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    USTA Expired rating question

    Just for the record for anyone still wondering: I last played a USTA match in 2018 ending that year with a C rating, and now in 2021 (3 years later) I have just signed up for a USTA team and my C rating is still retained -- no need to self-rate.
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    Swing Vision AI line calls and Analysis

    I use the QM-1 as well, and it works great for courts where you can't mount the camera directly to the fence, as you mentioned. For the QM-1 I usually find the camera position to be way too high, so I got a separate camera mount/clamp to clamp it lower on the QM-1 pole itself. I record using my...
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    USTA Expired rating question

    My last USTA match was played in 2018, and I just checked my USTA rating is still a "C" rating. I would guess this means I don't need to self-rate in 2021, but I will find out for sure once I sign up for a league and/or USTA tournaments. "[A]t least 3 years ago" would imply >= 3 years, but...
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    Dealing with the dashing doubles distraction

    Maybe they are afraid of getting hit in the head by their partner's serve
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    Why do all Argentines have good forehands and all Russians have good backhands?

    Playing in indoor courts, the pace is generally faster (no wind and sun to mess up someone's shot-making, no dust, no shadows from trees to mess up vision, etc.), so the player doesn't have enough time to run around his/her backhand. This forces the players to develop better backhands in order...
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    Strongest Combination in Mixed.

    So you're saying that the percentage of 4.0 men at 9.0 mixed who are "sandbaggers" are higher than that at 7.0 and 8.0, and the same phenomenon does not occur for 4.0 women? Even so, given the distribution of sandbaggers/non-sandbaggers/everyone-in-between at 9.0, a 5.0M/4.0W is empirically...
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    Why do return of a HUGE 1st serve just dribble off my racket?

    It could be your hitting structure is not stable at the point of contact (e.g. hitting the ball late, too much arm swing causing timing issues, etc.), and/or not getting your weight behind the ball (try to at least lean into the shot). Those issues can cause the racquet to rebound a little at...
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    Strongest Combination in Mixed.

    From the stats in the blog post, your post is validated only for 7.0 and 8.0, not for 9.0. In 9.0, a 5.0M/4.0W combo is equally as strong as a 4.0M/5.0W combo: ``` In each case below, the first level is the male and second is the female. And I've looked at the various different combinations to...
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    Strongest Combination in Mixed.

    There was an analysis of this a couple years ago on Kevin Schmidt's blog: Basically, "the unbalanced pairs will generally do better than balanced, and the unbalanced with the higher rated male is going to be...
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    Footwork/swing help on short 2 handed backhands

    Hard to describe in words, but try doing something like this: EDIT: Timestamps don't work, see 0:35 and 6:15 for examples Notice Ferrero is still shifting his weight through the shot, as he is moving forward. Also he approaches the ball sideways, to allow said weight transfer to happen.
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    Critique my forehand please (slow motion video)

    Over the years my forehand has always been a fickle shot, always experimenting with different techniques and never feeling happy about it. The past few months I've settled to a comfortable technique, focusing on my weight transfer forward through the shot. So now I'm wondering what to focus on...
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    Are there any tennis leagues or indoor programs around Boston area?

    In addition to the North Shore league, you can take a look at the Central Mass league: North Shore league is doubles only, Central Mass league is a mix of singles and doubles. If you're just looking for hitting partners, you may have to look around at some nearby tennis...
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    A good example of 4.5?S

    Yes he just got bumped up last week to 5.0
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    Tournament match-ups with Peers

    True, if people abuse the TD's good will, then he will be less lenient in the future for sure. But if he's too strict, then people in a similar situation may be less likely to sign up for tournaments at his club, especially if they just play tournaments for fun, not for ranking points etc. That...
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    Tournament match-ups with Peers

    Contact the tournament director right after you and your friend sign up, and mention that you play/practice against your friend regularly. Politely ask if it's possible to not put you against your friend in the 1st round. I played a singles tournament some time ago with my friend, and I did...
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    A good example of 4.5?S

    I know who the guy is from the 2nd video. He has roughly 65-75% win rate playing singles in USTA 4.5 league in the New England area, so yes he would be a solid 4.5.
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    Best place to position GoPro dashcam to film yourself/matches?

    HAHA nice one. If you're not interested to make your own long stick with a hook, you can buy a pre-made one, like "QM-1". Maybe there are others too.
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    Futures tennis from Italy

    The winner "Stefano Travaglia" has been going deep or outright winning his recent futures tournaments: A few years ago he even qualified for the 2014 Rome Masters 1000...
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    Anyone Remember the Yonex Ultimum RD Ti-80?

    Awesome, just got a notification pop-up when royroy85 quoted me =) I'm still using the RD TI 80! Luckily I have 4 of them and they are in decent shape for now, so they should last for some time. I added 10 grams of weight total to each racquet (a pack of...
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    Does anyone record thier matches and create a 'Best Of' montage?

    I've made a match highlights video of my (practice) match once before, it's fun to watch occasionally. Although, most of the winners came from my opponent =) I found iMovie for Mac is quite easy to use for doing this kind of thing. It's still tedious, I didn't have to record the timestamps of...
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    Watching two 5.0 guys

    I played against a guy once in an open tournament, mid-20s, who just gave up on the pro tour to work in an engineering job locally. I got double-bageled and I felt really bad... for him. Must not have been worth his effort to wake up early and drive all the way there to play me lol.
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    What do I have to do to reach 4.5 (match video included)?

    Some non-technical advice: You should regularly train with and play against slightly higher-level players (4.5 players in your case), if you're not already doing that. That way you would know what you need to work on to reach the next level, especially when you watch your match on video against...
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    Watching the Bryan Brothers

    If you want to play like them, you need reflexes of a mongoose on amphetamines. That's the only way to play a point like 8:20
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    Pinpoint vs Platform stance

    Is the Roddick stance considered "narrow platform" or "wide pinpoint"? I use the Roddick stance because I tried to copy his motion a long time ago. I use a different takeback now, but my stance hasn't changed.
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    Please critique me.

    When you are hitting practice rallies, try to hit every ball before it bounces twice. That way you can practice your front/back footwork, which is really important. Another thing I noticed is that you are not split-stepping. However, in my case I never split-stepped when I first started, but I...
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    practice match vids--are they 4.0?

    Actually, I am playing in USTA league now, at 4.0. I started playing USTA leagues at 3.5 long ago (2009), now I'm 4.0, and I'm looking to improve to the next level! That's why I gave tonygao's friends a 4.0 subjective rating, based on what I saw at 3.5 and 4.0 USTA league play...
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    practice match vids--are they 4.0?

    Well it's good at least there are A/B/C designated level tournaments, too bad there aren't enough tournaments there. I'm in Massachusetts USA now, I do miss Thailand =)
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    practice match vids--are they 4.0?

    I was referring to the OP "tonygao", from his youtube channel it looks like he is in China. hi10spro, are you in Thailand? I actually grew up in Thailand, but I don't know if there are any organized recreational leagues/tournaments there. I was in high school, so we had our tennis varsity team...
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    practice match vids--are they 4.0?

    LOL I just noticed this thread is 3 years old! -.-