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  1. TU87

    What should rising Djokovic have done differently?

    He should have signed with Nike early in his career. I believe a majority of Fed and Nadal's popularity is based on branding from Nike. Nike has been the best at branding their athletes and they have always embraced controversial athletes as well. Serena has never had the greatest personality...
  2. TU87

    Rome Masters event will likely ban Russians and Belarusians

    The ATP and WTA have much more control over the Masters 1000 events than they do over the Grand Slams. The most they can do to the Grand Slams is not count the points towards ranking. For the Masters 1000 they can strip the 1000 designation and and make those events 250 and award the Masters...
  3. TU87

    Top players should threaten to boycott Wimbledon.

    This is another reason why players need a players union, so they can be united on issues. Best that the ATP and WTA can do is not count ranking points from this year's Wimbledon and leave last year's points. That way if some want to boycott it does not hurt their ATP or WTA ranking.
  4. TU87

    Djokovic must avoid 3-year ban or risk being buried beneath Nadal-Federer historically.....

    In sports all that matters is winning. Ray Lewis was connected to a double homicide, he is in the hall of fame and considered one of the best linebackers ever. Tiger Woods has his personal issues, doesn't matter considered one of the greatest golfers ever. Aaron Rodgers misled the press about...
  5. TU87

    Djokovic must avoid 3-year ban or risk being buried beneath Nadal-Federer historically.....

    Why can't he win some FO, Wim and USO before retiring? He might not need AO
  6. TU87

    Does Novak Djokovic ever play AO again?

    Will he be able to? Will Australia ever allow an unvaxxed athlete into the country? If so, IMO it depends on if he feels he needs to. If he wins a couple of the other slams this year and was to pull ahead in the slam race then he might feel like 9 AO titles is enough. I think it depends a lot on...
  7. TU87

    Will they get Renata back in Australia now?

    Yes I felt worse for her than Djokovic. She is a lower ranked player that needs the points and the prize money that a grand slam appearance would pay. Plus they initially let her in and only rounded her up after the Djokovic denial (to give them cover of course). The least Australia or the AO...
  8. TU87

    Can someone knowledgeable clarify what was Djokovic's plan for AO between Dec 10-16 ?

    If the timeline and everything is true (meaning he did actually get COVID and this was not a fake panic move to be able to attend) I think he was hoping AO would have a bubble for unvaxed players or he was going to withdraw at the last possible moment. I don’t think he was going to get vaccinated.
  9. TU87

    It's scandalous what's happening with Renata Voracova

    She did the same thing that Novak did. She was allowed to file for an exemption. She did. It was granted (she didn't grant it to herself) by authorities that she presumed had the authority to grant it. She came to play tennis. Like her Novak did nothing wrong in applying for an exemption that he...
  10. TU87

    Who stole Sir Andy's stinky shoes and wedding ring?

    The comment by Russ at the end after Clark’s elaborate story: Do you think mom will buy it? Andy do you think Kim will buy it?
  11. TU87

    Who stole Sir Andy's stinky shoes and wedding ring?

    Andy's story reminds me of this scene in vacation:
  12. TU87

    2021 US Open Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Daniil Medvedev

    I think Med serves it out but Novak is delighted that the crowd has been cheering for him
  13. TU87

    Who has accomplished more: Thiem or Zverev?

    Thiem. He won a slam and been to 3 other finals plus won Indian Wells. Olympic gold is on the level of a masters 1000 not a slam
  14. TU87

    Does Djokovic’s losses in the Olympics semifinal and subsequent bronze medal match prove God is evil?

    It is a great lesson in how everything can be going great and then suddenly turn. He was the one of the stars of the Olympic village, athletes from all over the world wanting to get their picture with him. He was winning easily in singles then starts winning in mixed. Everyone starts asking can...
  15. TU87

    The Olympics are of no interest to anyone.

    For major professional sports like tennis, golf, basketball the olympics its more a personal desire than a legacy builder. Where in track and field, swimming, gymnastics it means everything.
  16. TU87

    Djokovic: I'm sorry for Nina and I apologize to all fans in Serbia but my body completely collapsed

    I honestly think he thought they would only play one match. They were the last team to qualify and played a seeded team in the first round.
  17. TU87

    Djokovic: I'm sorry for Nina and I apologize to all fans in Serbia but my body completely collapsed

    The format does not suit an older player. It is one of reasons Nadal did not play. It is the short recover time from one match to the next that is the issue. The Slams with their days off between matches allows that recover time. It’s not the first time he has over played and picked up an injury.
  18. TU87

    Srdjan speaks again, 10 more slams for his son

    Exactly, every parent wants to think their kid will be special. His actually is.
  19. TU87

    Federer withdraws from the Olympic Games

    If it is truly a knee issue and not just an excuse to not go to the Olympics (He did want to go with the restrictions anyway), then that is NOT good.
  20. TU87

    It's all about the balance in the Universe

    I thought about that same thing yesterday. From the embarrassment of the USO open default to wining the first 3 slams of 2021 and getting to 20 slams. Sports are like that.
  21. TU87

    Fed winning Wimbledon at nearly 40 vs. Djoker winning CYGS: What would be the bigger story?

    Fed is not 40 he is 39 won't be 40 until August 8th.
  22. TU87

    2021 Wimbledon R3: Novak Djokovic [1] vs Denis Kudla [114]

    Playing a little like "this is the round I lost in 2016" doesn't seem as confident in his shots as against Anderson, playing a bit more safe.
  23. TU87

    Kyrgios is a much more naturallly gifted player than Federer

    He might be the best athlete but IMO Kyrgios greatest attribute is his unpredictability on the court. Mostly all the players have a pattern of play and he does not. It is one of the reasons he doesn't want a couch. A couch is going to have him play a certain way and fine tune that way. Kyrgios...
  24. TU87

    2021 Wimbledon R1: Roger Federer [8] vs Adrian Mannarino [42]

    Federer is no different than an other athlete relative to this. Better to be potentially saved by an opponents injury than lose.
  25. TU87

    2021 Wimbledon R1: Roger Federer [8] vs Adrian Mannarino [42]

    Surprised he didn't take a break and get his knee taped for stability if he is going to continue.
  26. TU87

    Wimbledon 2021 R128 Murrari vs Balbashvili

    Wow look a hold of serve.....
  27. TU87

    Wimbledon 2021 R128 Murrari vs Balbashvili

    Another break by Murray at love. What the ????
  28. TU87

    Wimbledon 2021 R128 Murrari vs Balbashvili

    Andy breaks at love to start the 4th set, where was that the last 7 games?
  29. TU87

    Wimbledon 2021 R128 Murrari vs Balbashvili

    Can't watch the match. Is Murray starting to struggle physically?