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    Check out my flea bay if you want another ! :) Doesn’t have the original grip tho.
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    Yonex Mid Frames

    Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll go check specs and reviews
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    If anyone has any F93's they'd like sell please PM me. Cheers, Peter
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    Yonex Mid Frames

    Don't suppose you know if any other frames play similar to the vcore tour F 93? I'm looking for some F93'a, but if I can't find them - might have to look at some other frames. I'd like to keep the same weight / swing weight / maneuverability essentially. Suggestions welcome. Cheers
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    VCore Tour F

    Don't suppose anyone here has any Vcore tour F 93's they want to sell? PM me if so. cheers!
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    yonex v core F ?

    Don't suppose anyone here has any Vcore tour F 93's they want to sell? PM me if so. cheers!
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    Yonex vcore tour f 93 vs Yonex vcore 95d

    Don't suppose anyone here has any Vcore tour F 93's they want to sell? PM me if so. cheers!
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    Yonex VCORE Tour F 93 Review

    Don't suppose anyone here has any Vcore tour F 93's they want to sell? PM me if so. cheers!
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    Volkl Powerbridge 10 Mid (is it really that good?)

    Oh god.. I must have bounced around a million rackets since those Dunlops. I couldn’t click on the forehand with them (must be the rackets fault right ). I’m using the all black Wilson Blade 93’s at the moment (circa 2013 I think). Still have two of those Volkl’s actually I think in a box...
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: Babolat Pure Strike VS 2022

    what tensions did you try & end up on? thanks
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    Official Babolat Strike VS 2022 thread

    What tension do you go with ?
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    The Fischer Faction!

    If anyone here has any old Fischer racket bags for sale could they message me? I’ve been looking for a 9 or 12 frame size bag for ages but with no joy unfortunately. :(
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    Low tension Luxilon ALU Power in control racquets

    thanks for the reply and info. Yes, I was leaning towards trying a 48/44 gut hybrid, as I like full poly at 40lbs. I’ll hopefully try it soon, and if so, I’ll report back. Cheers
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    Low tension Luxilon ALU Power in control racquets

    Do you think, if you got the gut hybrid at the right tension so it was similar in feel to the all Alu setup, it would last longer (tension etc.)? Ps - try 4g at 40lbs. It’s spectacular. (My reference is on a ps90).
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Jolly, One more question for you please. Did you try various tensions in around the 40, and decided to stay on 40? Did you try any lower? Tried this with 40lbs today with 18g BlackCode 4S and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be trying Ice Code 1.20 soon once a reel arrives. Might well keep it at...
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    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Hi Jolly, Have you ever tried T1 FireWire boost in this frame? I see you went from 50-52lbs initially, down to 40lbs with AluPower. Which tension do you lean towards for match play ? thanks Peter
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    Best leather Grip

    As a matter of interest, since you mentioned Fischers Vac Pro 90, what other racquets do you like? I find it impossible to find other, more modern rackets, that I like after using the Fischers. Unfortunately really as they’re so unforgiving :) I agree, the retro Oehms grip on the Fischers are...
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    Best leather Grip

    hi there, Probably a silly question, but I’ll ask it anyway. Looking at the specs for the retro vs premium Oehms grips.. retro has 19g, while premium says 27g. However, they are the same length and thickness, but different width (2.1 vs 2.5). With that taken into account, I’d imagine the premium...
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    String recommendations for Fischer Pro Vacuum 90

    I've had these frames for 25+ years. Personally, I feel the gut adds to much weight in the head for my liking (but I am very sensitive to changes on these frames in that regard). Lux ALU power ICE Blue at 50-51lbs is very nice. I pull the mains and crosses same tension, although I know fischer...
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    Leather grips lovers

    I read a comment from someone on TT that their opinion was .. that most people probably pull their leather grips too much when installing, resulting in not allowing some comfort/natural compression when using day to day. Others (most people it would seem), advise to pull very hard when...
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    Mikeler's Polys

    what was the idea for leaving the cross string at 60, vs 56 on mains? Is the ghostwire string soft(er) than the firewire mains ? Thanks
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    Tier1 Firewire Boost Hybrid Quick Review

    what tension do you generally go for, for this string setup? I’ll be testing it in a 2014 pro staff 90 (usual setup would be various polys around 50-52lbs, eg: RazorCode 1.20, pacific xcite 1.20)
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    Best 18g string to try?

    Any tension suggestions for full bed of this in a pro staff 90?
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    Favorite multifilament

    I’m trying to pick an optimal string for a pro staff 90, but I rule gut out completely because I actually want a light weight stringbed to bring down the swingweight and make it that bit easier to use. So I’m left with 1.25 multis, or thin gauge poly options. Just another angle to the discussion...
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    Calling Michael Stich's Fischer racquet expert!

    Do you have any idea if he used leather or synthetic grips? And any idea what balance / setup he liked? Very HL I would have thought, so if lead on the frame, perhaps offset with lead or leather grip? also interesting to know his preferred tension was outside the 52/50 “recommended” tension...
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    heavy racquet = better slice?

    @dnguyen what string and tension do you use in you pro 90? Thanks
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    Calling Michael Stich's Fischer racquet expert!

    What do you guys string this frame with, and at what tension?
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    High tension -> low Tension

    I may have missed it in earlier threads, but just for context - what tension did you start off with (happy place), and go down towards/test - and did the experimenting result in you using a lower tension than what you started with? There appears to be a somewhat approved perception that you...
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Interesting... thanks
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    New Wilson Baiardo

    Does anyone here have any experience using any of the Pacific DX stringing machines? DX7 is their latest, but I can’t find any info/reviews online about it, or even previous models.