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  1. hisrob777

    Racquet Crisis!

    I’ve been thinking about demoing a clash. Recommended string set up?
  2. hisrob777

    Racquet Crisis!

    Okay sorry for the dramatic title but I need some help.... I have been playing a Donnay Pentacore 97 16x19 for almost two years. Great control. Moderate power and spin. I have some lead tape on it at 3 & 9 and 12. Leather grip. This past November I noticed tenderness in my shoulder and was...
  3. hisrob777

    Best Racquets For Tennis Elbow...

    Deleted post
  4. hisrob777

    Donnay's new Pentacore line of rackets

    I purchased a Pentacore 97 a few months ago. I’m playing my best tennis in years. Tennis elbow gone. I’m using a full bed of Luxilon ALU soft at 50lbs with some lead at 12,3 and 9. I just ordered a used Hexacore 97 soft of the Donnay site yesterday. Can’t wait. I’m definitely a Donnay fan...
  5. hisrob777

    How is the tennis industry going to adjust?

    In 40 years pickle ball will have overtaken tennis in popularity. Everyone will watch 70+ year old Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray playing pickle ball doubles! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hisrob777

    Was Bartoli forced to retire?

    Interested to find out how she lost the weight. She looks so different!
  7. hisrob777

    What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

    Beyond the Sea sung by Kevin Spacey
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    Pickleball invasion?

    For the record I don't live in The Villages. I am in my 30's married with three kids. Interestingly enough we drove through the Villages last night after having dinner and saw a 60 something couple openly making out on the sidewalk! Lol. I hear 5 women for every man. The Villages aka Cougar...
  9. hisrob777

    Pickleball invasion?

    I live close to The Villages in Florida. Pickle ball is everywhere.
  10. hisrob777

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars: Episode 1
  11. hisrob777

    Name your 5 favourite players within the top 100

    1. Nadal 2. Murray 3. Monfils (pure entertainment) 4. Wawrinka 5. Djokovic
  12. hisrob777

    Nadal will finish with more Slams than Djokovic. Do you agree?

    IMO If Novak Djokovic maintains his current form for the next couple of years he could win 4 of the next 7 grand slams putting him at 15. Getting to 11 today will only make him hungrier to continue. *Nadal is my favorite player and has been for years
  13. hisrob777

    Your Racquet Timeline

    1. Wilson Hammer 2. Prince O3 Hybrid Shark 3. Prince O3 Tour 4. Head Speed Pro 5. Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 Classic 6. Babolat Aero Pro Drive Cortex 7. Wilson BLX Pro Staff 95 8. Dunlop 500 Tour 9. Wilson BLX Blade 98 10. Head Microgel Radical OS 11. Babolat Aero Pro Drive 2013 12. Head Microgel...
  14. hisrob777

    2015 Rio Open SF - Nadal (1) vs Fognini (4)

    Djokovic: 2015 French Open Champion. But Vamos Rafa anyway
  15. hisrob777

    WatchESPN closed caption

    Has anyone else been using WatchESPN to watcj the aussie open on your mobile device? There are closed captions and I can't figure out how to turn them off. It's frustrating because they're taking up 1/4 of the screen. Any suggestions? <a...
  16. hisrob777

    If you could choose to change one Federer match loss

    I would change Federer losing the 2010 USO semi to Djokovic. That would have been Fed and Nadal's first USO match in the Final. They've never played each other there which I find very odd.
  17. hisrob777

    Is this the worst US Open you've ever seen?

    I enjoyed this US Open. Glad for a new slam winner. Missed Nadal not being there. Glad the USA was represented well with the women's singles championship and the men's doubles championship.
  18. hisrob777

    Big boomer tennis: The Winston Salem Final

    Good match. JJ had his chances.
  19. hisrob777

    I miss spin.....

    The hybrid of hurricane and Xcel is hurting my elbow (strung at 53lbs) oh well.... I'm watching TW review videos for racquets and am beginning to get the itch to demo(my wife is gonna love that)
  20. hisrob777

    I miss spin.....

    Thanks for all the great input guys. I restrung with Pro Hurricane/Xcel hybrid. Gonna hit in the morning.
  21. hisrob777

    I miss spin.....

    I've considered trying some other string.
  22. hisrob777

    I miss spin.....

    I've been playing a leaded up Head Microgel Radical MP. I use a full bed of Technifibre X1 at 55. I switched to this set up for comfort. I used to play a Babolat APD with poly and got bad tennis elbow. Even with adjustments in technique I'm just not getting the spin I used to with this 18x20...
  23. hisrob777

    Recreational Ethics

    For the record I didn't "demand" a first serve. I was testing the waters a bit with this guys knowledge of the rules though. I did hit a second serve. I will say I let my racquet do the talking the rest of the match. There may or may not have been a few put aways at a certain persons feet. Lol
  24. hisrob777

    Recreational Ethics

    Was playing a rec practice doubles match the other day. Was serving to the guy in the ad court. My first serve was out and hit the back fence and rolled to the next court which was empty. He walked over and picked up the ball making me wait around 20 seconds to hit my second serve. When he got...
  25. hisrob777

    Why Nadal will only win one more slam

    I hope you're wrong. Nadal deep in slams in great for the sport love him or hate him....
  26. hisrob777

    Another Tennis Elbow Thread

    Update: Been continuing to play with the Head Microgel Radical Mid Plus strung with X1 Biphase. It's leaded up as well. Tennis elbow has not been noticeable! While I miss the spin of the APD I enjoy not being in pain more. Besides my game has adapted quite well to the Head.
  27. hisrob777

    Rafa on grass

    That is a valid point for sure.
  28. hisrob777

    Rafa on grass

    What I was thinking.
  29. hisrob777

    Nadal's match today makes me respect Federer a hell of a lot more

    Rember the borrower is slave to the lender