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  1. salsainglesa

    PS4 or Xbox 1

    What about the Retron 5??? it's my choice, since the next gen doesn't look enough next gen to me and I will keep my ps3 until it burns from playing...
  2. salsainglesa

    Do you want to see Nadal breaking Federer's Grand Slam record?

    Of course... 18 grand slams would be sweeeeet.... maybe 19, and fed gets one more... eventually... and santa claus brings me my ps4 : D
  3. salsainglesa

    Don't you find it suspicious that the top 10 ranked players are over 24??

    Has it ever been this way? mhmmm.... (scratch my beard)
  4. salsainglesa

    More PED Allegations

    Well, let me take a guess, a wild one, but maybe... there are more "clinics" like biogenesis!!! I don't know... could that be true?!
  5. salsainglesa

    How Clean Is the Sport of Tennis?

    It must have been really hard for some people when they told them santa didn't exist... or heaven : (
  6. salsainglesa

    How Clean Is the Sport of Tennis?

    as clean as any other pro sport
  7. salsainglesa

    Troicki suspended 18 months by the ITF

    you can agree or disagree it doesn't change the way things are... if this enhanced athletes are cheating, well, they are cheating against us.. but all of them... so, why support them? and admire them? i just think they do their job, and it is part of their job. It's a business choice for...
  8. salsainglesa

    Troicki suspended 18 months by the ITF

    how is the biogenesis clinic on steroids going? the thing is, that the information adds up... how do you think records are broken so much in a decade or two, has human race evolved that fast, do...
  9. salsainglesa

    Troicki suspended 18 months by the ITF

    The athletes caught doping seem to be scapegoats to mislead... professional sports need enhanced athletes to be as it is today.
  10. salsainglesa

    how do you watch tennis?

    in my undies of course!
  11. salsainglesa

    My gift to the world: the solution to all PED's issues

    Make them legal and prescribed by doctors who take care for the health of the patients. make it illegal to use before 18 and then sports come out of the closet as the supposed elite of well behaved honorable people. With millions in sposnsorship and prize money on the line, it's naive to think...
  12. salsainglesa

    Copying the Pros is Overrated.

    Exactly... nuances...!! bravo sir! learn the $#%#$% fundamentals people :) and develop your OWN game.... own your game
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    How to play relaxed and smooth?

    Mind and body are connected. If you play with subtle emotions of anxiety or fear, your body will stiffen... observe your mental patterns, even outside the court. What seems subtle at first will become evident with time. Effortlessness is really effortless, you have to work to have a tranquil...
  14. salsainglesa

    Lazy feet - Need help!

    well, the lazy feet comes with the lazy reading of the ball.... goes hand in hand.Its the two weak links found the most on rec players. Recognize the ball as soon as it hits the opponent raquet, sincronize with your split step. And voila! Thats step one ;) if you know what i mean
  15. salsainglesa

    I've hit a short, weak crosscourt. How do I position myself?

    in the center of the possible responses, but 3 feet behind where you normally position. You have to give one shot, maybe the dtl, or maybe the cc angle. Guess Or if your opponent has a limited technical skillset, then you know which shot is more probable.
  16. salsainglesa

    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues Lady in red
  17. salsainglesa

    Lois Goodman US OPEN Umpire Charged With Murder of Husband!

    He was challenging all her calls
  18. salsainglesa

    What's your go to serve/plan when your ad in or out?

    It depends!!! If the reciever is at advantage, I will always hit the serve that's been working best for me that day. If I have used that serve too much... I would change it lol XD just for the kicks ;) Sometimes, I work on their weaker side. If I have the advantage, I go all out...
  19. salsainglesa

    Q: Players who had problems w/pushers, what advice ACTUALLY WORKED for you?

    Patience and perseverance. Train hard, and one day you will eat them for breakfast.
  20. salsainglesa

    Backhand remodel: Venus or Courier?

    NOT THOSE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.... if you are really tall, safin's. If not, agassi's and nalbandian's.
  21. salsainglesa

    Too hot to handle...

    hydrate till you pee clear as water before going to the court. Drink 1 lt or more per hour while in court. do not forget to take sodium and potasium. Lemon water rocks. Take your bananas
  22. salsainglesa

    1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Dream Team

    There was only one dream team... this is something else... and must be renamed.
  23. salsainglesa

    1992 Dream Team vs. 2012 Dream Team

    this made me laugh so hard!
  24. salsainglesa

    Odds & Ends Posters

    this made me laugh so hard
  25. salsainglesa

    What to do about dem calluses

    Could be that you are grabing it too lightly also... use tape for some time. Or man up. Whatever you prefer.
  26. salsainglesa

    Strange backhands

    When preparing make sure your right upper arm is making contact with your body. That gives it the most power potential. The left hand at first is behind the right, they are even at contact, the left finishes in front of the right hand. Assuming Right handedness
  27. salsainglesa

    How to learn the straight arm forehand?

    The pendulum is the whole first the pendulum is the upper arm the elbow straightens making the whole arm the pendulum as it reaches its lower part where it is at its fastest only with gravity. the humerus swings, the forearm reaches and they follow together... it is not a coordination...
  28. salsainglesa

    How to learn the straight arm forehand?

    I hit it, and it has a big power advantage. I wouldn't recommend it to really tall players, since they limbs are long and power is not an issue for them. The taller the better off they are with a bent arm FH. 1.85 mts tall people can do whatever they want, they are in the tennis height sweetspot.
  29. salsainglesa

    How to learn the straight arm forehand?

    The straight arm forehand resembles the one handed backhand... It's a pendulum... a long one. the shoulder is it's axis. SHoulder turn is not a source of power, but to liberate the pendulum so the torso doesn't get in the way of the arm. learn the low contact point at first. Waist height is a...
  30. salsainglesa

    Best pros to imitate by stroke

    Its best to follow the commonalities in stroke production than trying to mimic your stroke to someone else's. First get your turn, contact point, follow through together in a nice stable swing. Then diversify the heights at which you hit the ball, and after all that hard years of work, then...