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    How to Weave Crosses Faster?

    I have strung about 8 racquets now and weaving crosses is the main issue for me, and I need tips to weave the crosses faster, because taking 40+ min for crosses is ridiculous. I have tried to learn the worm method but I always get stuck after I get after 1/4 of the main strings. Any tips to...
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    Vids of the Playtesters?

    no no no no no this isn't what I meant I meant that i would be interested in seeing them play as I would be interested in seeing federer or nadal play. It is just for pleasure and i am in no way questioning the credibility of the fine playtesters of TW
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    Clamp strength

    do you need a certain tool? I am pretty sure I am making a fool of myself trying to turn them by hand.
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    Always at the end...

    Whenever I string I always have too much for one side of the mains and not enough for the other side to reach the gripper for the final main knot. Any body else having this problem? Also any ways to measure string without need for an open space would be great.
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    Clamp strength

    hey there rookie stringer here. just bought a klippermate that comes with floating clamps and starter clamps. reading over ghosting issues some say that you can make the clamps less o r more tight. I have never noticed this. i have always just squeezed the clamps until they click into place...
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    Vids of the Playtesters?

    I am interested in how the people doing the playtest play and I want to see good tennis not a racquet or shoe review my brother
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    Vids of the Playtesters?

    yes yes that is well and great but I need MORE such as the kpro staff 88 reviews or SOMETHING
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    Vids of the Playtesters?

    I have always wanted to ask every playtester on TW this question. PLEASE POST VIDEOS OF SETS PLAYED BY THE PLAYTESTERS. I am curious to see how you all play and how you match up against each others playstyles. Descriptions of how you play are great but a video would just blow my mind.
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    Best Slam/WTF from 2000-present

    One of the most exhilarating days of my life was when I saw the replay of the 2009 Australian Open mens final ridiculous winners followed by ridiculous returns. It was just amazing. In YOUR opinion what was YOUR favorite Grand Slam/WTF final?
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    Lunarlon 8 colorways

    is tennis warehouse going to recieve black lime colorway mentioned in the following link?
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    HOLY MOLY! Check these kicks! Vapors Black/Green!

    do you know if they are coming to tennis warehouse? just itching to use my store credit of 79.00
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    Rodrigo's string reviews

    I'm not sure if you do requests but can you do the polylon line from gosen? Its dirt cheap and has been getting rave reviews
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    Which currently available racquets are firm in the head but flexible in the throat ?

    i have heard good things about the yonex line in general and my Gamma tour 340x gives me the same feeling
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    Nike CB 3.3 and wide feet

    guess its time to order a new pair of shoes. Lets see... Nike Zoom breathe 2k10 AGR 3 or lunar vapor 8
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    Nike CB 3.3 and wide feet

    It looks like the nike CB 3.3 is getting a lot of love with people who have narrow feet while the opposite is true with people who have feet like mine which are flat and wide. So should I start looking for another shoe? The CB 2.3 hurt for a couple weeks and I would have to take out the insoles ...
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    CB 3.3 v Nike Zoom breathe v AGR 3

    Hello all, I am currently looking for a new pair of shoes since my CB2.3's are worn out dirty and ripped. I have owned the CB 2.3's (obviously) and some Asics gel game 2's . Buying 2 pairs of shoes. One for leisure and comfort and teh other for tennis . The CB 2.3's were too narrow and had...
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    How can you tell when a poly is dead?

    I have a couple of gammas and I want to restring one but I like to be thrifty so I am waiting for one of the setups to go dead. But my teammates just say to cut them out since they say it feels dead. I don't know if I'm not noticing it or I just don't know what a dead poly feels like. :twisted...
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    *** The Gamma Quadrant *** (fan club)

    Hey! Is this thread still alive?If so I'd like to be a member:) I've been a proud owner of the gamma tour 340x for a couple months and I've been loving it
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    changing my strokes?

    I understand what you are saying but I am finding that more people are caught off guard when I hit the topspin groundies than my flat strokes and also I am pretty early in my tennis career and i am still changing my strokes serve and style so something being too different for me is not a problem...
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    changing my strokes?

    I have hit a sort of dillema here I always enjoyed having a flatter stroke (I am trying to model myself after soderling) but now I am considering making it into a much more spinny kind of shot. Not Nadal-esque but more like djoker or A. rod. So which one should I choose?
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    Anyone else a victim of the "don't mess up!" syndrome?

    What I do is think what do I need to finish this guy off because what I'm doing now seems to be working. Thinking about technique that I've already mastered really screws me up especially if I'm already doing it.
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    what was so terrible about it at the baseline?
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    Here are my thoughts about the low poly tension experiment I hit flat off both wings and have a 2hbh. I pride myself on my big forehand approach shot and mostly sit at the baseline but do come to net. Comfort I feel the strings elongating and pushing the ball back but never as if they...
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    ahh my bad the new one is the low tension poly
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    Low, low tensions. 30lbs feels great. 20lbs pretty good, too

    my expirement As you can see by my signature I have obtained a new gamma and am going to hit with it going to post a review compared to my old setup sunday
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    sorry for the double post but wow the rain cleared up and I hate myself right now. I played with the demo of the Prokennex redondo mid and I loved it. It did everything my Gamma tour 340x did with better comfort and a much bigger serve. But I don't have enough money to buy one! I wasted it all...
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    Gamma 340x ....

    anirut and ced if you guys could do a comparison between the prokennex redondo and the gamma tour 340x it would just blow my mind. The redondo has a very buttery and smooth feeling while the tour has something slightly more crisp and I wanted to see a straight comparison besides just feel.
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    **** #1 Redondo Talks Thread ****

    has anyone actually weighed the leather grip on the redondo?
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    ****the Pure Storm LTD Support Group****

    anybody have an idea of how the ltd and tour of the PSGT's match up?
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    twisted or pentagonal etc. strings

    However if you hit a true flat shot it should go deeper and lower than what they are accustomed to