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  1. BabolatFan

    pro hurricane 18 or luxilon big banger ace 18

    pro hurr is a little too much power but you get awesome spins and nice cuts for angle shots. I prefer BB...glad to be back here in this forum. woohoo!!!
  2. BabolatFan

    Good Racquet Head Speed Exercises?

    Anyone tried the powerdisc that TW sells here? Looks like a neat training tool to have.
  3. BabolatFan

    Does this hat look cool?

    The hat looks wicked! Nadal should sport it with a bright orange top just like the duckhunters.
  4. BabolatFan

    You can not tell NTRP from a 30s video...let it go!

    thought ntrp is determined by numbers of usta tournaments you play and your match results. No?
  5. BabolatFan

    Andy Murray next person to win a major?

    andy murray is my pick too. His game's got much variety.
  6. BabolatFan

    need help. in game choke.

    I couldn't have said it any better. Nicely said. That's how I get into my match zone too. I mean I don't care who I'm up against as long as my focus is on the ball itself. Of course everythingelse comes with your match experience.
  7. BabolatFan

    topspin-ers playing the slicer-s

    I've never played a guy with an eastern grip. Do you have trouble with high balls on both wings especially your forehand since you use the estern grip? I just have trouble with my bh on high boucing balls.
  8. BabolatFan

    after a run, next day i feel slow on court

    I know what you mean. I try not to do a leg workout such as squats the day before. Instead I do plyometric exercises such as jumping rope and doing quicksteps. If I jump rope just before my match, I feel super fast and light on the court.
  9. BabolatFan

    You hit on the rise?

    Yeah I pretty much have the same reason to hit the rise when striking my opponent's deep balls. Besides my opponent would have to react more quickly to my returns.
  10. BabolatFan

    Why White Grips?

    I couldn't agree with u more. The white color also give it a nice clean look and not distracting before it become gross in a day or 2. LOL Mine's babolat VS overgrip and they only come in white rightnow. I woudn't mind the tourna blue color though...
  11. BabolatFan

    Pre-match stretching a bad thing??

    interesting article. Great post.
  12. BabolatFan

    whats the funniest movie you have ever seen?

    Dodgeball!!!! yeah!!!!
  13. BabolatFan

    The slice FH

    No we're in the same boat. I guess since the bh slice got natural leverage when pulling with your shoulder.
  14. BabolatFan

    Hard Hitters

    SEekor06, don't change your rac. Like others suggest, work on timing, footwork and train for a variety of shots. Be on the offensive without overdoing it. Construct your points. You're good.
  15. BabolatFan

    The slice FH

    Nicely said mate. To Trainer, yeah you gotta select this shot at the right time in a match of course.
  16. BabolatFan

    Help me - Back troubles :( :(

    I've had minor lower backpain from overtraining and doing lowerback workouts. But normally after a nice long deep tissue massage, it goes away. Good luck with your doctor's appointment.
  17. BabolatFan

    please suggest string......

    He should try BB alu power if he likes power and good control. It's the best string for me thusfar as far as power, spin and control. Good poly that's been armfriendly to me.
  18. BabolatFan

    Can someone post a link or a clip of Baghdatis' forehand?

    Whao...that site is too pricy
  19. BabolatFan

    if i went from western to eastern grip, could i still generate as much topspin?

    No to the above poll. You'll get wrist pain down the road and you will only have very weak topspin.
  20. BabolatFan

    Can someone post a link or a clip of Baghdatis' forehand?

    Thanks. I'll check it out later.
  21. BabolatFan

    Can someone post a link or a clip of Baghdatis' forehand?

    I know and hi-techtennis don't have Baghdatis' forehand clips. Can someone share a clip of his frame by frame forehand?
  22. BabolatFan

    Teaching Pros, Have You Ever Refused A Student?

    is it true marcelo rios was turned down by bolleteri coz he was small...
  23. BabolatFan

    Trion:Z Bracelets and Necklaces Now Available at TW

    So anyone actually tried it and liked it yet? What do you think of the bracelet one besides the colors?
  24. BabolatFan

    Throwing a ball to strengthen serve

    Roddick's workout for his serve is pretty effective.
  25. BabolatFan

    tennis and working out on the same day?

    Yeah you don't wanna lift alot on the same day. You wanna stay loose and ready to go, not tight and fatigued. I normally do jumping rope and light lifting with dumbells to warm up my shoulders for my serve.
  26. BabolatFan

    ever played your coach and beat him?

    Well said. I guess you're right and the bottom line is that your coach outta have skills to analyze your overall game and try to bring you to the next level.
  27. BabolatFan

    ever played your coach and beat him?

    Just curious what kind of experience you all had. When I was 16, I regularly trained with my coach and played practice matches. I used to beat my coach 6-2, 6-3. He was probably 35 at the time. I dropped the first coach back then coz I'd beat him all the time. The second coach was pretty tough.
  28. BabolatFan

    Do you think I can become pro?

    Dude I just wanna be brutally honest with you like other folks here. At 19, it's not impossible to turn pro but in your case you just picked up the sport and play at 3.5-4.0 level? Fat chance. What state r u from?
  29. BabolatFan

    I'm going to get my PTR certification

    Anyone got answers to the above question?