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  1. bwongman

    Hugo Boss

    I have the second shirt and it's quite nice. The materials are typical polyester, but still quite light and comfortable. The only thing is the fit is very slim, which is great if you have the body for it. I usually wear Nike XL but had to go XXL in the Boss
  2. bwongman

    Nike 2024 General Thread

    What's with the Super Saiyan Rafa logo?
  3. bwongman

    The Best Cushioned Tennis Shoes for Comfort and Relief

    Diadora Blushield Torneo 2 Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour Both are super cushioned but still supportive
  4. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 99 300 vs Yonex Vcore 100

    The Shift 300 has more spin and slightly more power than the VCore. I also like the feeling of the Shift a bit more as I am not a huge fan of the Yonex feel, even though I keep going back to try them. I personally think the Shift shines with more wristy strokes and the VCore likes a fuller...
  5. bwongman

    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 11 (2023)

    Crazy sale on the Mac Attacks right now. Less than half price! They didn't even discount these during Black Friday
  6. bwongman

    Adv jet pack tennis bag

    I'm also very happy with my ADV bag. I got the V2 in black and I get compliments on it all the time. Very well thought out and great quality. The bag is definitely on the pricey side and is more of a luxury than a necessity. Maybe wait and see if there will be any black Friday sales happening.
  7. bwongman

    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 11 (2023)

    I guess I'm out of luck then since I wear an 11 men's and they only go up to a size 12 women's
  8. bwongman

    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor 11 (2023)

    Wow! Best colorway yet. Is men's sizing 1.5 up from women?
  9. bwongman

    Another thread asking about cushioning

    I think you should try the Mizuno Wave Enforce Tours. Those are a lot more cushioned than the Exceeds and support is great
  10. bwongman

    Nike x Supreme Courtposites

    I am sure the shoe will be modernized to today's standards. It looks quite different to the original pair Also, there are many shoes I have never worn before and wouldn't know they were good unless I tried them
  11. bwongman

    Nike x Supreme Courtposites

    Sorry, I was referring to the Vapor Foamposites that were never officially released
  12. bwongman

    Nike x Supreme Courtposites

    I liked the old courtposites that never actually got released. Those were quite secure on my foot. This new pair looks quite nice and I'm hoping for the same secure feeling. I am also a sneakerhead, so I like to get some unique sneakers and actually wear them instead of hoarding them. I'm...
  13. bwongman

    Nike x Supreme Courtposites

    Alcaraz revealed the new Nike collaboration with Supreme on his IG. Looks quite quite interesting and should be releasing soon Hope I can get a pair
  14. bwongman

    Stepanek and Korda's gf

    3 letters ... BDE
  15. bwongman

    18x20 Wilson Shift prototype

    for me it's been way better than the clash. Nothing launchy or weird feeling from one shot to the next. But one of my friends got one after trying mine and he says it feels totally different than mine. A lot more firm feeling and not as connected with the ball.
  16. bwongman

    When to Replace Shoes?

    Those outsoles are considered burned through a long time ago. I change my shoes once I start seeing a bald patch in the tread. I would consider the front of your shoes completely bald. I'm also guessing the midsole cushioning has bottomed out too.
  17. bwongman

    Extreme Tour questions...

    I have played both the Extreme and Radical. The Extreme is definitely more flexible than the Radical, but that doesn't necessarily mean more comfortable. I found the Radical more solid and didn't vibrate as much on impact. It is definitely better for flatter hitters and has better plow. The...
  18. bwongman

    Please Tennis Warehouse Get Restring Zero in stock!

    I already wrote this in the Shift thread, but might as well write it here as well. The Restring Zero is a surprisingly good string with a lot of snap back and great durability. I have played around 10 sets and had 2 practices with this string at 50x48lbs and there is minimal notching, while...
  19. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    So tried the Restring Zero at 50x48lbs for an hour practice and then a league match. I think this string and racquet combination work really well together, almost like they are made for each other. The way the Shift flexes vertically and the way this string snaps back makes for extra dip on the...
  20. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    The Shift may not be a pinpoint accurate racquet, but the power and spin allows me to hit quite a few winners. I have never been really good with super control racquets, I tend to aim for bigger targets and hit my opponents off the court. The shift allows me to take the initiative in a rally...
  21. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    I think it is better than the Clash. I can hit a better flat power shot with this racquet. I also have way more control at the baseline, I found more balls sailing on me with the Clash. The Shift also is better at the net for me because I feel the ball better on the racquet. A lot of "a bit...
  22. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    Trying Restring Zero next. Will update when I have a chance to hit with it
  23. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    Confidential working great for me at 50x48. More powerful than my Extreme Tour, but when I am dialed in, everything seems to be going in. If I have any doubts in my strokes that day, my shots will be a little long
  24. bwongman

    Best Cushioning for Hard Courts

    Lotto Raptors. Good cushioning and support
  25. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    I have tried Yonex PTP, Grapplesnake M8 and Confidential. So far I think I like Confidential the best at 50x48lbs
  26. bwongman

    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    This racquet is very underrated on here with all the love going to the 315. I have been playing some of my best tennis in years with this racquet. Coming from a Extreme Tour 360+, the Shift has more power, but somehow my balls still keep landing in. The feel of the ball pocketing is very nice...
  27. bwongman

    New Qlo Fed T kinda sorta

    If only someone at Uniqlo cared :rolleyes: It is such a waste of his legacy to not have anything of note marketed for Federer's tennis line. They have should have been capitalizing on his recent retirement as well as with all the crap that Nike, Adidas, etc. are dropping every year. This is...
  28. bwongman

    My review (s) of basketball shoes sneakers for tennis !

    Used these for the first time in match play and they are amazing. The cushioning and support are better than most tennis shoes on the market. The boom in the forefoot and heel are like Nike zoom and make the shoe really comfortable. The traction is great for me, but I am not a slider so I can't...
  29. bwongman

    My review (s) of basketball shoes sneakers for tennis !

    Ordered them last week. Hope they work out well for tennis.