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    Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard - racket & strings

    Strings and tension?
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    Fabian Marozsan racquet and strings

    Tension anyone?
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    Fabian Marozsan racquet and strings

    Interview on youtube with Marozsan going through his bag and pulls out a reel of Yonex PTP. Also, has a conversation about his racquets but I can't understand it- - perhaps he says his tension or specs?!?!
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    Fabian Marozsan racquet and strings

    Anyone have Marozsan racquet specs? String (rpm rough)? Tension?
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    Dominic Stricker Racquet

    Any idea of the racquet specs? From the pictures, it looks like lynx tour main and hawk in cross - anyone know tension? Announcers described it as low or very low during one of his nextgen matches this year.
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    Steve Johnson specs

    Does anyone know the string setup and tension? main yonex ptp 120? cross natural gut?
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    Casper Ruuuud

    At 2-3 changeover in first set of sinner match yesterday, Rudd gave his racket to the stringer on tv - did he say 54 for the tension or 44?
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    Lloyd Harris racket?

    ptp 120 at 45 lbs
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    Lloyd Harris racket?

    Doesn’t look like hyper G to me. Does anyone know which gauge of poly tour pro he is using and the tension?
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    Lloyd Harris racket?

    Looks like Poly Tour Pro. Any idea of guage and tension?
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    The Racquets of Daniil Medvedev

    what racket does he actually play with? anyone know the specs?
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    The Racquets of Daniil Medvedev

    Any idea which model of the Technifibre racket, string, tension and overall specs that Medvedev is currently using?
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    Shapovalov Yonex Vcore 95

    What are the real specs on Shapo’s racket and string set up?