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  1. Siewi

    How high is Joao Fonseca's ceiling?

    Joao Fonseca seems to be really talented, but it might be still a bit too early to judge. What do you guys think? How high can he go?
  2. Siewi

    Is the Kyrgios tweener considered compact?

    Dang, I don't like Kyrgios, but I gotta admit that he moves so smoothly. He just floats around on court, almost like a cat. The way he moves in these points against Zverev is insane. Too bad he is so obnoxious.
  3. Siewi

    To hell and back - The Andy Murray 2023 carnage thread

    Great to see Andy putting on such a show. His no-BS approach to tennis (and life) becomes even more apparent when he faces these coddled babies.
  4. Siewi

    Thomaz Bellucci retires

    Thomaz is a nice chap. I had higher hopes for him, though.
  5. Siewi

    Has a big serve lost (part of) its appeal?

    I agree with what most of you are saying, I just think that, even if big serves are not as big of a weapon as they once were for a multitude of reasons, they are still underexploited nowadays. That is, despite courts being slower, groundstrokes being more effective etc etc, players could still...
  6. Siewi

    Has a big serve lost (part of) its appeal?

    If you look at the, say, top 20 today, few players can claim to have a big first serve as a major weapon. I mean, do not get me wrong, many top players have a great serve, but I struggle to find one in the first positions of the ranking that really shines, and I find this sort of an anomaly. Is...
  7. Siewi

    Racket brand stereotypes

    I find that not only a funny, but also interesting thread, because I guess most people end up choosing their racquets not in a cold, rational way, but rather based on certain stereotypes (which are also influenced by the players they like). I would be curious to hear if you guys think these...
  8. Siewi

    What is the best frame for my old school game?

    In my opinion the 360+ PMP ticks all the boxes for you.
  9. Siewi

    Is the 93p the right choice for me?

    Thanks for the detailed review, @nintendoplayer. That is quite a thorough explanation of how the 93p plays, and it made me interested in trying this racquet as well. I was just surprised that you were referring to the Prestige MP 2021, since this one is quite different from the 360+ Prestige MP...
  10. Siewi

    Is the 93p the right choice for me?

    Thanks for sharing your interesting quest, mate. I wish you all the best. Could you please elaborate a bit more on the comparison between the Prestige MP and the 93P? I currently play with the Prestige, but I always wanted to try the 93P. Nevertheless, I feel that the Prestige is probably a...
  11. Siewi

    2022 Auxetic Prestige Pro

    Thanks, @McEncock. I look forward to feeling the magic!
  12. Siewi

    2022 Auxetic Prestige Pro

    I had been playing with the PT2.0 for a while and I enjoy it quite a lot, but I recently bought a 360+ PMP in the hopes of it being slightly more accessible. It is a fine racquet, and for some reason my 1HBH feels more natural with it than with the PT. But I tend to find the PMP too underpowered...
  13. Siewi

    The Cult of PT57

    I am also interested in this comparison, but I come from the other side. I have the PT2.0, and it is a wonderful racquet -- but at times a bit too demanding for me. I wonder whether the 360+ PMP offers a similar feel in a slightly more user-friendly racquet.
  14. Siewi

    with whom would Nadal like to face in the final?

    Rafa is planning to skip (part of) the grass season as far as I know: And I also think that Nadal still has a long and bumpy road ahead before claiming the title -- it is far from certain.
  15. Siewi

    If Zverev and Cilic reach the final, what it tells us?

    Exactly, and this black-clad "evil genius" character sort of fits Zverev's personality. It takes more than just being an idiot (such as Kyrgios) to fulfill the role of a proper villain. And I had the impression that Zverev finally embraced this role to be able to beat Alcaraz. If he also knocks...
  16. Siewi

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 vs Prestige 360 + MP ?

    So the general consensus is that the PMP 360+ has better feel than the PT 2.0? (And does this also apply to the new 2021 Head Prestige Pro?)
  17. Siewi

    Rune is Rude, Not Ruud

    It has been clear for a while already that Rune is a spoiled brat -- and Casper has always been a gent.
  18. Siewi

    McEnroe's two cents - Alcaraz v Zverev

    Mac is right. Zverev finally embraced his antihero role and played superbly to ruin everyone's party. Now let's see what he can do in the SF.
  19. Siewi

    How good Djokovic would be if he was as slow as Nadal

    Djokovic can play very well aggressively if he wants to. In fact, he completely shifted his behavior in the second set, stopped grinding and played full-on offense. I think the level that he reached during those games was the highest overall (for both players) in the match. For some reason...
  20. Siewi

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    And I assume you play with the 18x20 version, right?
  21. Siewi

    Holger Rune has more Top 10 wins at Grand Slams than Zverev now

    I am not fond of Rune, but as long as we are using him to mess up with ABZ I don't really mind.
  22. Siewi

    Could we see a Ruud v Zverev final?

    What did poor Casper do to be put in the same category as Zverev?
  23. Siewi

    If Djokovic hired Toni

    If cows could fly, would rain taste like milk?
  24. Siewi

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    It makes sense, danke dir. I will give it a try.
  25. Siewi

    If you were Felix, would you fire Uncle Tony?

    Another thread on that is exactly what we needed...
  26. Siewi

    Are we sleeping on Beardvedev?

    Can Meddy stop Djokodal?
  27. Siewi

    FAA will win Wimbledon 2022.

    It would be interesting if FAA does win it, but Djokovic and Meddy (if he ends up playing) are still some miles ahead of him.
  28. Siewi

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Thanks for the info. I have been experimenting with the PT 2.0 as of late, and so far I like quite a bit. But -- as a good 'holic -- I have also been curious about the 93p. Although I play a rather attacking, all-court game, I play mostly on clay and against players that play with a lot of...
  29. Siewi

    Europe Continues Its Grand Slam Dominance

    Southern versus Northern Europe is also a recipe for success if you ask me. Some matches on clay, other on hard. Bottom line is that pretty much anything is better than the current format.
  30. Siewi

    Practicing for all out war tomorrow

    I gotta say forward cap > backward cap.