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  1. jonRF

    Babolat revenge/Tecnifibre XR1 hybrid?

    Good combo or not for spin? Plan to string revenge at 54 for the mains and Tecnifibre XR1 at 56 for the crosses.
  2. jonRF

    Babolat Revenge

    what is your recommended tension for the revenge?
  3. jonRF

    Babolat Revenge

    What is your beast's string tension and hows it faring for you?
  4. jonRF

    Babolat Revenge

    Great feel, god power without sacrificing control, good tension stability. Only drawback is it's average spin potential. Whenever I brush the ball I don't get the results that I expect, but perfect on flat shots. Sometimes I get good spin depending on my stroke.
  5. jonRF

    Babolat Team Line 3 pack?

    Who here has one and what do you put inside aside from rackets?
  6. jonRF

    Babolat Revenge

    I heard that the revenge is a stiff control oriented poly while beast has good power for a poly.
  7. jonRF

    Babolat Revenge

    I just got the Babolat Revenge string to replace my beast XP which I felt was overpowered. What tension should I string it at to get a balance of power and control. I use the Babolat Pure Drive GT and play baseline most of the time. And btw how does it play??:confused:
  8. jonRF

    Should I replace my racket?

    Should I replace my babolat pdgt because there is a crack in the gt area. Should I use it until it cracks or get a new stick? It went through 6 restringings and the warranty period is over.
  9. jonRF

    Babolat Hurricane Feel/M2 Pro hybrid setup?

    Will this work good for spin and comfort or rather Tecnifibre black code with x one biphase or alu power with psgd?
  10. jonRF

    Need Advice.

    I currently have some money to shell. I am thinking about getting a new stick or a nice gut poly hybrid or Luxilon ALU Power. I currently use the Babolat PDGT and either planning to get the Tecnifibre Tfight 320, Wilson Tour Blx, a head microgel radical, or a second hand PDGT. Should I just have...
  11. jonRF

    Which one of these are good hybrids?

    1. Babolat Pro Hurricane/Babolat Addiction 51/55 2. Prince Beast XP/Tecnifibre XR1 56/55 3. Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour/Xcel 51/55 4. Babolat RPM Blast/Babolat S Gut 51/55 5. Wilson Champion's Choice 6. Wilson Pro Duo (Lux BB Timo/Hollow Core Pro) Which of these combination will last long...
  12. jonRF

    Next strings?

    Which one of these are good strings? I currently use beast xp in my pdgt but am playtesting different strings to see which fits my game. I am a intermediate baseliner and I can hit both spin and flat shots. I want something with good grab and good playability like the beast. Here are my choices...
  13. jonRF

    Which racket for me?

    I am currently using a babolat pure drive GT and I want to get a backup frame. I am a intermediate baseliner who likes to hit with spin and I like tweener rackets. Here are my choices: 1. Head Youtek IG Instinct 2. Babolat Aero Storm GT 3. Tecnifibre T-Fight V02 295 4. Dunlop Biomimetic 200...
  14. jonRF

    Prince Beast xp

    Is this a good spin string and how does it perform because I just recently strung this on my racket full bed at 56 Ibs. and I like to hit with plenty of topspin and slice.
  15. jonRF

    Which shoe should I get?

    Thanks guys for the help! I decided to get a Courtballistec 4.3 that was on sale.
  16. jonRF

    Barricade team 2s?

    How does it perform? Is it good for me cause i am a speed player. Does it contain the barricade claws and last long for its budget. I have a bit of flat feet and i need a comfortable, lightweight shoe.
  17. jonRF

    Which shoe should I get?

    They do sell cb 4.3 here but i'm a bit on a budget.
  18. jonRF

    Which shoe should I get?

    I recently came back to tennis after a short break, but gave away my barricade 2s due to a hole in the insole. I need new shoes and here are my choices barricade team 2, barricade 7, propulse, or breathe 2k12. Please help! I have a bit of a flatter arch but not considered flat footed. I need a...
  19. jonRF

    What racquet do you use and strings at what tension?

    Babolat Pure Drive Gt strung with Tecnifibre XR1 at 55 ibs.
  20. jonRF

    Just Got Back to tennis.

    I will be getting a restring in one to two months and i want to try out different strings. Preferably a arm friendly poly from Babolat, luxilon, or tecnifibre.
  21. jonRF

    Just Got Back to tennis.

    I was able to get rid of anger management issues right now but the racket has been smashed a few times before without major cracks but the frame does not look good anymore.
  22. jonRF

    Just Got Back to tennis.

    I just got it restrung today with the Tecnifibre XR1 at 55 ibs. Hope its a good string...
  23. jonRF

    Just Got Back to tennis.

    So i just recently got back to playing again after a two year break. My groundstrokes lost power but i am still able to generate spin. Just wondering if my racket will be okay to use in getting back my game. It is a Pure Drive Gt with Luxilon M2 pro. Thanks! wish me luck in getting back my game.:)
  24. jonRF

    Roland Garros - FRENCH OPEN 2011 - Discussion

    I believe in upsets! :twisted:
  25. jonRF

    Dunlop Biomimetic 600

    I am planning to buy myself a biomimetic 600 this year. Is it a good stick?I need something that mostly resembles a Pure Drive GT. Btw, i am a 3.5- 4.0 NTRP Player.
  26. jonRF

    Lightest and heaviestt racket used by pro

    Robredo's racket is sort of light in the ATP. In the WTA, the lightest belongs to Dominika Cibulkova. I consider Federer's stick one of the heaviest in present day!
  27. jonRF

    Roger Got Owned in MC '11!

    The moment i've been waiting for. He was defeated by Jurgen Melzer after so much matches. I wanna see some more of this. I hope Nadal and Murray will get owned by Ljbuby and Gil! :twisted: Murray is a cheater. Using dropshots against someone because he is injured!
  28. jonRF

    New D Rose sneaker unveiled!

    It's called the Adidas Adizero Crazy Light. Lightest bball shoes ever weighing at 9.8 oz. Want to cop a pair when it releases. Super excited to see it release.:shock:
  29. jonRF

    Do you think Raonic should be seeded in RG 2011

    What ya think? if yes what seed?
  30. jonRF

    M2 Pro is an awesome string!

    today i played for 2 hours with my babolat pure drive gt strung with Lux M2 Pro at 51 Ibs. The string had a lot of power, control and feel. Almost all of the impossible shots i made went in. When i was done playing, i didn't have to align my string and there was no tension loss. Obviously i am...