley tolerated the presence of a Union to begin with.
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    Need new raquets - out of touch with the current offerings

    Agree about Tim being underrated - the guy had no major weapons (compared to the big names of his time) yet maximised most of his natural talent to have a very respectable career and a decent record at the Slams having reached the latter stages of most. He also comes across as a modest...
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    For all you Dunlop & Donnay fans.

    The question to ask is who does Mike Ashley have frozen in carbonite, hanging on his palace wall :)
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    Need new raquets - out of touch with the current offerings

    From your name - I am guessing you are based in the UK. Think about testing the 18x20 Dunlop 200 series sticks. Last season's iterations (and the iterations prior to that) are very cheaply available...if you look hard enough. You'll pay a bit more for a current Wilson 90 or 95. Also, if...
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    For all you Dunlop & Donnay fans.

    You make him sound like the Jabba the Hutt of tennis.
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    K-Open Racquet seen in Portugal: 300 ATP Tour

    Guys Thanks for the responses to both of you. SexPistol - I´m visiting Portugal from England and I love it here so far. I saw the grips, overgrips, balls and clothing and I am tempted to pick up some stuff to take home. You mentioned strings - I will have to look for those while I`m here...
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    How would the British celebrate had Henman won Wimbledon?

    Maybe the media would have opened the can of worms about Sue Barker allegedly taking his virginity.
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    K-Open Racquet seen in Portugal: 300 ATP Tour

    Guys, I am currently in Portugal and visited what seems to be a chain sports store earlier today. Getting to the good part - I found what seemed to be their own in-store brand: K-Open who offered quite a few racquets. The most interesting of these was a stick called the 300 ATP Tour and...
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    Tomic the "Tank Engine" ! Another dreadful performance.

    The dark haired girl on the left has a plaster in a very unusual place...
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    Success of older players... Why?

    I'm surprised no-one has chimed in with the salient reason for a silent ban being issued.
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    ***Dunlop 4D 200 Tour*** Club!!

    Guys, I do like this stick but I have always had issues with taming its power. I have tried various string set ups in the past 2 years but I want to be able to fully hit out with this stick consistently. I braved a full bed of (soft) poly at 55 recently but I feel like I cannot fully hit out...
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    New Slazenger Line at TW?

    Is the Pro Braided actually available in the UK?
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    Nadal and hyper-expensive items

    Surely not more counterfeited than Babolat or Wilson racquets these days :)
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    Loose Strings and Overpowered Racquets making people quit too easily..

    Luckily the coach at my club is knowledgeable about issues such as overpowered sticks coupled to loose strings leading to a lack of control and injuries. I usually point such individuals (as you have described) in the direction of the coach with something along the lines of : "If you don't mind...
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    Djokovic tested for doping after AO final

    No mention of a silent ban yet.
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    Tennis needs a "Bad Boy" to revive it's low status

    To the OP - sounds like you would enjoy professional wrestling. Lots of swagger and attitude there. Mac, Connors, Lendl and bad boys of previous years would have thrived in such an environment.
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    Which Textured Poly?

    Think about Pro's Pro strings. I recently got two reels - Hexaspin Twist and Cyber Power White and will post thoughts on both when I have some free time in the weeks ahead. The stuff is cheap (compared to other similar reels from more prominent brands) but I have been very impressed so far...
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    I met Agassi today!

    Andre's looking well which is nice to see.
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    Pacific BX2

    Did they get a 5 year old to draft this? Pacific's Legal and Marketing teams massively need to up their game if this is the best they can produce.
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    Murray needs to embrace his dark side

    Unleash his dark side...I now have visions of Andy using Force Lightning on ballboys when frustrated and Vader type Force Chokes on Umpires (when on the receiving end of a bad call)/his opponent when the guy has hit an oustanding winner. Would be great fun to watch!