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  1. Tennisfan339

    the best that´s ever lived

    He'll need a lot more than 25 Slams and 450 weeks at No1 if he wants that. Unlike Djokovic, Nadal and Federer, he won't have to deal with 2 other monsters. Lets be serious for a NY minute here. Djokovic or Nadal or Federer would have likely close to 40 Grand Slams and 700 weeks at No1 if the...
  2. Tennisfan339

    Which match tomorrow are you more excited-WB final or Euro final?

    I couldn't care less about football games, especially soccer. I'd rather watch my soap operas or walk my dog.
  3. Tennisfan339

    2024 Wimbledon Women's Final: [31] Barbora Krejcikova vs [7] Jasmine Paolini

    Yep lol, I was thinking the same. Same scores, same time (1h56 vs 1h58) and almost the same scenario game by game. She also broke Pavlyuchenkova's serve at 3-3 in the 3rd- :)
  4. Tennisfan339

    Wimbledon 2024 Final - [2] Novak Djokovic (SRB) v/s [3] Carlos Alcaraz Garfia (SPN)

    Good to see some remember their last match in Torino. It was a blood bath. Alcaraz wasn't even injured or playing bad (he beat Rublev and Medvedev comfortably in the group matches) yet he lost 6-3 6-2 in 1h20. Could have even been worse. The Cincinnati final changed the dynamics between them, a...
  5. Tennisfan339

    2024 Wimbledon Women's Final: [31] Barbora Krejcikova vs [7] Jasmine Paolini

    I like both. May the best player win. But I pick Barbora in 3.
  6. Tennisfan339

    Are we allowed to talk about Wimbledon robbing Sinner off this slam?

    I didn't know a player could be the " best grass player in the world " without making a Wimbledon final and after being straight-setted by a declining vet in his only semi. lol
  7. Tennisfan339

    Crowds started booing Djokovic when he had stomach discomfort in 2nd set, 1-2

    Same happened against Carballès-Baena in his Australian Open first round last year, at 3-2 in the first set. He had sudden stomach ache, asked the umpire (A. Tourte) the permission to go to the toilet, she let him. He didn't exceed the normal 90 seconds. If anyone booed him because of this...
  8. Tennisfan339

    2024 Wimbledon SF Djokovic vs. Musetti

    Who could have predicted prime Djokovic would lose to Kei Nishikori in a US Open Semifinal. The dynamics and matchup didn't matter much during this match. Nothing is ever 100% sure in a grand slam semi.
  9. Tennisfan339

    Novak Djokovic walked out of his interview with BBC in 98 seconds

    Good for him. He just beat Rune in straight sets showing a very high level of tennis ; instead of questioning him about the match, his fitness, his injury or his next opponent, they deflect and abuse with off-topic questions about the crowd. These lousy stupid interviewers need to find another job.
  10. Tennisfan339


    Were they encouraging Rune or booing Djokovic? It sounds like a big misunderstanding to me. At first I also thought some spectators were booing Djokovic but then I realized it wasn't that. They had no reason to do it, it's not like he smashed a racket or anything like that. These uuuuuuuuuuuu...
  11. Tennisfan339

    DeMinaur out due to injury..

    This breaks my heart. Demon is one of my favorite guys outside of the big-3. He sounded so shattered and gut-wrenched in his press conference. I was looking forward to this quarter match the second I saw the draw. I hope it's nothing too serious for him and he'll be ready for the Olympics. And I...
  12. Tennisfan339

    The Unbelievable Collapse of Shuai Zhang

    I keep editing my thread. 22nd straight defeats today in Wimbledon. But thanks for creating another thread for this. More people need to see it because this record may remain in the tennis...
  13. Tennisfan339

    Zhang Shuai beats a painful record

    Bump Just edited it after her Wimbledon first round loss (with another baggel in the process). Means she has officially beaten Spadea's number with 22 consecutive defeats!
  14. Tennisfan339

    Hurcaz will win Wimbledon 2024

    This is the same guy who won Halle and then lost R1 to ADF in 2022. Don't be susprised if it happens again.
  15. Tennisfan339

    2024 s'Hertogenbosch ATP Libema Open

    Demon will be ranked #7 next week. Sixth seed in Wimbledon. Who would have thought.
  16. Tennisfan339

    Joan Nadal (Toni's son) given a wildcard into qualies in Stuttgart

    This is the 4th time he gets a wildcard for qualies or a challenger. Never won a set. Never won more than 5 games.
  17. Tennisfan339

    Is Alcaraz FO 2024 draw the most brutal in recent times ?

