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    League vs. Non-league Play

    There are multiple leagues that work that way in Charlotte, where teams move up and down as teams. Ladies Interclub league plays 7 lines of doubles on clay courts. However, only those clubs with at least 7 clay courts can join. It is the most competitive of any league play in Charlotte...
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    It's All About That Slice, 'Bout That Slice, 'Bout That Slice

    I love to slice a service return, but it's no where near as effective on clay as it is on hard surfaces. Now we are heading back outdoors to the clay courts, I'm going to have to ramp up my topspin...
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    League vs. Non-league Play

    Spring and Fall are big league seasons here. I play on only one USTA team, but also play inter club and queen city leagues. So league matches in the Spring and Fall are three times a week. Practice is one day, fun play is usually two or three days. Winter there is only one league, and the...
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    Mid-Atlantic Breaking away from USTA like ALTA

    If we are talking about different leagues, here in Charlotte I was thrilled to find my club plays three different leagues. The most serious league is interclub. For a club to be in the interclub league they must have 7 clay courts, as each match is 7 lines of doubles playing concurrently...
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    Grumpy player in foursome

    I thought Cindy was just quoting Barbie :-)
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    The Captain Walks The Plank

    I have a few times, for various reasons. One advantage is the players tend to believe your decisions are for the good of the team, and don't read favoritism into every pairing. Another is you can concentrate on administration, and don't have to worry about your match. I always hated being on...
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    USTA wants to "share" 2014 nationals with everyone

    I would have no problem with them dropping the split up rule if they just automatically bumped all players who played in post local league play (districts/sectionals/or nationals) on a team that went to nationals. If you are good enough to band together and head off to Nationals the next...
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    Leagues for daytime tennis ?

    For ladies here in Charlotte there are massive opportunities for daytime league play: interclub, queen city, even USTA has daytime leagues. Night time you are pretty much limited to USTA, which is the least popular league here. Back when I was playing in NorCal the 65 and old leagues played on...
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    I don't carry a purse to the mall. I have a little wallet that holds my phone and credit cards that hangs on a wrist strap, so it fits in my tennis bag. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of stuff I carry around, as I've been known to get shoulder issues from carrying too much stuff. I've...
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    Rude, Rude, Rude

    Yes, the lady was rude. The county is being disingenuous when they take his money to allow him to teach, and then post signs that make it look like he's flouting the rules. They can add a line to the sign mentioning sanctioned instructors. Even better, they can have him reserve times...
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    Mixed Doubles & Smashing Lobs???

    I noticed the men playing club socials at my new club think this way also. I told my husband he is free to play the socials, but I'm sticking to setting up my own matches. When I play a social match I don't hit at anyone. I don't find it fun to be hit at, so why would I do that in a fun...
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    The Lapsed Player Initiative

    I played on a team out of a club where the fees were automatically charged to your account, which worked out great. However, the captains could recruit up to 50% of their team from outside. The outside players had to pay per match to the captain, as the club charged the captains account...
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    USTA Mixed Doubs: Can one claim a lineup is "implicitly" exchanged?

    You are allowed to change the lineup right up until the lineup cards are exchanged. Doesn't matter who is warming up who before that. I've also seen the case where after warmups and the lineup cards are exchanged but before the first point a player gets injured. Legally they were able to get...
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    The Lapsed Player Initiative

    The other thing that may cut into USTA is other vibrant leagues. The club I play at in Charlotte, the number one choice is to play Interclub. It's all doubles and you are guaranteed to play on clay. My club alone has 200+It is by far the most competitive. Next most popular is Queen City...
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    The Lapsed Player Initiative

    Most I know dropped out for health reasons. A few dropped out because they didn't like the captains at their club. The health reasons can't usually be fixed, other than the 50 year old ladies that no longer have the vision to play under the lights. They play tons during the day, but when...
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    Pay to play on your team?

    Did the JTC employ her as a contractor to organize teams, and then pull her pay from the players she signs? I could see a club making that deal with someone they know could organize teams, so they would the teams playing out of their club. Tennis clubs promote playing opportunities when...
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    One singles, two doubles for all levels 18 and over USTA

    From my experience, the u40 people are busy taking their kids to lessons, games, and tournaments. Once the kids can take care of themselves, the parent have more time to play. Thus the bigger numbers for the over 40 crowd playing leagues.
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    Opponent Complains....because you are "sick"?

    While I was taking care of my very sick husband, and for many months after he died, I dropped out of serious leagues, but found hitting with friends great therapy. I did break into tears a few times, but it had nothing to do with my opponents.
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    Which surface do you prefer?

    I've played on all of the above, and gotta say, I haven't met a surface I didn't like. I'd vote for grass, as my all time favorite, as I liked the serve and volley game it forced us into. And it was very easy on the joints. But I only played on true grass once. Maybe another day it wouldn't...
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    To 4.5 Guys: "Get Out And Stay Out!!"

    I've pretty much stepped out of USTA mixed play due to them allowing men to be 1 rating point higher than his partner. I also wouldn't be up to playing any combo league where the partners could be one full rating point apart. Can you imagine playing 7.0 combo with a 4.0 player and a 3.0...
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    Rule Question on a Let Call

    I play against people that use all sorts of weird nicknames for point. One lady will call 30-love 3-love. I tend to clarify that one in case she's using no-ad scoring, in which case the 3 means 40, not 30. I've also played against people in no-ad round robins that call 40-30 ad in. Which...
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    Does your significant other play Tennis?

    Don't need the silent treatment. You just walk up to your partner and whisper in his ear "Nice ***". He will do anything for you.
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    Six Degrees Of Grand Slam Winner

    One more. I play with a friend who got tips on her impressive strokes from Martina Navratilova. Martina was having her racquets customized by my friend's father, and Martina needed someone to hit against.
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    Six Degrees Of Grand Slam Winner

    Played tennis with a lady who was neighbors with James Franco. Wait, now I'm going toward Kevin Bacon... I've taken lessons from a guy who coached Andy Roddick when he was a kid. Same guy says he lost to Andre Agassi in a tournament. I've also taken lessons from a lady who played on the WTA...
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    Lettered leagues

    Around here Cs are beginner-2.5. B2s are 2.5/3.0. B1s are 3.0/3.5. A2s are 3.5/4.0 and A1s are 4.0/4.5. If you are a solid 3 you'll find some good competition in B league.
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    Hardcourt versus clay.

    I played on the grass at Kooyong last winter, and I wish I could find a place here with lost of grass courts. It was pretty amazing. I'm moving back east and looking forward to clay courts. Perhaps I'm just getting too old for hard courts every day.
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    Why do women get so stroppy if their menfolk want to play tennis?

    In women's tennis around here it is not at all rare for players to show up with kids in tow. Sometimes the spouse stops by and picks the kids up when they get off work, sometimes not. So I'd guess in his case, she needed to work late, and his choice was bring the kid, or stay home.
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    Why do women get so stroppy if their menfolk want to play tennis?

    Yeah, when my husband is on my nerves I'm thrilled to get him out of my hair. However, long term, it's probably not in his best interest.
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    Is it a good idea or bad idea to play "down" if you want to move up?

    Looking around my club, it looks like you advance in the computer faster if you play your level. Heck, the ones that advanced the fastest played only their level. Note: this is in the computer. It would probably help her game more to play up.
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    Adorable Misunderstandings Of The Rules

    The 2.5 captain left her practice court today to ask us seasoned folks if it was true you could only have two let serves. I'm still curious what they thought should happen if you nicked the tape a third time in a row. They were also telling each other you couldn't call out and hit the ball at...