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    Gamma supreme

    Hey TT community, I have been using the old supreme religiously for the past 4 years or so and now I am running out of my supply of grips. I have tried the new versions of the supreme and they messed up the great grip that I love. I was wondering if anyone has found anything that is very...
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    Any TT Stringer From the Chicago Area?

    I can string up your stick for you if can get to the northside of chicago
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    Volkl Cyclone Tour Playtest

    I am testing out the Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 (1.25) in my leaded up IG radical MP at 42/42 and I will compare it to my Tour Bite 17 at 40/40 Stringing= In my hand, I thought it was going to be on the stiffer side. The string didn't have that much coil memory so it wasn't difficult. Weaving CT was...
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    Question for Jason

    Hey Jason, You did a review on the Babolat V-pro awhile back. I also have a wider foot with low arches so I was wondering how was the fit for you (if you can remeber the fit of the shoe). I read that the shoe was a snug medium width so I was concern that I might was go up a half size to...
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    Still in black uk distribution

    I tried Select 1.25 through the other forum also. It's very average in all categories except for power was med-high compared to other polys I've tried. I would say it is similar to PLII but stiffer. Also the string is navy blue by the way.
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    2012 Kirschbaum Playtest - Super Smash Orange 17

    I am using my modded up Head IG Radical MP at 40 #s Power of test string= I thought that this string was pretty medium powered compared to the many different polys I tried. I got pretty good depth on my shots but it is still a little bit lower than my usual TB. Feel= I thought the string...
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    Anyone string Big Hitter Black 7 17G around 40-49LBS?

    I thought it gave me pretty good control in my power shots. I always would know where my shots were going whether it was flat or power WW FH
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    Anyone string Big Hitter Black 7 17G around 40-49LBS?

    I played with BHB7 at 40 in my modded IG rad MP. It plays very well with great spin and a good deal of power for a poly. It wasn't as crisp feeling as I would've liked but I think I can change that with a bit of playing around with the tension.
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    Calling All String Experts . . . or anyone else who might know

    I've tried Vendetta and it is very similar to PLII. I prefer PLII though because I felt that it had better tension maintenance over Vendetta. Fortun8son is right. Reels of Vendetta is ridiculously low compared to other strings on the market.
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    2012 Gamma Prototype Playtest!

    I'm testing out the Gamma Playtest at 40 CP in my modded YT radical MP My regular full poly setup is TB 16 at 40 CP Power=I actually really liked the power of the PT. It was up there regarding power fora poly. It was a little bit less than TB but I didn't really mind a little bit less power...
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    2012 Luxilon 4G Playtest

    Since I'm not a big hitter like most of the posters, but I get about 4-5 hrs with ALU power and rough. With 4g I got about 9-10 hrs. It doesn't have that holy grail-like play when you play with the ALUs in those first 2 hrs or so.
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    2012 Luxilon 4G Playtest

    I used the 4G in my leaded up IG radical MP at 40 #s. I will compare this string with Tour Bite 16 at 40 also. Power= The power of this string test was on the lower end of polys for me. I tended to push the ball a little bit to get the same depth I had with a more powerful setup. Feel= I...
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    Clamp not maintaining strings tension

    My clamp is a 5 teeth. No I can't clamp the string anywhere. The clamp will just pop. Yes, the clamp does slip on every string. The best time was when I was string ALU Power rough for a customer. I was thinking the texture from the string might have helped or, Who knows, it was just a...
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    Clamp not maintaining strings tension

    Thanks for the replies. I did what you guys told me and no luck. Cleaning the clamps did help a bit though. I can now get the clamp to function correctly 1 out of the 6 times I try it. Its better than not having the clamp not work at all I guess. Its still very annoying that I have to clamp the...
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    Clamp not maintaining strings tension

    I have an eagnas hawk 880 and have had this machine for several years with no problem. The clamps OTOH are not good. Sometimes when I string, the clamps works like it should but other times when I try to clamp the string, it just release its grip on the string. I've tried using a business card...
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    your thoughts

    Natty Gut for both for me. Since that kills my wallet I prefer to play with a multis like xcel, x-1, etc. if I was looking into power and comfort in one string. Durability now thats a different story. I was wondering cluckcluck what polys played with that would consider some polys are the...
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    Has anyone ever...

    Thats perhaps is because of the 1st tension drop you would find when using polys. Also when you strung it up last time, did you string it with a CP machine or lockout? IIRC I think TW uses the Prince Neos series which is a lockout machine and could be why it feels loose.
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    Strings for an Aeropro Drive + RPM Blast or ALU Power?

    I second that you should bring it down at least 2 or 3 lbs. I would say do the same tension or maybe a pound or two higher since RPM plays pretty soft compared to ALU IMO.
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    Tension Maintence Strings

    I would say any Signum Pro and Weiss Cannon for polys.
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    First Time Natural Gut - Full or Hybrid?

    I think you should try an hybrid it. Since mamba comes in 2 20' sets its perfect for hybrids whether gut/poly or poly/gut. What a coincidence... I ordered some natty gut and received some black gear. :idea: This is just a hunch but I think I received your sets of Mamba gear and you have my...
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    Looking for a soft poly

    I've found that Pros pro vendetta is really soft and at $6 a set, I think that might be a winner for some
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    Red Vendetta 1.30 200m reel Need tension recommendation pls

    When I used Vendetta couple months ago, I strung it at 42/40 in my youtek Rad MP. It still had really good control and was very comfortable with alot of extra power when needed. I actually found the same thing as U&C
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    New Murray strings?

    It still has the youtek PJ on it and it says it was posted about a year ago. =)
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    Wilson Sensation Control

    There was a playtest in Dec I believe on Sensation control. It might be under a Wilson playtest thread though. I did see comparisons between the original and Control
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    TW Review: Solinco Tour Bite 16L

    +1 (10 char)
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    Pro's Pro Vendetta or Black Out which one is better?

    I tried both. I really liked vendetta. It was soft, pocketed well, and had some pop behind my strokes. BC OTOH was more lower powered and had a deadened feel to it. NOt a bad string but I just like a more lively poly to play with
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    Solinco Prototype Playtest - String "B"

    I am comparing the Playtest string B to tour bite 17g at 42/40 in my stock Head Microgel Radical MPs Power= I really thought the power wasn't really an issue on my groundies. I especially liked the power on my OHBH. It is slightly less powerful than TB. On serves OTOH, was a bit more...
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    Still in Black Strings

    I also just received a set of Select 1.25 from another site to playtest. I will post a review on here too. When I touched it, it felt pretty stiff. I would say its as stiff as ALU power. Hopefully it plays soft. I will be playtesting at a low tension around the lower 40s since it seems pretty...
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    Solinco Prototype Playtest - String "B"

    I just strung it up. It wasn't difficult to string up compared to tour bite so thats a plus. I will be comparing each of them on my MG rad MP. Will try to hit with them ASAP. It looks like its going to give amazing spin like TB but we'll see.