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  1. bowchikawow

    2023 Yonex VCore Pro Racquets / 2024 Percept Racquets

    What are people stringing their Percept 97's with? Anyone tried it with a hybrid of: Yonex Polytour Rev Mint + Rexis Speed? Just played tonight with Polytour Rev at 53ibs and really enjoyed it. Thinking of getting a second one and fancy trying out a different string set up...
  2. bowchikawow

    New Balance General Thread (2023)

    Anyone know anywhere in the UK that the 2023 mens gear is available?
  3. bowchikawow

    Best Tacky Overgrip

    The Soderling TruTac are great but very hard to locate!
  4. bowchikawow

    Anybody have tips on keeping your overgrips clean?

    Mine get really dirty from travelling with my tennis backpack on the underground. Anyone know anywhere you can get a tennis racket handle cover?
  5. bowchikawow

    Robin Soderling TrueTrac grip replacement

    Anyone got any recommendations for a replacement for the soderling TrueTrac grip? They don't seem to be available... I like the tackiness of the grips and they stay this way for a long time Any recommendations from folks? Thanks!
  6. bowchikawow

    Asics Court FF3

    Do we know if there will be new colour ways of the FF2 or not? Stock seems to be very low everywhere too! Panic
  7. bowchikawow

    String recommendations: similar strings to Solinco Tour Bite

    Look for some recommendations for similar strings to solon tour bite - playing it in a Wilson blade 18 x 20 - like the touch and spin and much prefer the feel of TB to something like Hyper G Have tried quite a few strings and feel TB are my faviourites but would like to have a back up option...
  8. bowchikawow

    New Asics Court FF 2

    does anyone know if there will be any more colour ways released this year?
  9. bowchikawow

    How accurate are Wilson custom racquet colours - website vs real?

    Thanks a lot @LeftyJunk and @JOSHL!
  10. bowchikawow

    How accurate are Wilson custom racquet colours - website vs real?

    Any know if it is possible to get this colour on the Wilson Custom frames - it is the neon blue option?
  11. bowchikawow

    Tommy Paul's new sweet custom Blade (or H22, who cares)

    Any know if it is possible to get this colour on the Wilson Custom frames - it is the neon blue option?
  12. bowchikawow

    New Balance 996v4

    Anyone know when the new Lav's will be released?
  13. bowchikawow

    Laver Cup apparel

    anyone know if those Nike shoes will be available to the public?
  14. bowchikawow

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    I bought them of Vidda, I'm looking at selling them though (they are in the Europe/UK for sale section). They are wonderful frames, so solid.
  15. bowchikawow

    sorry, it has been sold

    sorry, it has been sold
  16. bowchikawow

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    Playing with 2 Head PT57A's, but looking to move them on and demo cheaper frames!
  17. bowchikawow

    ONE MONTH REVIEW - Yonex Vcore Tour G 330 HG

    Hi, I absolutely love this stick. I made the mistake of replacing the base grip with a leather and want to change back. Unfortunately the original base grip has lost all of its tack and wont go back on. I ask TW but they cant help. Can anyone tell me the exact Yonex base grip model and if...
  18. bowchikawow

    Harrison VS Monfils LOL

    He trains plenty hard, he's a hard worker. He's tried to succeed and is doing his best, it's not so easy to do. It's mostly due to his game, he has a great serve but everything else is just average. Forehand needs work, movement and ROS could be better ect. The part in bold made me laugh...
  19. bowchikawow

    No more Donnay pro ones? Donnay going out of business?

    Anybody know if it's still possible to get the Donnay X-Black 94?
  20. bowchikawow

    Adidas Barricade 8.0

    Does anybody know what the colorways for this years Barricades will be? I need a new pair, but don't like the colorways out at the moment for the 8s.
  21. bowchikawow

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    That is an impressive collection! Would be interested to know how the QTour compares to the Head PT57A.
  22. bowchikawow

    Gael MONFILS switched to Wilson

    Do you have any more info on this- I do not speak French, but do not hear the word 'Asics' mentioned!
  23. bowchikawow

    Wilson Blade Club - Come on in you crazy kids! - 2013 info and more welcome :)

    Anybody have a release date for the new Blade's in the U.K or Europe? Also will the new tour also come with a leather?
  24. bowchikawow

    ***** Prince EXO3 Rebel Club *****

    Anyone know where to get the original prince rebel 95 in a grip size 3 plus some grommets for it?
  25. bowchikawow

    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    3 extremely different rackets in my opinion. The 95d I can huge spin with in particular on the serves, it is also possible to hit flat but I find that unless I go after the ball I hit long too regularly. The ps90 is a wonderful racket but you have to be on form or prepared to accept some...
  26. bowchikawow

    You know you're addicted to tennis when....

    when you were in science exam and used federer's height in as a ball park number to devide a sum.
  27. bowchikawow

    New K-swiss colorway

    They looked wicked! Does anyone know if they will be available in Europe?
  28. bowchikawow

    Barricade 7s

    Same here, it is just the left one. It may be because of the orthotics butt his did not happen with my nike's. Luckily they are amazing shoes, unlike the Nike 2k11s
  29. bowchikawow

    Barricade 7s

    My barricade 7's squeak when I walk, anyone else have this? They are now a few weeks old as well.
  30. bowchikawow

    IG Speed 16*19 vs IG Radical Pro

    Hi mate, email sent. Hopefully you got it, I sent it judt now, if you do not get it, then let me know. Cheers.