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    Did Wawrinka Underachieve Throughout His Career?

    His average level still sees him regularly beating top 20 players quite easily now adays. Granted he could also lose to some random qualifier at the same time.
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    If you could build a Stanimal beating machine, how would you build it and why?

    Nadal and Federer are much better at playing defense and creating offensive shots from defensive positions. Stan not so much. If he gets put into a position where he has to redirect pace (which is not easy since Stan tends to win tons of points off his serve, making him incredibly difficult to...
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    How far will Nadal go at Wimbledon?

    If he draws someone like an Isner early on he's pretty toast.
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    I can't believe Wawrinka has as many slams as Murray/Safin/Hewitt now

    The second he loses a step which is probably going to happen in a year or two, Stan will have to play too offensive and make too many errors. I don't see him winning another major or two unless the draw opens up big time. I will say that Stan is probably the most underrated all-court player...
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    If you could build a Stanimal beating machine, how would you build it and why?

    Federer at his best or someone like Sampras. Wawrinka struggles against players who take the initiative and make him move and hit on the run. If you can force him to play defense he's not so great at it. Issue is that top players are too passive now adays, so it gives Stan way too much time to...
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    2015 Roland Garros Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [8] Stanislas Wawrinka

    Ah..... the smell of idiots being made idiots today. Can't believe someone said Wawrinka has the worst serve in the top 10. I nearly died laughing. Djokovic the best returner in the world only managed to break him a handful of times today on clay, a surface that is suppose to negate the serve.
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    2015 Roland Garros Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [8] Stanislas Wawrinka

    Lmao, you obviously have never watched Wawrinka. The worst service in the top 10? You realize he can nail lines at 125+, and smoke people at 130+ at times. His second serve is also nothing to scoff at either. He has a much stronger serve than Nadal, Murray, Ferrer, and Nishikori. And clay was...
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    Depressed Murray fans check in here

    Protypical Murray against Djokovic. He for whatever reason has no belief that he can beat Djokovic in a 5th set, and just mentally implodes for whatever reason and throws all strategy out the window.
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    RG 2015 SF: [8] Stan Wawrinka vs. [14] Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

    He was always extremely talented, probably one of the best ballstrikers on the tour for awhile. Even when he was a top 30 ranked player he was routinely beating great ballstrikers like Nalbandian.
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    Tennis is heading into a dark and unforeseen future

    Faster surfaces require you to have faster reflexes/faster foot speed. You don't necessarily actually have to be fast to succeed on today's surfaces, especially if you have a big ground game like a Wawrinka and can control the center of the court. Berdych even at his older age is still...
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    Billie Jean King: Nadal 'could need a year' to rebuild confidence

    Nadal can't just blindly charge into the net, his issue is that his forehand gives his opponent too much time to pass him. He also can't hit the ball on the rise nearly as well as Djokovic or Federer, as such he can't rob people of time. His style of play used to work when he could outmuscle and...
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    RG 2015 SF: [8] Stan Wawrinka vs. [14] Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

    Stan could either straight set Tsonga or lose in straights. He's abit like Safin in that he's literally almost unplayable when he is on, but he can also just mentally lose it. The thing Tsonga has going against him is that he won't be able to 1-2 end points quickly. Although he's shown some...
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    Nadal himself confirms he asked for Bernardes removal from his matches

    Del Potro, Isner, and Berdych are naturally slow players. Most players don't actually complain about slow play as long as the player is consistent about it. The problem with Nadal is there is no consistency in his play. He sometimes plays within the timelimit and actually plays ultra fast...
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    34 years old Federer has double the point of 29 year old Nadal!

    Yeah that's why Agassi who was still playing excellent tennis (like ridiculously good tennis) lost to an unseeded Marat Safin at the AO. Okies. Grass today vs grass in the 90s cannot be compared. The surfaces are completely different. Becker wouldn't survive on today's grass just as Nadal...
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    34 years old Federer has double the point of 29 year old Nadal!

