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    Is Rafa a bit of a scaredy-cat?

    u know that if he just says he doesnt want to play, he gets fined from the atp. IMO Rafa has played a lot of tennis, done so much grinding to get to where he has been. Perhaps his knee needed a break, he took 3 months off....when it was time to practice and prepare again for the new year...
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    Another one bites the dust....

    I dont know man, its easy to say that. But having been through the grind...I don't know if having money to play more tournaments would ever help someone whos ranked 800 get to be top 100. You either have it or you don't. Leandro Migani went from being unranked to being ranked top 300 this...
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    Rafael Nadal: "I want to be 100 percent by Monte Carlo through Roland Garros."

    lol, so pete can win most of his titles at wimbledon and US open....but Nadal is not greater then him if he wins ALL 4, but has 10 french opens?? laughable!! still love pete but nadal has had better results on more surfaces then pete....thats a fact
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    Bellucci beats Federer in Sao Paolo, Roddick beats Murray in USA... loads of crap!

    Dont assume Brazil is a poor/cheap country anymore. a friend of mine was there last year around this time....told me it was the most expensive 2 weeks of his life. More expensive then the US for sure he said. And this guy has a degree in economics, he knows what he is talking about.
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    Djoker practiced with Spadea before US Open?!?!?!

    Ive practiced/drilled with many mens top 100 players, and one top 15 player, handled their ball easily during the drills. It gets difficult when we play games to 11 just feeding the ball in, usually I can manage 4-6 points in a game to 11, but usually they are not trying 100% or they go for a...
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    Tennis Coaches' Salaries

    ^^^^ :lol::lol:
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    what does Krueger do after losing in qualies

    college is for you, not krueger
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    Who is greater of all time - fpeliwo or TonLars?

    is it even a question?? Junior Grand slam champion up against college player and teaching pro! lol!!
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    Gator Updates

    is Stephan Piro going to play in January??
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    Federer wants 2 million euros to play Basel next year.

    lol 2million dollars is nothing in switzerland. Does anyone know how rich people are in that country? renting a 2 bedroom apartment in the cheap part of lausanne costs 2000 swiss francs a month, which is more then 2000 USD. that country is so full of money, and Roger knows it, I don't blame...
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    Tennis Coaches' Salaries

    lol please dont compare a NCAA college tennis coach to a CEO, big schools are paid wayyyyy too much! and mid major and 3rd tier d1 school coaches make total crap!, i guess if you can find a solid deal its around 40k a year
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    Tennis Coaches' Salaries

    and yes...mike center deserves food stamps for his level of coaching
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    Tennis Coaches' Salaries

    ^^summer camps...private lessons
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    i still cant believe you are this bored Filip...still answering questions from these nutjobs on here
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    Babolats Pure Drive Problem

    he can switch to the pure drive....we all know that Novak paints his custom frames anyway...just throw a pure drive PJ on there! haha wouldnt that be funny??
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    Jared Donaldson (1996) Trains in buenos aires

    we can start the Donaldson/baughmann comparisons now :P
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    Jared Donaldson (1996) Trains in buenos aires

    American junior has been living in Argentina throughout the Juniors, played his first futures this week, qualied and then beat the number one seed ranked 290 atp in the first round! Nice start for Donaldson!
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    adios burdette!

    ^^ its a classic post
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    How far can a kid go with hard work?

    you sound like a highschool coach. at the college level you need talent. Ballstriking ability wins big matches. Hard work is nice, but when you look at a college lineup....I guarantee that the hardest worker on the team is not in the lineup. he is what I call a RUDY! lol
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    Another one bites the dust....

    haha obviously we dont get the full story. In a situation like this there are contracts drawn up, bonuses and ranking expectations. Could have been a 3 year contract...if he does not reach a certain ranking...the USTA stops paying his expenses, in which case he can change back to playing for...
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    Boca Hp??

    the USTA is not supposed to care about education. They better not be wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on kids to worry about weather they are educated enough. If I was Pmac, I wouldnt want them doing any school at all. they are brought there to become tennis players, not to play school
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    What would be the Outcome of Stefan Kozlov vs Serena Williams

    ahaha Kozlov for sure. When Sania Mirza was at her high ranking a few years ago she paid some low level college guy to travel with her for about 3 weeks. The guy beat her easily, and he had nowhere near the game that kozlov has. His best ranking was 2 atp points.
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    and elite training is even cheaper in france. you guys will think im lying if I tell you the truth
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    Tomic 'it's being a long year'

    only one i see is u talking trash ^^^ when ur top 50 on the atp then I might not laugh at your rubbish posts
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    Way too expensive to get good competition. Entry fees are 75 bucks at a national, in france it cost 75 bucks total to play a tournament, including gas money. and in the states if you are actually a good player it costs even more. In France the young players get money from clubs and sections...
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    alot of the french guys ranked 200 to 500 only played in france. Tristan lamasine...made Semis of RG last year never played ITF juniors. only French money tournaments......and that is a Fact! I saw him there! lol he entered RG with a Wildcard
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    Ask me anything about being a professional tennis player

    the tour must be boring! in fact it must have reached an epic level of boredom if you are posting on talk tennis at 8 in the morning. dont worry filip....we are here for you! lOOOL
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    because nobody understands why there are so many players in europe playing tennis! everyone comes up with these lame excuses and whatever they "think" is the difference....but fail to mention the tournament systems. another thing in france and spain.........the training is much cheaper. I...
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    ok, but he doesnt mention 1 word about the national tournaments that are played by everyone in France and spain. He cherry picked one example, and he didnt really make a point. what im talking about are national tournaments, but they are all together, juniors, college/pro level guys all play...
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    WB Comments on Ltr to US Tennis Industry-PART I

    I used to to give WB some credit. But he is so concentrated on the juniors that he is missing the whole point. The us has a broken system, even with some of the stuff he mentions (I didn't read it all). Still he misses the point of players competition. We shouldn't be limiting our juniors to...