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    Pros grip size?

    Are they going bigger then use deadly people?! As sn example Zverev before serving. The grip seems big, and he is quite big, so probaly big hands. But stil, the grip seems to be large.
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    Slice vs dropshot technique?

    What is the difference in execution and ball contact on a slice and a dropshot? The strokes shpuld have two different balltrajection, right? A slice should be low over the net and have a very flat balltrajection where the bounce flattens out. But a drop shot should have a significantly high to...
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    Kordas and Dimtrovs raquet

    Just asking about the paintjob.
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    Kordas and Dimtrovs raquet

    Kordas and Dimtrovs raquet? Not Blade v8 paintjob?! Is their paintjob the new Blade, or painted black in waiting for the new Blade?
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    Wilson Blade 100

    I agree. Not so glossy in shine. Maybee litle darket in colour. And not so smoth, more rough to touch. Agree?
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    Wilson Blade 100 V8 300g needs it's own review, so here goes . . .

    Is it different in paintjob on the Blade 100 vs 98. The pj seems less green and less glossy. Anybody agree?
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    Adidas CourtJam Control, clay or not?

    Bought a couple of pairs for my daughter. But i can’t see if it a clay shor or not. The fishbone sole indicates this, but also the all-court versions of Addidas got this pattern on sole. So, how can i see if it is an allcourt or clay shoe i got? At other brands the ac-sole got total different...
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    Slice vs dropshot?

    What are the main different in performance making this two different shots?! For a beginners eye they look similar, but the effect on the ball is totaly different. A slice go stright and low over net with almodt no bounce. A dropshot got a little hight and then there is backspin on the ball.
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    Special Exempt

    I want to know how it works that´s why I ask. Is hit because his better ranking after his success with semi, and he qualify to the main that way?
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    Special Exempt

    It is a case I don´t understand about this. I understand how iy works if the player not are able to qualify becauseof success the week before. But this scenario is different. It is about M. Ymer in Stockholm. He allready was in the main draw with a WC. But because his success in Florence (lost...
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    Musetti t-shirt in Spain this weekend?

    What Nike-gear is ti Musetti wear? Old one, can´t find it.
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    Sponsorship changes 2022?

    Wrong post
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    Sponsorship changes 2022?

    Sebastian Korda Blacked out raquet? has earlier played with Blade PJ, bur now i Spain his raquet was black. Still Wilson Bag(s).
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    Is the SW-FH grip the same as a East.-BH grip?

    I mean " Is the SW-FH Grip the same as a SW-BH-grip? Just two different names depends on what stroke you do. One more question. When we talk about gripnames on two handed backhands, is this the same names as for forehands? As example if we say continental on the dominant hand, then we mean the...
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    Is it ok to swing the raquet on the wrong side of net.

    He hit it on the wrong side of the net. Before it bounced on his side (volley).
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    Is it ok to swing the raquet on the wrong side of net.

    Thank you! This is going to make my tennis little easier. I have many times taken stupid deccisions in shotselection when i am just at the net. Because to not risk the raquet to pass over the net and over to opponents side.
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    Dead strings without tension loss?

    So you mean that lost string tenison and "dead strings" are two different things. With nothing common?! You can still have good string tension, but dead strings, correct?
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    Dead strings without tension loss?

    So you meen that lost string tenison and "dead strings" are two different things. With nothing common?! You can still have good string tension, but dead strings, correct?
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    Is it ok to swing the raquet on the wrong side of net.

    So, once the ball has bounced on my said. I don`t need to worry on what side of the net i hit it. As long i don`t touch net net. Correct?
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    Is it ok to swing the raquet on the wrong side of net.

    Is it ok to hit the all on ”my” side of the net, but after ball contact finish the swing on the opponents side of the net? as exempel a volley just at the net.
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    Dead strings without tension loss?

    I understand that the term "dead strings" means that the feel is dead, and this is because the elasticity of the material in the strings is worn out. But does this automatically mean that string tension also drops because the elasticity is gone? Or can the elasticity disappear, although you...
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    Should i loose my stringtension?

    I play with Solinco Hyper G, and i like them as most just before the strings go dead. Is this a sign that i should try to string looser then i do now?
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    12 Pack Tennis Bag

    I tried to post a picture on my old Babolat 6-bag and my new Wilson 15-bag. But with no sucess. The Wilson bag is wider, but not much. if you fill the bags the Wilson bag got more ”airspace to grove”, then the difference beeing bigger then now. But when i vompared them the wilson got more goods...
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    12 Pack Tennis Bag

    I went from a Babolat 6-bag to a Wilson 15-bag. The 15 bag is bigger, but not so big. i have compared to a Babolat 9- bag. Babolat 9-bag looks wider/bigger. So the number of raquets is not the hole story.
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    12 Pack Tennis Bag

    I recently bought a Wilson ProStuff 15 raquet bag. It was not super big, not so big like the pros bag you see on TV. I also checked in a 9 raquet bag in the same line. That bag was not much bigger then my earlier Babolat Pure Drive 6 raquet bag. So i got 2 questions. 1. does the pros got bigger...
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    Wilson bags VS Babolat Bags

    Can anyone tell me if the sizes are about the same? Is the Wilson 9 racket bag as a Babolat 9 racket bag? When i look at them (on pictures) i think that the W15 bag är the same in size B9 bag. But reasonably W.15 should be similar to a B12?. Anybody got a input?
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    Wilson Pro overgrip

    This is how I have experienced it to. But have only had Babolat before, so did not know if it was general or only for that brand. Thanks!
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    Wilson Pro overgrip

    Is there a difference between black and white? Or do they perform equally?
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    Anbody else struggeling with the size of Wilson but cap?

    I recently moved from Babolat to A Wilson Blade V.8. I got serious problems with the bigger end cap on the Wilson. Anybody else got this problem? How do you solve it? On the Blade the but cap is much thicker then the handle. On the Babolat the thickness between handle/but capare not that big...
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    Does butt cap size changes with grip size?

    i was not sure if that only was for the internal dimensions.