    That explains why Federer has a few wins over Nadal on outdoor HC surfaces. Ok. I mean, pretty sure Federer actually beat Nadal quite easily on a slow HC in windy conditions in 2012, but what do I know.
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    Federer and the "Selfie" Kid.

    Since teenagers can be tried as adults depending on the severity of the crime.
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    I remember when RG was considered the most boring slam of slams

    RG used to be the most boring slam because it used to be so absurdly slow, even during the early graphite era. With the use of new balls and less dust on the court, RG is much more watchable now then it was back in the day. Watching a Muster match was like watching paint dry.
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    Take away his serve and Isner is what, a 5.5 player?

    Ah, classic case of I have never played tennis past the recreational level (as in 3.0 level).
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    Why does Rafa fail at WTF, he should do best there!

    Wimbledon bounces way higher and crazier than it used to, and if Nadal reaches the 2nd week unscathed he's in holy land since the grass literally becomes clay/dirt on center court. Nadal's always been most susceptible to upsets in the first week because of how much faster the court plays in...
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    Why does Rafa fail at WTF, he should do best there!

    Then Federer should find a way to adapt to beat Nadal on the clay or else we can just negate his all time greatness. See how stupid your logic is? I'm not even a Nadal fan in the slightest, in fact I hate Nadal. But there is no question in my mind that Nadal is fatigued, injured, and simply...
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    Andy Roddick: ´Novak Djokovic Can´t be Compared to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal´

    Not even close. An old man Federer is still capable of beating an essentially peak Djokovic, on surfaces that heavily favor Djokovic. Djokovic didn't start scoring a significant amount of wins until Federer started to lose ground simply due to age. Preposterous to think that Djokovic at his...
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    Why does Rafa fail at WTF, he should do best there!

    Why does he have a losing record to Federer at the World Tennis Final? No one knows. Is it because he sucks? No. The world tennis final is at the end of the year where Nadal is basically gassed out, on a surface that is not conducive to his style of play (no matter how slow the ball plays...
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    2015 Miami Final: (1) Novak Djokovic vs (3) Andy Murray

    Playing a Masters on back to back days where getting days off in a grandslam are two totally different things.
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    Is Novak Djokovic the most complete Tennis player in the open era?

    And what happened when Djokovic and Federer met in 2011 at the US Open, or 2008 at the AO, or at various other points in their careers? Djokovic is simply better from the back of the court. Period. Federer displayed utter domination because of his insane strengths, not because his game was...
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    Roddick / Nadal

    I don't know, I think Roddick is the only person I've ever seen actually just make Nadal want to give up in absolute disgust. See his 3 set victory over Nadal in Miami. The thing about this is that Nadal would have a very tough time just because it's a match-up issue more than anything; yes...
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    Can you be the better than someone if they are better than you at 3/4 slams?

    Are we seriously going to talk about 'luck' when Nadal has escaped much worse players than Haas by literally cheating? There are lots of examples of Nadal getting extremely lucky or fortunate. He had no business being in the 2007 Wimbledon Final, as he should have lost to Youhzny who got...
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    Is Novak Djokovic the most complete Tennis player in the open era?

    Djokovic is much better from the back of the court and better off the return than Federer, and those are the areas that matter in today's game. If we had faster surfaces where having a complete game mattered, then Federer would be better, but all of Federer's tools are just 'nice things to have'...
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    Fed filled the apparently 'gaping' hole. Now what ?

    Did sureshs just say Federer could possibly be the GOAT? :confused:
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    The Greatest. Period.

    I'd consider Hewitt a great player and Federer has made him look ordinary quite a few times. Same with Djokovic and Murray.
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    Is the current era weak?

    Rofl... Don't forget that the supposedly weak era of Roddick, Safin, Hewitt, and other guys like Haas managed to score significant wins over Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray. And by significant I mean things like wins in Masters and Slams. Hell, Safin absolutely man handled Djokovic in 2008 at...