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  1. bruintennis

    How many of us use an insert?

    I haven't tried many, but the Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles have worked to keep my plantar away. My doubles partner recommended them since he used them for his plantar. I never had to use aftermarket insoles until a few years ago and I've been...
  2. bruintennis

    What was the last Head Prestige Pro using the rectangular pallet?

    Hey Peeps, Just wondering what was the last Head Prestige Pro that came with the rectangular pallet (as in not the current square pallet being used on the 2019 Prestige Gaphene Pro 360+)? Thanks in advance.
  3. bruintennis

    Pure Aero VS stars and stripes is here!

    Since the Babolat Pure Aero VS racquet is a limited edition, what will be the colors of the regular version? and when will it be released?
  4. bruintennis

    Looking to hit in L.A. area 4.5+ 8/10 - 8/14

    Sorry, I was busy all weekend with USTA league sectionals. I hope you found someone to hit with.
  5. bruintennis

    Looking to hit in L.A. area 4.5+ 8/10 - 8/14

    Where is LA will you be? city?
  6. bruintennis

    Different tension in the mains/crosses

    Thanks esgee48 for your reply.
  7. bruintennis

    Different tension in the mains/crosses

    He's using a Wilson Pro Staff 95 (16x19 pattern). It's the mainly white one with some red on the sides. I'm not sure he wants to drop tension, so I thought about a lower cross string tension.
  8. bruintennis

    Different tension in the mains/crosses

    I have a question: A friend of mine strings at 58/58lbs with a co-poly string. If he wanted to open up the sweet spot, would 59/57 (crosses) feel similar in tension to the 58/58lbs? If not, what would be a good tension combination (59/56lbs)? Thanks in advance.
  9. bruintennis

    Babolat Star 4 SOS for abllee2198!!!

    Very cool thread. Hey Geoff, when was your Star 4 made?
  10. bruintennis

    Babolat APD 2013 - Graphite/Tungsten vs new paint job Graphite

    Hey TW, I was playing with a friend of mine this week and he has two of the APD with the Graphite/Tungsten graphic and really likes them. He has been playing out of his mind with them for the last two months and when he hits good shots or reflex volleys that he wasn't hitting with his...
  11. bruintennis

    Alu Power Soft

    Same price as ALU Power - $17.95
  12. bruintennis

    Yonex Ultimum RD Ti 80 - anyone?

    Who's looking for some???
  13. bruintennis

    The Adidas Barricade 2015

    They look cool!
  14. bruintennis

    USTA wants to "share" 2014 nationals with everyone

    Does anyone know how much registrations are down this year due to the new Move Up/Split Up rule? I think it will make teams that make nationals weaker (in general).
  15. bruintennis

    USTA wants to "share" 2014 nationals with everyone

    This rule is ********! I got bumped to 5.0 this year and am putting together a 5.0 team of guys on our previous teams who have been bumped up over the last couple of years. I have four guys who were bumped up to 5.0 this year and went to nationals last year and my league coordinator just...
  16. bruintennis

    New Graphene Radicals/Prestiges for 2014

    Just curious how you guys like the way the black cap grommets look on the Graphene Prestige MP. I was watching Haas play Federer (BNP Paribas Open) just now and he's got the black cap grommets.
  17. bruintennis

    USTA renewal. Are there any promo codes active now?

    I think I used the 6742 for a free hat. I didn't find any that discount the $44 price.
  18. bruintennis

    Mixed USTA Nationals in Maui, April 2014

    Wish I was going. My SoCal 9.0 team got knocked out during our local league. I couldn't get our strong women out to play the other tough team in our league (They won the league and won sectionals).
  19. bruintennis

    Installing a Fairway leather replacement grip

    Thanks! That's about how I put a leather grip on!
  20. bruintennis

    Tri-Level Nationals at PNB Paribas 2014

    KoaUka - Thanks for the summary. Where do you play now? What level are you? I'm going this year for the SoCal team. Tickets are expensive. Every player has to pay a $150.00 tournament registration fee that includes 5 BNP Paribas tickets and a dinner. I've played at different USTA...
  21. bruintennis

    New Graphene Prestige Pro (2014)

    I got a chance to measure my 4 3/8 Graphene Prestige Pro. It came out to 324 grams (I switched out the stock leather with a Babolat leather grip) and a "Peace" sign dampner. It's strung with Yonex PTP 1.25 on the mains and Wilson Sensation 16 on the crosses. The swingweight measured to be...
  22. bruintennis

    Leather Grip Question

    TennisCanada1 - how long did you play with your old Wilson K Pro Tour? Just wondering how long you played with the leather grip on it.
  23. bruintennis

    Best Tennis Balls

    Haha. I feel the same way about the Wilson US Open ball. I feel like when I hit it, the ball doesn't go anywhere and there's a hollow "pop" sound too. I fully agree with your statement that you can't hit a winner to save your life with the US Open ball!
  24. bruintennis

    leather grip weight vs synthetic

    Great thread! Learned a lot from it.
  25. bruintennis

    Head Graphene Prestige S (2014) Thread

    Just curious if the Graphene Prestige Pro and the Graphene Prestige S are similar in feel when hitting since they share the same mold now, but are mainly different in weight (10 grams). Anyone play with both?
  26. bruintennis

    New Graphene Prestige Pro (2014)

    Since the Graphene Prestige Pros have been out for a little while now, it seems like lots of mixed reviews. The purists who like the buttery feel of the previous prestige pros don't like the Graphene version. I wonder if the racquet is selling like Head expected.
  27. bruintennis

    New Graphene Prestige Pro (2014)

    I haven't updated my signature, but I switched to the IG Prestige Pro about a year and a half ago because it was lighter than my Ti-80 and a bit stiffer (more power). My Ti-80 was about 12.7oz (strung) and the IG Prestige Pro about 12.2oz (strung). I play mostly doubles and found that the...
  28. bruintennis

    New Graphene Prestige Pro (2014)

    Yes, you are right about your assessment on string pattern not having an effect on whether a racquet feels pingy or hollow. With a dampner, I don't feel the pingy or hollowness that you describe. I got a chance to play doubles with a Graphene Prestige Pro last night and this morning and I...