    Korda is the shadow of himself lately. F2A was injurred (so was Sinner, frankly). Tsitsipas is his superpigeon. His Wimbledon draw was much harder. Jarry, Berrettini, Rune, Medvedev, Djokovic.
  18. Tennisfan339

    Zverev cheating during coin toss

    But De Minaur served first, right? Why would he "cheat" and then give his opponent the advantage to serve first? Doesn't make any sense.
  19. Tennisfan339

    RG2024 SF: Carlos Alcaraz[3] v Jannik Sinner[2]

    Poor level of tennis until now. A few spectatular points but too many UE from both. They can't play well at the same time. Imagine Alcaraz or Sinner playing Nadal in his prime in RG. Boy, it wouldn't be pretty.
  20. Tennisfan339

    RG2024 SF: Carlos Alcaraz[3] v Jannik Sinner[2]

    Day sessions certainly didn't benefit Alcaraz against Zverev and Djokovic in RG. On the contrary, he seems much better in night matches, IMO. Didn't he drop sets to Taro Daniel, Ramos-Vinolas, Jasper Dejong in day sessions?
  21. Tennisfan339

    Coco Gauff vs Iga

    I don't know. Swiatek was up 6-2 4-2 in Rome. All of a sudden she falls and calls the doctor, takes a medical time out. 1h later the score is 2-6 7-6 4-2 and Swiatek withdraws. I don't think she was faking it. It was her only withdrawal as far as I can remember. If she was used to withdraw when...
  22. Tennisfan339

    Nadal would have won #15 if he beat chainz.

    Well, Nadal was Zverev's easiest match until now. (even if Goffin won less games, the fight was harsh until the middle of the 2nd set). Zverev winning the first set 6-3 with 2 breaks made the Nadal match look very easy overall. If Griekspoor, Rune and De Minaur made it harder, there is no...
  23. Tennisfan339

    Coco Gauff will Surpass Iga Swiatek for #1 in 2026.

    I would love that, Coco is the top-4 I support the most (not just because she is American... for plenty of other reasons). Maybe one day she will surpass Swiatek and be number #1 but a lot will have to happen in the meantime. Maybe a bad injury for Swiatek (I don't wish that) or Coco making...
  24. Tennisfan339

    Coco Gauff vs Iga

    Sadly for Coco, the context of this match was particular. - Fastest hard courts (Cincinnat). Swiatek's worst surface. - Extreme heat (38°C). Coco adores heat, she isn't even hiding it. - Negative phase for Swiatek between RG2023 and the asiatic swing in October (0 final) Other matches were not...
  25. Tennisfan339

    Where'd the Alky-Sinner FO24 Semi thread go?

    It's right here!?
  26. Tennisfan339

    I will be shocked if Djokovic is able to play Wimbledon

    Every injuries are different. Have you all forgotten Taylor Fritz in Roland-Garros 2021? His meniscus tear was a lot worse than Djokovic's. He lost to Koepfer and was whisked off the court in a wheelchair. Awful scenes. Less than 3 weeks later he had recovered and reached the 3rd round in...
  27. Tennisfan339

    RG2024 R4 Holger Rune[13] v Alexander Zverev[4]

    I think he can beat Zverev and Medvedev. Then loses to Ruud in semis for the third straight year. If he qualifies for the semis, I bet he prefers to play Djokovic instead of Ruud. Wouldn't shock me one bit if it happens this way.
  28. Tennisfan339

    RO24 R4 Sinner VS Moutet

    Sinner beat Eubanks (who doesn't win any matches since Wim), a semi-retired player (Gasquet), an exhausted opponent (Kotov) and had by far the easiest 4th round with Moutet. Congratulations but it doesn't tell us anything so far. It's as weak if not weaker than his Wimbledon cakewalk last year...
  29. Tennisfan339

    RG2024 QF: Carlos Alcaraz[3] v Stefanos Tsitsipas[9]

    Hopefully a closer match than last year. The 3rd set was great. We could have 3 or 4 sets of this quality.