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    What's the best inexpensive stringer with 4-6 pt mounting fixed clamps

    I have a SILENT PARTNER drop weight now for about five years and I think its a great machine. I paid about $300 for it.....well worth it !
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    given up on MG extreme pro

    2009 Microgel Extreme Pro Have you tried the 2009 Microgel Extreme Pro yet ? From what I've is supposed to have much more consistency ! A subtle change may be all you need ?
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    Good tip not to use poly.......I was considering a hybrd sting job. The bonding seems to have held up pretty good over the years. However, that may change after I play with it for a while ? Thanks
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    For this tournament, the racquet size has to be a standard size. I think the "VILAS" racquet has a slightly larger headsize ? (not sure) Here is a link which has pictures of all the HEAD racquets we're discussing.....brings back memories from long ago...
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    Me too.....just hit with it yesterday (w/o restringing) for the first time in 30 years !!! Racquet felt better than I expected, even with these OLD strings in it. However, it did feel heavy and the sweet spot felt small. But, it had nice control and response whenever I did manage to find...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 300

    My kids (in high school) both play with the MFIL300. We've found a winning combination hybrid using TOPSPIN CYBERFLASH in mains at 55 lbs and Signum Pro Ultra (monofilamen) in crosses at 57 lbs. Great control from the poly mains with the SPU in the crosses softening up the string bed and...
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    The event will be played in Central New's an annual event played every August. Racquets have to be pre-1976, balls supplied are "white" and players are asked to try and wear white outfits......
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    Thanks for all the great advice ! I have two of these frames....I'll have to experiment with string tension. I did notice that on one of the frames, the string is cutting into the "sandwich" material a bit (as noted above in one of your replies). I'm hoping that the Head Arthur Ashe...
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    Head Arthur Ashe Competition 2

    I'm thinking about playing a tournament where you have to play with a racquet from the 70's or earlier....... I still have a couple of these from the 70's and wondering if anyone has the spec's on the racquet. I'm particularly interested on what type of string and what tension to use for...
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    Clay court shoes

    I'm thinking about buying the FILA TORNEO CLAY COURT shoe......anybody have any experience with this shoe ?
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    Topspin Cyber Flash at really low tension

    Topspin Cyberflash I've been using it strung at 54lbs for the last few months and it feels better than any other poly I've tried (Lux BB, Bab Hurr.....etc)
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    Topspin CyberFlash first impressions

    Cyberflash It actually feels more like BIG HITTER to me (both being more comfortable than the Luxilon). However, the CYBERFLASH seems to pocket the ball better than BIG HITTER. Basically I switched from Luxilon to Big Hitter about one year ago and about two months ago switched to...
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    Topspin CyberFlash first impressions

    I find CYBERFLASH to play very much like BIG HITTER....both are softer than the ALU. I also agree that SPPP feels too "dead" for my liking........
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    arm friendly polys?

    DITTO about the CYberflash ! I like UNIQUE BIG HITTER as well. I find it hard to distinguish between the two....both excellent polys !
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    mfil 300 or lm radical ?

    You should demo both at the same time with a similar string and tension. What is good for somebody else isn't necessarily good for you....... Also pick up some lead tape to put at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions of the frame if you prefer a heavier racquet......keep tinkering and you'll find...
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    Dunlop M-Fil 200 Plus 2006 Racquet

    I am playing with the standard length mfil 200 plus racquet....excellent control racquet with very little power. I needed to add lead tape at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions as I feel it is too light for a control racquet. Just recently added even more lead tape at the 6 o'clock position.
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    What do you string Cyber flash at?

    Also get mine from Suwanee, GA. Placed a few orders w/o any problems at all. I have CYBERFLASH in mains at 54 lb. SIGNUM ULTRA POWER (snythetic) in crosses at 57 lbs. This combo plays great !
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    topspin- cyber flash

    Cyberflash 17 is an outstanding poly....I've been hybriding it with Yonex 80 SPIN and it has a real nice feel to it. I like it much more than ALU BIG BANGER. Got mine from GUTS & GLORY and I've found John (owner) very knowledgable and realiable......he runs a real class outfit down there in...
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    Durable, crisp, low powered multi

    Check out YONEX 850 PRO SPIN.....highly underrated multifilament and a good price. "Search" the string forum and you'll be surprised how many people agree.....
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    MW 200g to M-Fil 200?

    Steve, I'm looking for a backup racquet for my kid in high school that plays with the Mfil-300.......let me know if you want to trade for the HM 200G. email if you'd like to trade. thanks
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    M-Fil 300 to Babolat Pure Drive

    Yes, I agree.....I think the Pure Storm would be a better choice as its more of a "control" racquet and is quite similar to the Mfil-300.
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    best string with Dunlop M-fil 200

    Might be hard to believe.....but, its true This may not soft....but, believe me it is ! I have my MFil-200 strung with Signum MegaForce Poly in the mains (55lbs) and Yonex 80 Spin (monofilamament) in the crosses at 57lbs. Incredible pocketing and comfort ! Unbelieveable feel......
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    Poly Star Energy Trouble

    I've had this same problem with the SPPP thin gauge string......
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    Racquet Fuel String

    Haven't tried RACQUET FUEL or POLYSTAR ENERGY yet....but, I can say that BIG HITTER, SIGNUM MEGAFORCE and TOPSPIN CYBERFLASH are all excellent poly string and good alternative to LUX BB ALU ! If fact, I like all three better than LUX BB ! I find the SIGNUM PPP to feel too dead and not as...
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    M-Fil 300...your thoughts

    MFil owners......string setup Calling all Mfil-300 owners....... What is your string setup (string brands and tension) Currently: Mains: UNIQUE BIG HITTER Poly at 56lbs Crosses: Yonex 80 Spin at 58lbs Next, I'm going to try and soften the stringbed up using: Mains: TOPSPIN...
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    M-Fil 300...your thoughts

    CASWELL....sounds like this frame is a good platform for weighting and modifications (similar to the Babolat PD). Most likely, the relatively low base weight and the stiffness of the frame lend itsefl well to adding lead....etc You've been very helpful.....thanks. Tonight, I'm going to...
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    MW 200g to M-Fil 200? have my email (above) if you want to trade at some point in the future. Also consider using a softer string and lower tension in the Mfil-300 as this may make if feel less "boardy". I have a soft poly (Big Hitter 56lbs) in the mains and Yonex 80 Spin synthetic at 58lbs in the...
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    MW 200g to M-Fil 200?

    CASWELL.....thanks for the tip on applying lead at 3 and 9 o'clock. I'll keep that in mind !
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    M-Fil 300...your thoughts

    My kid is a high school player and really loves this racquet.....recently switched from the Babolat Pure Drive to acquire better control ! Hey bud.....any chance you can get me a couple 4 3/8 at "cost" or a little above ? If so, email me at
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    TP cyber flash vs SP poly plasma

    Just got some CYBERFLASH from "gutsandglory dot com" (a mail order place near Atlanta, Georgia)......less than $8 per set. Their phone nbr is 404-246-1062......recv'd my string within 2 days of ordering. I haven't tried it yet...but, I'm anxious to compare it to SPPP, UNIQUE BIG HITTER and...