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  1. aidanzman73

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    F2.0 Tour not featured enough up in here! Great racket and improved my game when I got my first many years ago now. Just picked up a new one for £40! Be interesting to see how it plays next to my dr98s that I moved to
  2. aidanzman73

    Losing tension when stringing crosses.

    Hi guys, I’m using a gamma progression drop weight machine and every time I’ve strung a racket so far when I get to the crosses they always end up coming off in the range of 38-45lbs. I’ve used Poly, Syn Gut, Natural Gut, Multi and always the same. I’ve also changed the tension to try and...
  3. aidanzman73

    2017 Barricade Boost or Asics Court FF?

    I’ve had a pair of barricades since the 2015’s and the 2017 unfortunately just isn’t anywhere near as good a shoe. If you can get the 2016 Boost anywhere then I’d go with them. Since the 2017 model I’ve turned to asics and I’m liking the solution speed 3’s but I long for Adidas to update the...
  4. aidanzman73

    Yonex Doesn’t like Size 12..

    Why will yonex not provide a UK size 12 in any of their shoes????? Look everywhere on UK sites, European sites and US sites but it’s always the same story. UK Size 11.5 and UK 12.5 but nothing in between. EVER. I might not even like them but I’ve always been impressed with their rackets so no...
  5. aidanzman73

    Yonex Poly Tour Spin G

    The G is nothing like the PTS! So much stiffer than that! Timing and swing speed is essential and when you do catch it, the spin is incredible....but the stiffness killed my arm! Strung it at 53lbs in Ai98. Anyone gone for a lower tension and made it work in this racket? If you like the PTS stay...
  6. aidanzman73

    Yonex poly tour spin G

    Yup!!! Thought id try it out in my Ai98 (quite a soft, muted racket) at 53lbs. Instant arm pains!!! No play for a week. Gave it a hit yesterday and it does seem to have become more playable...but only slightly. Spin can be outrageously good with it but its just a killer for the arm sadly. Poly...
  7. aidanzman73

    String Tension for Yonex PTP 125?

    Has anyone strung the PTP 1.25/1.20 up in the higher 50s on an Ai98 and if so how does it play? Had some arm trouble since i tried PTS G at 53 in the Ai98.
  8. aidanzman73

    Yonex Polyester Discussion

    Just put PTS G in my Ai 98 at 53lbs. Feels alot stiffer than PTS. Almst identical look and feel as RPM. Cheaper as well. Not very arm friendly but has the slippier string surface to increase snapback speed so plenty of spin. Probably going back to PTS or PTP for this racket though. Unless anyone...
  9. aidanzman73

    My Take on Yonex Poly tour spin string

    Had this in my Dunlop F2.0 Tour. Working great in the tighter 18/20 pattern after a month of play. Have just purchased the Tour Spin G to put in my ai98. Does anyone have any info on this G version?
  10. aidanzman73

    Yonex Polyester Discussion

    PTS at 52lbs had plenty of control in MY f2.0 Tour. Really does pocket the ball well and really grips the ball and turns it. How does PTS G play?
  11. aidanzman73

    Poly strings for yonex ezone ai 98?

    How does PTP play in the AI98? I keep hearing its a very muted string so im not sure how its going to play when the racket is quite muted as well! Tension suggestions for it please?
  12. aidanzman73

    RPM Copy

    Yonex Poly Tour Spin is a very good RPM alternative and alot cheaper!
  13. aidanzman73

    String Tension for Yonex PTP 125?

    Interesting results! Thinking of putting the PTP 1.25 in my new Ai98! 53 sounds like a good place to start from what im reading..
  14. aidanzman73

    Official Head Graphene Speed Pro Club

    Couldn't resist getting a $60 graphene speed pro ltd from tw this morning! Regular speed pro for just $50 at tennis warhouse europe! Looking forward to joining the club! Asked for it to be strung at 51 which is a lot less than im used to but i've read this forum front to back and a lower tension...
  15. aidanzman73

    Dunlop Biomimetic 200 Plus

    Picked one of these up early last year for £50! Wasn't meant to be anything but a backup racket but it really surprised me with how well it suited my game. Perfect off the volley and my slice backhand adores it with plenty of bite. Despite this i always like to try alternatives. My wish...