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    Funny Photos

    That's humorous. I especially like the Štěpánek one. Maybe somebody can put a tag next to it. :|
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    Should Henin retire? ... Well she did.

    They work so hard to train. Then they reach their peak. A few years later, they can no longer maintain that. It seems to be the way it is today. :|
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    Henin, Serena, Venus and now Federer

    I stand my ground on my suspicions. I'll defend it to my dying day.
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    Henin, Serena, Venus and now Federer

    bull..... I'm talking about how lethargic they're all playing and how ashen (sick) they look.
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    Henin, Serena, Venus and now Federer

    I'm going to say this and you all can ban me if you want to. But I think all the blood work from the above players should be checked for toxins. They were all lethargic and weak and ashen looking while playing when we know it's not normal. Also check out the foods they have eaten while in...
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    Any Pushers Playing Professionally

    Are there any pro tennis players who are "pushers"? Just curious. I cannot tell by watching on tv. Or maybe they can only "push" when they were at 3.5-4.0. :-| Which actually makes more sense.
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    Best advice for Andy Roddick

    that's obnoxious...:mad:
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    Weirdest Shots In Tennis History

    I thought a lot of his shots were really weird looking.
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    Bringing little kids to a pro event- bad idea?

    I can't even imagine bringing my son to a match of mine. I don't think I'd like him being outside the fence not to mention I'd have a hard time concentrating. I try to always get a sitter.
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    Australian Open TV Schedule

    Can't wait. Can't wait. Looks like enough of it will be on ESPN though.
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    Indoor Tennis Court Dividers

    Ah -you brought back memories of my playing indoors when I lived in the North. Side Nets Open or Closed. I've played with opponents that hit with lots of topspin crosscourt in which case the ball actually bounced quickly and high into the side net, knowing we couldn't return it. :rolleyes...
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    Ever Offer Unsolicited Advice?

    If this guy was ONLY 55, he was way too young to stop playing tennis mentally and physically. My hubby and I are ten years older than him and we still get out and play singles and think we're only 35. I always joke that I want to die on the tennis court. :cry:
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    Was he a Jerk?

    How can you call "foot fault" from across the court? I mean, really. It's more like wishful thinking. :-?
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    Usta League/poor Sports Engage In Mudslinging

    I'd prefer saying: "You played well". Nice to give someone a plain ole compliment.
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    5 ways supermarkets trick you into shopping their way

    "These days you've really got to have your game face on when you head out to buy groceries. Supermarkets have quite a few tricks they use to get you to buy what they want to sell, to keep you in the store as long as possible, and to encourage impulse purchases. Here are just a few of the methods...
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    So my USTA teams captain was....

    I still think pushing has too many limitations. But if you enjoy it OR can't play any other way, so be it. Who are we to say what shots our opponent uses? :mad:
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    So my USTA teams captain was....

    If a coach told me I should learn to "push" the ball if I want to win, I would think he's pretty much telling me I can't play. :-| Don't change your game for this so-called coach. :-|
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    The Underhand Serve: Anyone Use It In A Match?

    My double's partner HAD to serve underhanded because she had had surgery and was healing. The rest of her game was excellent. She always explained why she had to serve underhanded before the match -which I thought was good gamesmanship. The serve did cause some psychological problems for...
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    Getting the BO out of my Tennis Clothes

    BO I have the answer to all your problems! :-D Buy some A&H washing soda. What I do is actually wash those smelly clothes alone in the washing soda. Even maybe twice; til the odors are gone. It can be used with detergent also.
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    From Russia with love. Haas poisened?

    I hope this doesn't mean Haas' face will become disfigured. j/k ;)
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    Monica Seles--Now or Never?

    I'm thinking Monica already knows not to try and make a comeback. She has another job now and has moved on- sorta. But if she ever did make such a comeback, the crowds would be colossal.
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    Poor Davydenko

    so the Ump can read minds now? cretin...
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    Defeating a slice-master

    Yes it would be fun to watch your opponent try to slice a moon ball to his backhand....;)
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    Hewitt's sister!!!!

    I think Hewitt's sister could beat Nadal....;)
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    Madrid Ball Girls ... Models!!!

    I wanna see some photos. ;) I like watching them run down the balls.
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    The Partner Who Quits

    I have found I have to use different words depending on my partner's negatativity. I will not let it go if I see someone playing in that negative fashion KNOWING that they have played better with a positive attitude.
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    who's right?

    . The server probably double faulted because her/his view was obstructed. I don't think that's allowed. :mad:
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    What is the ruling on calling a ball out before it hits the ground?

    I think if it happens too often, it would bother me. I guess I could always say something like: "and what is the call now that the ball has landed"? Hey! It's a match! I just played in a match in which I learned not to call the ball out too early; after taking back the wrong call. This...
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    What to do in this situation.

    I still find, although everyone knows that they're suppose to call the score out nice and loud, people just don't. So I have to keep asking so that everybody can hear what it is. And that way if there's a mistake, we can nip it in the bud. What's so embarassing about calling the score? We...