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    What is your one wish for the racquet industry going forward?

    See if they had replaceable pallets you could add 1, 4 and 5's and 6's and companies could keep production higher in 2 and 3.... win win win.
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    What is your one wish for the racquet industry going forward?

    This tracks.... thanks for the intel Chris. BUT... how bout TW requesting a run of 100 grommets of each manufacturer's top 10 selling racquets before 2005. I bet they fly ogff the shelves. OR better yet, ship all new racquets with 3 sets. I mean they are $250 plus each now....
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    What is your one wish for the racquet industry going forward?

    INTERCHANGABLE PALLETS! Really - is it so hard? They are literally wedges of plastic. Shops could remove/replace easily with a heat gun. Also this would allow for different shapes if needed for further customization. Also sell lead or tungsten weights in pre weighted strips.... again - how hard...
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    Where did the Racketholic thread go?

    Thanks y'all! I did indeed pocket block it
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    Where did the Racketholic thread go?

    what did I miss?
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Haven't been in here for a minute - can someone point me to any TW Euro-Only Prestige 16x19 reviews from users here?
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    Your top Serving Racquets

    1) Gravity Pro 2) 6.1 95 3) Wilson KFactor 90 3) VCore Pro HD 330
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    ProKennex Black Ace 315: Low Power, But No Pain :-)

    Love my Black Ace Pro. I regret selling my Black Ace 315 (grip size was off) but will pick up another. I think the Black Ace line of racquets are very very underrated - like all PK 's. I added leather grip to my BAP and it feels like a wand. If I can find a good string for the 315 (spacing is so...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    If any of you Holics ever buy the Europe-Only 16x19 Prestige 98 and you are underwhelmed, I will buy it instantly.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    They are way smaller (thinner) than advertised. I ordered a 15 pack - looked more like a 9 pack max
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    Pro Kennex rackets

    I regret selling mine. How are you liking it?
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    Any Black Ace Pro users out there?

    Wanna trade your 93p 18x20 for something?
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    Pro Kennex rackets

    The BA 97 Pro feels like if a Gravity Pro and a Blade 16 had a baby. The 315 feels like a softer Pro Staff 97 - with a much more open string pattern. They both play amazing. I have more control with the BA 97 Pro, but I prefer the weight and balance of the 315 and it hits a more penetrating...
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    Pro Kennex rackets

    I love my Black Ace Pro and Black Ace 315 and QTour 325 and Tour 315 and my old Redondo Laver and Redondo Mid. Special, special frames and tech. Some of the best made today IMHO
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    Andy Murray to Yonex

    He might need the extra pop on serve or defense to continue fighting the young guns (although his game style isn't really about power).
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    Dunlop Revelation Select Pro 90" (Gold)

    I love the old stuff - 85/90/93/95; they are great for rallying and fun dubs. My only concern is finding grommets for these old bats. That fact kinda checked my buying more. but for $2.... why not?
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    Thin beamed racquets that offer a bit more power?

    Pro Kennex Black Ace Pro 97 - 330 SW. Thing has some plow even before any customization
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    Best 95 sq rackets within these choices and why

    I have 90/93/95's in my bag (a few you have listed too) for hitting sessions and casual low-stakes doubles. I am addicted to how they swing and feel. But for match play I use my PK BA Pro 97 (which is all sweet spot and plow) to help me on D and times when I don't have time to set up. You'll...
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    Which shoe has the hard sole and durability of the Barricade 13 but the soft upper of the Resolution 9?

    I love Resolutions but the soles are getting too soft - I dont mean durability, just the actual feel and perceived cushioning. My feet are destroyed after wearing them, whereas with the Barricade I am fine. I am not digging the Barricade lacing system and booty feel. Any recommendations?
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    The HEAD Prestige is BACK Back

    Nobody has bought the 16x19 version from TWE? I have never bought from there. Is the shipping like 3 weeks?
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    The HEAD Prestige is BACK Back

    I have the new 95 16x19 version and it is fantastic. I prefer the SW vs the previous version (which was a little sluggish for me). A 98 version must be incredible (although my 98 Pro 18x pattern generates lots of spin)
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    The HEAD Prestige is BACK Back

    Has anybody bought the 98 Prestige 16x from TW Europe? How was that experience? In my mind, a 16x19 pattern with Pro feel would be GOAT :)
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    Head users TK82 Vs TK82S Pallets

    @Arjuntino - Do you have a link on **** for the square Head replacement grips? Many thanks
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    What is your grail frame?

    I have one for sale actually (if it s the same). Pm me if interested.
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    Is the 93p the right choice for me?

    So I have a 14x18 93 but I am wondering about the 18x20 pattern. Where can I go to research the differences in case I want to trade?
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    3rd PK frame to buy- which one?

    I don’t dislike it at all. I have lots of racquets. I might add some weight to bring it up to 3325. I just want a stock 325 so bad. I just gotta go buy one.
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    3rd PK frame to buy- which one?

    Yeah - this is what I hoped it would be. I keep hoping someone will have one for sale in here but they are truly super rare. I just need to bite the bullet and buy one. I am a Prestige guy mainly but I am truly curious how diff this would play vs my prestige 98 18x20. Hey I will trade you a BA...
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    3rd PK frame to buy- which one?

    Thoughts on the 325?
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    3rd PK frame to buy- which one?

    The BA 315 is amazing. I myself am looking for a Ki Q Tour 325 though. Club!