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  1. chess9

    The RF97 is Perfect, but I can't find the right Strings

    Yes, I like Luxilon Ace 112 strung around 50. I'm most likely much older than the OP and it works fine for me. No hand, wrist or arm problems. I haven't seen the OP's swing, but technical issues can be causing his problems. Most good players can play with almost any racquet. Margaret Court hit...
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    Roger Federer's RF97 customized racquet with pics.

    My knees are great, but my back is a bit iffy like most guys my age. Fortunately, my legs are quite strong still. I've simply lost too much of my ability to ride and run long, as in Ironman distance races. I may do some shorter races next year, unless I get re-addicted to tennis. Btw, I've...
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    Roger Federer's RF97 customized racquet with pics.

    Sorry to dig up this old thread, but I find it interesting The above analysis is compelling, with the caveat (imho) that tinkering is just fun and trying to get Fed's specs or a semblance could be an interesting experiment. I love confirmation's everywhere. Again, imho, I would not be...
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    My Dads serve

    Great post. Classic video. I've watched that video about 1,000 times. The OP's dad PUSHES or muscles the ball, in addition to the other faults noted. Put a two by four two inches inside the baseline and tell him to land on the other side of it with his follow through. ;) He'll either get the...
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    When Your Legs Are Gone

    Yes, lack of fitness. Same with most cramps. The OP might consider running EVERY DAY from 20-30 minutes up to one hour. Just run. If you can squeeze in some speed work on one or two of those days, all the better. Now, if you are 80 and are getting tired in the 5th set, that's a different...
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    Is topspin 1hbh a real option?

    Every tool you can develop and use is probably going to improve your chances of prevailing against a given opponent. Drop shot, insideout forehand, topspin lob, heavy sidespin slice, kick/slice/flat serve, etc. Every match is a problem to be solved.... I learned a topspin backhand at 60. You can...
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    Legs legs legs

    Hmmmm.... Well, you could cut off your legs and offer me a $1,000 to play. Would that sort it? -Robert
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    Do you play other sports besides tennis ??

    The last 33 years I've done triathlons as well as tennis, and am just starting to do more tennis and less swimming, biking and running because I've gotten old. That happens I'm told.... -Robert
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    Standstill's and my fitness program

    Terrible idea from an exercise physiology standpoint, but it looks fun and a lot like something I did in college. If you aren't a pro fun is the name of the game. Go for it!
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    How to lose weight the right way?

    Diets fail, lifestyle changes can succeed. You know what to eat and not to eat, probably. And you know how much to eat. The problem is the messages for junk food many of us succumb to. Do not try to lose a lot of weight over a short period. You will end up dehydrated and may lose muscle.
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    What's the best way to build statima?

    Tempo runs just under lactate threshold for 20 to 60 minutes, assuming you have a sufficient base of LSD running. You should have some trouble talking at tempo pace but should not be struggling to breathe.
  12. chess9

    Heart rate monitors - anyone using one?

    Polar rcx5. Great product.
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    Best workout for 49 year old???

    X2 on the bike. Warm up 10-20 minutes with a few fast spin ups (120 RPMs), then 10 x 30 seconds ALL OUT with 2 minute rest interval. Cool down 10 minutes. Running at the track, similar drill. Warm up. 10 x 100 meters all out, 2 minutes easy jog. Cool down. Footspeed!
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    TT Competitive Runners Thread

    I just got the medical report on my treadmill stress test. I did 14.25 minutes on the Bruce Protocol. I did start jogging lightly about minute 12 and onwards, but apparently one of the leads was jiggling so I started getting some squiggles at my "J" point per the technicians, so they stopped...
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    Single Handed Backhand, 90,95,100 sq inch Head size

    Such small differences in head sizes is non-consequential, IMHO. -Robert
  16. chess9

    Do you ever do exercises to improve your balance?

    Those are very good. I do pistols occasionally, but will try the book and tea cup routines. I also do lunges, btw, and I think they are helpful for balance. But, specificity counts, so on court agility drills are probably the cat's meow. -Robert
  17. chess9

    So I Broke My Arm Squatting

    Yes, of course. The weight really isn't all that much for a younger guy. Just a freak accident. When you start squatting over 700 lbs, then you are getting into serious squatting. ;) -Robert
  18. chess9

    So I Broke My Arm Squatting

    LOL! I can't do the low bar position. I have tons of respect for Rippetoe, but no thanks. I also use the Smith Machine always for my squats, and haven't gone over 300 in 5 years, maybe longer. I'm assuming you dropped the bar while free squatting? Bummer. Good luck! -Robert
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    Do you ever do exercises to improve your balance?

    I was just discussing this very topic with an older friend who has trouble recovering after a shot. If you watch older players their hip flexors, glutes, quads, and hamstrings are weak. But, it's not enought to train those muscles passively and individually, but you must actively train them, in...
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    losing weight.

    Nice site! Also, try Tom Venuto at Gotta' remind Tom to stop using those pics of me from last summer. ;) -Robert
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    losing weight.

    Any slow digesting protein/fat/carb like natural peanut butter, nuts, chicken/beef pieces (lean and clean!), etc. will help delay hunger. If you are hungry and eat something like a Twinkie you will be hungry again in 15 minutes. Diet is extremely important for athletes, though a few jocks can...
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    losing weight.

    Vegetables are generally low glycemic index carbs, so they are good. Unfortunately, most yogurt sold commercially is loaded with SUGAR. If you tend to be an endomorph then eat slightly more protein, very few high GI carbs, and get plenty of cardio. Endomorphs tend to have insulin sensitivity...
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    losing weight.

    Losing weight can be difficult, and simply cutting out a few calories usually doesn't accomplish much after the first few days because your body will adapt to a lower caloric intake. To seriously change weight most males over about 20-25 need a serious uptick in exercise VOLUME and/or a...
  24. chess9

    So I Broke My Arm Squatting

    You were doing front squats, right? No meaningful arm involvement normally in back squats. But, it's a strange injury....Sorry to hear about it, mate. My son had that break at Disney doing the world arm wrestling championships. It kept him out of Marine Corps Flight School. -Robert
  25. chess9

    Nopalea by Trivita-any comments on this?

    Without some modest research on efficacy and safety, why take something like that? It's probably not harmful, but why risk it? When it comes to this kind of magic medicine, remember Mencken's injunction: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." :)...
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    Improve your tennis strength with this? (saw it on Tennis channel)

    For older people (like 80), young children, non-exercisers and perhaps small females, I'd think it would have some benefit. Remember, something IS better than nothing. :) However, it isn't working any major muscle groups, and it's benefit is primarily arm toning (is that a benefit?), with...
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    Practice pain: Love it or hate it? How do you deal with it?

    Crying helps. ;) -Robert
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    Benefits of Big Lifts Aren't So Big

    You know that is a very controversial area. (Naughty boy!) Supposedly, a maximum of 3 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is the safe MAXIMUM for long term useage per Berardi. No one needs anything like that. IMHO, a beginner is fine with one to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight...
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    Benefits of Big Lifts Aren't So Big

    I doubt I put on that much muscle, though I got a lot stronger. We were estimating body fat in the 1970's with calipers as you may recall. :) I did wear a tight 46 long suit in those days with size 34 pants. ;) Today I wear 32 pants and a 44 long suit. I'm also 174 today. To be honest, I...
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    Benefits of Big Lifts Aren't So Big

    At that time I was about 6'1" tall. I'm just slightly over 6 feet now. I love your sig, btw! -Robert